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  1. I think the new release by STATION might just sneak on to a few lists. It will be a late entry as it will not be released until November.
  2. Once again I will be doing The annual "M-Pre Party" event.. 2019 marks the 10th year for this show. In the past I have had a few HH members attend the show, always a pleasure when they do. If you are headed to Columbia, Maryland for the M3 Festival in early May... This is the way to kick off the weekend. This year's lineup once again features some of the best original bands out there.. STATION - WILDSTREET - THE MIDNIGHT DEVILS - WHITE TRASH STARS - MOTORAGE - MAYBE NEVER - MIDNIGHT ANGEL May 2, 2019 - Sonoma's Bar & Grill in Columbia, Maryland Tickets @ dtoxinproductions.webs.com
  3. The Poison Dollys had some serious backing behind them for a bit.. they seemed to implode just as they were getting off of the ground. I only got to see them play once.. pretty good band.
  4. Prior to The Vamps moving to NYC and becoming Skin & Bones.. They did some shows in Maryland and Virginia under the name Vamp City.
  5. Headed to the Burning Rain record release show Friday night in Vegas. It appears that this is the only show in The USA.
  6. Very limited release.... only 100 CDs and 100 LPs. That is all.... They are all sold out.
  7. A new original... called "Roses".
  8. Tempt has a lot going on right now.... they are gaining momentum and are poised to end the year strong. The just opened for Bon Jovi at Madison Square Garden and have a bunch of good stuff on the way.
  9. It is very possible that you will see "Never Enough" and 'All You Need Is A Heartbeat' released on CD at some point. They write so many good songs that it is hard to cut the list down when releasing albums. The song "More Than The Moon" is an older song that I loved from the very beginning. I urged them to include it on the first full length release...
  10. The release will be title "More Than The Moon".. Don't worry, you will get "Easier Said Than Done" also.... Look for an April 13th release date. Twelve great tacks in all.
  11. Everything is recorded and mixed... cover art is finished... Everything looks and sounds great.
  12. You are going to like this one Geoff.
  13. It will be out before MRF.. I have them playing my annual "M-Pre Party" show in Maryland on Thursday... they plan to drive all night to make MRF on Friday.
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