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  1. Just thought I'd bump this as I've been listening to this EP and really digging it. The closest comparison of something recent in my head that this reminds me of is the Black Swan album. But for me, this is better than that....Just feels more melodic and catchy to my ears. My favorite tune is probably Daze Of Delirium...melodic goodness All is excellent though
  2. Truth on that second sentence! I have to say that after repeated listens this tune is really growing on me. In listening to the samples also, it sounds like this tune and maybe Free My Mind are the closest things to ballads on the album....And they're closer to more mid-tempoish songs IMO. Not that I have anything against ballads but kinda nice sometimes having an album without any. Already know I'm going to dig this album after these 2 tunes and the samples.
  3. Felt the same initially. But the more I listen, the more I like it. I dig the over the top production....has kind of a Def Leppard feel to it. It's kinda different than anything on the recent album and I can see why it was left off as Rise is a better tune and has the same sort of message. Nice surprise getting some new music from them. And even a somewhat average tune from them is better than a lot of other bands best IMO.....But I know i'm a fanboy
  4. My thought too. Not a bad tune but after hearing samples, there are definitely many better ones on the album. Agree...guitar work is what makes this one. Still think ill enjoy this album.
  5. Pretty good tune that seems to fall in line with the debut album. Eyes on this but IDK if it'll be a purchase for me or not.
  6. I'll check it out but TBH the first album didn't age very well for me. I liked it at first but put it away fairly quickly and never had much desire to listen to it after putting it on the shelf. Did have a few good tunes though. I think I'm more interested in Arctic Rain than this...
  7. Saw on Facebook that the band was to have a new album titled Actions That Have Consequences out July 31st but they've left the label they signed with. I also saw they're now planning to release it independently. Enjoyed the first album and looking forward to the next. A post on Facebook said it should be out earlier than 7/31 at least in digital form. Not sure about the plan for physical CD's. Just thought I'd start a thread for it. Dear all, we're sad to announce that our July release Dave Friday Band - Actions That Have Consequences won't be released and that the band informed us about cancellation of their agreement with us today almost 1 month after it's release date (funny they cancelled it via message here yesterday afternoon although they posted about the release 12hours prior now and cancelation email 3 hours after their announcement of release through us [FIGURE OUT]). Furthermore we won't have any further collaboration with the band nor it's members in the future. Our Best Regards, Lions Pride Music. www.tiny.cc/lionspridemusic
  8. Only really three releases so far that I'd even rank in my top 10....So I guess it's only a top 3 for me to this point. And that's pretty sad considering 2 of them are only EP's. HEAT - HEAT II Shiraz Lane - Vibration EP Wicked Smile - Delirium EP For me it's been the worst 6 months in a long time for new releases. I don't know if I'm just grumpy from everything that's gone on the past few months or what but just not much exciting me and hasn't been much coming out. I've tried a lot of what's mentioned but nothing else has really grabbed me. I did like bits of Black Swan and almost bought that one but guess I didn't quite like it enough. I expected to love One Desire but it was a big letdown for me. I've spent most of the past few months really diving into and rediscovering older releases that I haven't listened to in a long time. Expecting things to pick up in the second half of the year though beginning with Tokyo Motor Fist in a couple weeks. Also looking forward to Arctic Rain, Maverick, maybe Midnite City and Shiraz Lane in the fall. And hopefully we see some other surprises as a result of bands having a lot more time on their hands during this Covid business.
  9. Most of the past week spent listening to: Trixter - S/T Trixter - Hear! Warrant-Dog Eat Dog Dokken-Back For The Attack Firehouse-Hold Your Fire Have continued diving into older releases as I've really struggled getting into much that 2020 has offered so far.
