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Should Huey Lewis And The News be added to the heavyharmonies database


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But...but...why not? They made it hip to be square, and they want a new drug! :blink:

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oh no please.... living through 80s radio and back to the future was painful... not the movie itself ;) u couldn't escape those monotonous samey songs that got played to death.

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I've raised this topic here before but it seems most people are negative towards a Huey Lewis inclusion on HH. Could it be that most people see them as an 80's pop band? I don't know, but to me they should definitely be here. Not your typical 80's AOR band, no, but most of their 80's albums contains strong AOR elements throughout and the album "Picture This" is basically a pure (lite) AOR album, which without a problem could be categorized alongside albums from the likes of Starship, Toto, or Chicago.


Besides, I don't know why artists like Richard Marx or Donnie Iris & The Cruisers would fit on HH, but Huey Lewis & The News not? It doesn't make sense, but hey, if the majority of the HH community don't want 'em here, then so be it. :)

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I am a massive fan of Huey Lewis and the News so I voted no.


The early stuff was very new wave, as mentioned by Patrick Bateman, and then of course they moved into a more rock direction, but in my mind its more akin to Springsteen than AOR.

After a couple of rock based albums, which all had other influences on them as well, they then turned to old school rock n roll, blues and soul.


The main thing is, they never really tied themselves to a single music genre, and you could listen to one of their albums and go through three or four different music styles in as many songs.

Songs like Bad is bad, Buzz buzz buzz and Naturally, all show how varied their musical influences were.


If I were to compare them to anyone in the HH database, it would be Eddie Money.

The big difference though, up until he did the soul album a few years ago, was that his sound was consistant. Each of his songs contained elements of rock, soul and rnr, but never seemed to switch styles as radically as Huey and the boys did.


There are certainly songs on a lot of their albums that have a place here, but overall their sound is too all over the place for here.

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I'm going to say no, although I do like a lot of their tunes.

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I didn't vote as I've never really heard them, but that is only by choice. I'd vote "no" if I had to make a quick decision based on what I have heard from them in small snippets.

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I think they're a great band, but no...they don't belong here on HH anymore than Duran Duran or Hall & Oates does.


On a side note, Huey's coming to Riverbend (big festival here in Chattanooga) this summer. And yes, my wife & I bought the special tickets so we can go way up front. :banana:

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I think one of the reasons why they're not on the database is because of how well known they are. Musically (from what I've heard so far) they're no harder or softer than Henry Lee Summer, John Parr, Bryan Adams, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon and others that are on the database already. If they were less known, there mightn't be as much (understandable) prejudice against them from people who despise the same old songs that are played on the radio again and again.


This song is probably my favourite by them.



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there mightn't be as much (understandable) prejudice against them from people who despise the same old songs that are played on the radio again and again.


I dont despise them, I love them. In fact I own every single one of their studio albums and at least four compilations.


I still say they shouldnt be on here.

They have a handful of songs off of 3 (maybe 4) of their 9 studio albums that would fit this site at a pinch, but the bulk of their material just isnt suitable.

As I said before, their earlier stuff had a new age slant to it, and the later stuff has been more 50s rnr or 60s soul oriented, but even the rockier era is littered with everything from doo wop, soul, reggae, country, blues and pop.


One of the things I always loved about them was their diversity compared to most artists of the 80s who pidgeonholed themselves into a single genre, treading the same water over and over again, album after album.

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Nothing against Mr. Lewis or the News but I'd have to say no...They really don't fit (IMO) on this site even though they are right in telling us that the "Heart of Rock N Roll" is still beating... :tumbsup:

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Fuck if Nu Metal bands and shitty american clone crap rock can go on here, why cant Huey? he's melodic, and can rock though its pop rock, tell me Heart & Soul doesnt fucking jam! you cant. put him on here!

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