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  1. Fantastic tune and well done with the clean up. Thanks for posting 👍🏼
  2. Yeah, know what you mean. Really hard to get these tunes out of your system... Guess that's what they call a guilty pleasure... 😉 Have you heard the follow up album "Moonraker"?
  3. Love these Swedes!! Symphonic pop with funny lyrics and ultra catchy hooklines. Two albums only sadly, the follow up Moonraker is fantastic as well!
  4. Sounds familiar in a way but I just can't put my finger on it yet... Initial guess was it's a German band ans the song is from the mid to late 80's. I'll keep listening and thinking who it could be.
  5. Awesome, didn't expect this vintage 80's sound and his voice hasn't changed a bit! Maybe not the best hook line ever but cool enough... Now I'm really looking forward to the album and to seeing him live at the H.E.A.T festival!
  6. Now that was an easy one 😉 Great Westcoast / AOR album from producer legend Michael Omartian 😁
  7. Great stuff mate! The voice sounds familiar, I'm 100% sure that I've heard this song before and 99% sure that I have that CD in my collection but... for the life of me I have no idea where to start searching. I'll keep on trying to find it out! Cheers Ralf
  8. Wanted to see if I could help but that link doesn't work for me mate. Tried to copy and paste into my browser but nothing... https://youtu.be/5KnuqciUmfo 
  9. Certainly no coincidence... LOL Very much looking for their new album though!!
  10. This sounds awesome, just awesome! Hoping the other new tunes are on a similar level!! Now I'm absolutely stoked to give the full album a listen.
  11. Great stuff! Like this full song A LOT! Not totally sold yet on the other two soundbytes, especially in the vocal department, but I like their energy, harmony vocals and slightly progressive twist which could well make this a grower. Sounds like production is top shelf as well... Looking forward to the next full song.
  12. Both great songs but officially released on vinyl (OST & 7")
  13. QUIET RIOT's "Slave to love" was a variation of the STAN BUSH demo "Blinded" with different lyrics (credited to the QR members). STAN released his original version later in 1990 as b-side of "Forever" which was used in a TV commercial. Both songs don't feature on any of his full length albums.
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