  10. New video/single out. I'm digging it!
  11. Agree. I already know I'm in the minority on this but for me, I enjoy both the Defiants and TMF more than I ever enjoyed Danger Danger. I just wasn't huge into them back in the day. I liked a handful of songs off the debut but never bought anything else of theirs for whatever reason. Not sure which I like better between the Defiants and TMF. I'd probably say the Defiants is a bit ahead right now as they've put out two strong albums and they've got some killer tunes. I think TMF could make up some ground with this new release though. Just glad these guys are both putting out this music to listen to
  12. I'm all for ending systematic racism so I'm not doing to discount it....And I'm not black so I have no idea what its like in their shoes. But, I see articles like the following and it's sure easy to feel like there are bigger problems than the issues behind BLM: https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2020/6/8/21281998/chicago-violence-murder-history-homicide-police-crime This is just one day in Chicago. Fixing the issues that BLM wants fixed aren't helping the people that still die every day to violence and crime in our cities. Frankly, the main effect will probably just be to increase crime and violence because there will way way less police officers in the future as a result of all this IMO. Until we fixed our core values and gain respect for fellow man, we'll still be a mess no matter what changes are instituted by the Government.
  13. Good tune! Little short but still solid stuff. Looking forward to this one dropping next month.
  14. How you liking it? Mine should be arriving early next week. Digging the vibe of the tunes I've heard.
  15. Had in the car this week: Dokken - Back For The Attack (Rock Candy) Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days H.e.a.t II Tesla - Psychotic Supper
  16. Crazy times right now. Just feel like there is a lack of respect for other people all over the place and nothing will improve until that changes.
  17. This for me. My biggest struggle with these guys remains the vocals.
  18. Just thought I'd bump this after starting to see some positive reviews and knowing that the band has started sending out pre-orders early. Couple reviews: https://hubpages.com/entertainment/Wicked-Smile-Delirium-EP http://lifemusicmedia.com/ep-review-wicked-smile-delirium/?fbclid=IwAR3gsUF7TFpSGcrpmfrq_uqGEs2VNcSbBrwAvggCQ21gKDULyF03Xg8kHsk Looking forward to getting this one as I've really dug the first two songs. Reminds me of 80's era Judas Priest mixed with Skid Row or something. I'm generally not huge into "heavy metal" and honestly don't even visit that part of the forum frequently lol. But I always dug Turbo era Judas Priest as they got more melodic then. And of course loved Skid Row's debut. And that where I see this fitting in....sorta heavy metal vibe but still melodic with hooks. I don't think I've ever had an EP in my top 10 year end list but I see that changing this year with Shriaz Lane's Vibration and this release. Hopefully a full album isn't too far off
  19. That's pretty good. Not better than H.E.A.T but still pretty good Samples do sound good. For me, samples are sounding like it's going to be the album I was hoping One Desire would put out. Suspect I'll be picking this one up.
  20. I think it might be mixed kinda low. Also, think he starts out trying to sing in a lower register and gets higher as he goes. I get sort of a Michael Sweet vibe when he gets higher. To me the singer sounds like he'd have a voice better suited for metal. It's tough to judge off this though and I'll still give them a listen when new material drops. But one of the things I really liked about their debut was the unique sound the singer seemed to give them. It's always tough when singers change. Except for H.E.A.T of course
  21. Hate to say this but not sure the new singer is doing much for me. Definitely gives them a different vibe than they had with their other singer.
  22. Agree with the comment that there's probably 5 songs on the debut better than the best song here. And agree it's nowhere near as balsy as the debut and is missing the big hooks. There was just so much cool variety on that debut. It was almost poppy in spots, then it would smack you in the face in others and had everything in between. This release feels almost one paced to me or something. And I do struggle with the length of the songs. I'm not opposed to long songs but for me they're kinda like ballads....Can't have more than one or two longer tunes on an album before it starts to drag. In a weird way it almost wears me out listening to it. I've only had 2 songs here making my "best of" car USB drive.....After You're Gone and Godsent Exstasy. I think I had 5 or 6 tunes off the debut that made the drive. For me it's okay but I was expecting way better.
  23. Hey...I put Midnite City's debut ahead of ITGU a few years back so that's something But yeah, no secret H.E.A.T is my favorite band going right now and they do kinda end up setting the bar by which everything else is measured for me. Either way, still not caring much for this new OD album.
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