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  1. Just checking these guys out. I like that Lullaby tune and Midnite Queen isn't too bad...even though it sorta has a Countryish vibe. I saw they have a new single dropping on 10/25. Will keep eyes on this....could go either way. If they move more toward the rock style like Lullaby, I might be good with it. If they have more songs in the style of Midnite Queen with that Countryish vibe, probably a pass. I can do a one off song....But not multiple songs with that vibe We'll see...
  2. I've heard full album is in the works and they're aiming for release later next year.
  3. Agree on that. I don't like that tune much at all and am pretty positive it'll be an easy skip. That should've just been a japan bonus track or something. Or at the very least like the 12th song on the album instead of chucked in the middle. Rest looking good though and will be picking this up for sure.
  4. I guess I really don't get the hate for this. I still like it slightly better than their last album but it's really just Eclipse doing Eclipse. Yeah, it's a bit samey. But for me you can say that about almost every artist after they've been around awhile. I think it's partly why it's difficult to continually put out great albums. I mean, most bands have 2 or 3 peak albums and then seem to lose some luster and excitement. I do think it's definitely a problem for Erik being in so many projects as he's used up a bunch of ideas on W.e.t and Nordic Union that would've made great Eclipse tunes. And we've gotten a bit over saturated on his style. I still like it for what it is. Maybe for me I'm not as worn out on Eclipse yet as some others as I was a little late getting into them. For me, still way better than most of what has come out this year.
  5. Good stuff! I liked the first song but like this one even more. I enjoy the melodic side of PM and for me this kind of tune is when they're at their best. And while I know it's tough, judging from samples it seems like the whole album will be very melodic. Looking forward to this one!
  6. Good tune. Hopefully we'll see a full album...haven't heard any details.
  7. Yeah, I like the new tune too. Looking like it will be a good disc being that we've heard most of it. I've really not listened to any of the tunes released more than a couple times though so it'll all be pretty fresh for me when it does come out. I'd preorder this but haven't really seen it anywhere yet except on digital outlets. And I'm not buying digital lol. Guessing it'll start showing up soon.
  8. New Station album out November 1, 2019. 1.A Matter of Time 2.Emily 3.Never Enough 4.I See You Everywhere 5.Angel 6.Nothin' But Love 7.Still Here 8.Burning Out Fast 9.I Need You Red 10.Stained Glass 11.All You Need Is A Heartbeat I'm happy to see them including All You Need Is A Heartbeat and Never Enough on this release Link to info: https://stationnyc.bandcamp.com/album/stained-glass And a new tune:
  9. Have never been into Queen either. Yeah, a few decent songs but never a band I even considered buying an album of. Actually, I can say I don't have a single album and don't have any of their songs even digitally on my computer. For me they're right there with Led Zepplin and U2 as other big, popular bands that I never got into at all. No denying though that Freddie Mercury was something....He was quite the front man for sure.
  10. This is kinda tough. I don't know if I really have go-to albums.....More like I have go-to artists. It seems like the past 4-5 years my go to stuff has been H.e.a.t, Crazy Lixx, Midnite City, Eclipse. I kinda rotate the CD's in my car weekly and it seems like I always have one or two from the above artists in my rotation. Honestly, don't really pull out older stuff all that often. I kinda crave new music. I just sorta randomly pull things out that I haven't listened to in awhile from time to time to mix in with newer stuff. Some of my favorite albums from back in the day have been overplayed so much though that I never listen to them (Def Leppard, GNR, Warrant, etc, etc). For the first half of this year though I did find myself spending some time with a few older albums...Firehouse's debut got a lot of play, Roxy Blue-Want Some & Tyketto-Don't Come Easy all got some good play. Also Tesla-Mechanical Resonance got some run. I forgot how much I liked some of these albums.
  11. You're being tough on this one For me, I often find myself tuning out on the second half of Monumentum after Jaded just because every song sounds like it could be the same song. They're good tunes but just kinda all run together a little for me. Except for Black Rain which is different, although I don't care much for that tune. I wanted a little more variety from them and I guess these Nordic sounds give it a little more unique feel to me or something. I was iffy at first but it's grown on me. Heck, even Mary Leigh grew on me....dumb title and all
  12. Hoping he gets well quickly and that they can keep their appearance on the 2020 Monster Of Rock Cruise next February as I'm really looking forward to seeing them for the first time.
