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  1. Agree. For my tastes its not been a great year but this one definitely is a stand out.
  2. Sounds like classic AC/DC to me. They definitely have a sound and I applaud them for embracing it. As opposed to say Def Leppard who has a signature sound but seems to fight it.
  3. Meh...Not doing much for me. I definitely preferred their original singer and sound they had on the debut.
  4. I like that tune a lot. I was lukewarm on the first album....like a couple tunes. Didn't care much for the second album. We'll see what this one brings. Will keep eyes on it.
  5. Do you have a link to thread with your playlists? I've also been building some playlists. Also been unloading some CDs as it seems pointless to keep many i havent listened to in years.
  6. Agree...Pretty strange having 3 different singers. Maybe they can pull in Joe Elliott for album #4 as I'd like to hear him singing on some good melodic rock tunes again
  7. I've been a big resister of Spotify in the past but after just getting my first new car without a CD player, decided I'd give the premium a try. Basically, decided to dump Sirius that I never listen to anymore and use that money toward spotify instead. And man, gotta say I'm loving it and I'm like a kid in a candy store. It's awesome having so much music right at your fingertips and the ability to easily make any playlist you desire. And I think one thing I'm really liking is that it's making it easier to discover new music. I've been just playing H.E.A.T radio which is a playlist gen
  8. I'd say Rise from H.E.A.T. Just dig this tune and it was awesome Live on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise which is easily far and away my highlight of this crappy year. And this tune just seems to be a good anthem for this year in general.
  9. Listened to this today. Basically, just follows along with the debut IMO. My favorite song on the album is easily the title track which has a cool, heavier edge to it. Frankly, that's probably my favorite song they've done on both albums. After that though, it goes back to the more AOR vibe of the debut. It's one of those albums that I'd rate highly if I were rating it because it's done well and it's excellent AOR. Personally though, it's not exciting me much as I like just a little bit more edge. Can't hold my personal tastes against it though. I was never a big fan of a band
  10. Not too bad. Not sure it's overly grabbing me though. Think I preferred the original singer a bit more. I'll have to give it a few more listens and interested enough to hear a couple more tunes.
  11. Interesting....Not sure if I'll be buying this or not though. One hesitation I have is that all the banter will probably be in Swedish just like H.E.A.T's Live At Sweden Rock Festival release and that just annoys me a bit since I don't know what's being said. I know there are subtitles or whatever but still annoys me. I just know I much prefer listening to H.E.A.T'S Live In London release and haven't pulled out the Live at Sweden Rock CD's to listen since the first time through them. If I pick up anything it will probably just be the Blu Ray as I've never been able to see Eclipse live
  12. Not too bad but probably would be third if I were ranking the 3 tunes out so far. I again like some of the edgier riffage going on in spots. Not quite as tough of a guitar sound as Time For a Miracle but still pretty good. Will be interesting to see if they carry that throughout the album. Personally, I think that's why the debut never really stuck with me....Just wasn't beefy enough or something. Will be keeping eyes on this.
  13. The only comparison to H.E.A.T I can see is sort of in the style of music in that it's kinda 80's inspired melodic rock. I know that's a pretty general statement lol. I get some tiny feelings of the early H.E.A.T albums a little from this but agree H.E.A.T isn't a great comparison. I think for me that One Desire is the comparison that mostly keeps jumping in my head. Parts of W.e.t's debut album is another that this keeps reminding me of for some reason. Either way, excellent release
  14. They must've done some joggling of the order of this release somewhere late in the process. I've got a digital download that has a completely different order than my actual CD. The running order on my digital download has Breakout, Free My Mind, Friends, Give Me all Your Love, Lift Me Up, Lost, Love Of My Life, The One, Madeline, Night After Night, Take Me To Your Heart. And my CD has Love Of My Life, Lost, Friends, Night After Night, Free My Mind, Give Me All Your Love, Lift Me Up, The One, Breakout, Madeline, Take Me To Your Heart. I don't know which one I prefer lol. I like
  15. Listened to this....Digging it. And agree....I'd say my top 3 songs in some order would be Lost, Lift Me Up and The One. For me, this is an album that picks up steam as it goes. It starts out with 2-3 pretty good tunes but then really picks up steam in the middle. What stands out here to me is the guitar work, keys and overall musicianship.....Just sounds great and is just excellent guitar driven, melodic rock. Not sure who it reminds me of...Maybe some combination of Treat, One Desire, H..E.A.T, Midnite City type stuff. Also kinda reminds me some of the W.e.t debut album sty
  16. Breaking The Silence - H.E.A.T
  17. Hopefully some sort of Live package with a CD/Blu Ray like Pretty Maids did with their recent Japan release. I'd even hazard a guess as to it being the Oct 27, 2019 show in Milan, Italy since it seems like Frontiers often captures those Italian shows....but that's just a blind guess. Either way, I'd probably pick this up if it's a decent package.
  18. Nice surprise! My Amazon order is showing arrival 8/11-8/26 so no telling when it'll show up for me. I'd change it but I used reward points so getting it for nothing....So guess I'll deal. Looking forward to this one though and hopefully will get to listen to it soon online or something.
  19. Pretty much my thoughts.... I liked some of their debut CD....basically 3-4 songs. I don't know about this one. It's okay but not sure it's something I'd run out and buy.
  20. Absolutely terrible. Really wonder why they'd even bother with this.
  21. For me, think that's my favorite Perfect Plan tune I've heard to date. Love the riffs and heavier vibe. Their debut album was decent enough but what I wanted was a bit more edge and this tune adds some.
  22. Easy enough to ignore the threads and I generally try to stay out of it as best I can. What I have seen seems like it's all been respectful but granted I haven't paid very close attention either. I do have to say that the last 3-4 months have probably been the most frustrating time I can remember during my lifetime in terms of what's going on in our world so I surely get the need to vent a bit. And it hasn't helped that there hasn't been much to discuss in terms of music the past few months with few releases, no shows, etc. I haven't been bothered by the discussions though.
  23. That's how I felt initially. No doubt those first 4 track are the meat of the album. But have to say the second half has grown on me a bit. I kinda like some of the variety going on in that second half. That Lions tune in the middle definitely is a momentum killer though. That song needed to pick up the tempo or something as it moved along. I know they tried to make an epic type tune but for me it just goes nowhere and never really gets off the ground. I like the album a lot overall though. Definitely appreciate the additional effort they put into improving the sound on this o
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