  13. I recently purchased the Firehouse remaster directly from Bad Reputation and had no issues at all. I don't remember what shipping was but don't remember it being that unreasonable. And everything was packaged well. I also remember shipping being much faster than i expected....Think I had the CD within a week which I thought was pretty good. And the Firehouse CD sounds amazing to my ears I'd have no problem ordering from them again.
  14. Eclipse really is pretty good. I was expecting boring based upon song titles and samples but I'm liking it. It's on par with Monumentum and it's probably too early to decide but think I like it a tiny bit better than the last album just because it feels more varied and interesting. I still think Mary Leigh is a dumb song title though....I just keep pretending it's called "Bullet In Me" and I like it better As for top 5 so far this year, for me it: 1. Crazy Lixx 2. Defiants 3. Eclipse ---------------------- 4. Roxy Blue 5. Nitrate I left a space between 3 and 4 as there is really a huge gap between those. That said, I know many don't like Roxy but I liked it for whatever reason. Either way, I'm pretty sure Pretty Maids and Degreed will probably push into the top 5 anyways.
  15. This is out in Japan....Spinning it today. For me it's pretty good. I think I like it better than I was thinking I might after I first heard the album samples. I mean, it sounds like Eclipse through and through and it's good melodic hard rock. I'd put it behind Armagedonnize and Bleed & Scream but might put it a tiny bit ahead of Monumentum just because it feels a bit more varied to me than that album. Anyways, I'd say Delirious and When The Winter Ends are probably my favorite tunes. Viva La Victoria and United have both grown on me a bit and I'm fine with those tunes. I also quite like The Masquerade as that's got a cool vibe to it and it's nice hearing a more epic 5 minute song than their typical 3 minute rompers. The rest is just kind of typical Eclipse for the most part. I'm feeling like it'll slot in at my #3 spot this year behind The Defiants and Crazy Lixx.
  16. I read that they're calling it H.e.a.t II because they're producing the album themselves and not with Tobias or anyone else. It's their first time trying this approach so that's why their doing the whole "debut" again theme and not necessarily that they're trying to sound like their first album.
  17. I'm not sure anybody ever said it would be a throwback to the first two albums though. I remember reading band member quotes saying they were going for a melodic rock album somewhere between ATN and TDTW. And I think that describes this track perfectly. It's kinda like a cross between Better Off Alone and Emergency or something. Either way, it doesn't matter....It's just damn good
  18. Can safely say I won't be buying this. And these guys are probably off my radar. I might even toss their last CD up on Ebay as I rarely listen to it.
  19. I'm also on that page. I think for me I never really paid much attention to these guys until Address The Nation came out and got into that big time. Then I went back and started trying to get into the first couple albums and just never could. Kenny can sing for sure but he just brings a different flavor that doesn't quite excite me for whatever reason. I do like some songs from those first two albums though, especially when they do them live now. I wish they'd re-record like a greatest hits of the first two albums with Erik on vocals or re-record some for bonus tracks. That said, I'm pretty certain that if you like Gronwall era H.e.a.t, you'll dig the new tune. To me the new one is basically just some combination of Address the Nation or Tearing Down the Walls stuff....In the vein of songs like Better Off Alone, Emergency, etc. I guess it remains to be seen how the rest will shake out though. The most interesting thing to me is to see how they do without Tobias Lindell producing being that he's kinda been their Mutt Lange the past few albums. If this first song is an indicator though, I think they'll be fine
  20. It's basically the Defiants and Crazy Lixx and then everything else. For me it's basically a coin flip on these two...Both great albums....Just depends on my mood as to which one I want to listen to. If I have to choose, I think I'd give it to Crazy Lixx just because it annoys me slightly the Defiants put that silly Drink Up tune on the album.
  21. Looks interesting....will check it out. I think I saw the first single Trespass On Love is out 10/23.
  22. New tune. Sounds okay but maybe somebody can explain the meaning of the tune? Kinda dumb song title and subject matter imo.... Having a tough time getting into it. I googled Mary Leigh and she was a political activist or something....unless it's a different Mary Leigh....
  23. Was on swedish radio. Not sure if it was really authorized or not.
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