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  1. DaHun72

    Lipz - Scaryman

    I've been AWOL for a while but this is definitely my most played 2018 release. Looks like it's got a pretty bad rap here...shame!
  2. DaHun72

    Kings of the Sun

    I happened to come across the news by chance but if you google Jeff Hoad or Kings of the Sun or check his facebook the following is happening (there's also some funny recent interviews): Clifford Hoard (drummer) is still using the Kings of the Sun name. I never bothered with his album etc. but it looks like the band has imploded. The two brothers are NOT getting along and not working together. Jeff Hoad (singer) is using The Rich and Famous name (avoid those CDs) but has released a new EP (haven't heard this one). He has the original guitarist from KotS in the band. What got me excited is that he is doing a few gigs, one of them a big 80s tribute night with Jon Stevens, Ross Wilson, Dragon, Kids in the Kitchen etc. under the Kings of the Sun name. So they'll be doing a best of set list. Wish I was up that way to go this gig as I only saw them 3 times in Melbourne (during debut opening for Roxus) and twice during the FFA launch. Great band, awesome songs and excellent live. Sure Jeff is 97 like the rest of us but this might be a once off!
  3. DaHun72

    Vito Bratta sounding songs

    Yeah, it's because no one sounds like Bratta..... which is probably also why Mike Tramp can't really pull off the Tramp's White Lion even with him writing and singing the songs. He was a huge loss when he went into exile!
  4. DaHun72

    Little Caesar

    First album was too long and had some stinkers on it. Second album was better only because it was shorter, and as a result more consistent. I did find them way over produced. Their songs were just so nice sounding and had no real edge except for Young's vocals. They would have been better with a harder edge like Circus of Power maybe? I do still have both the CDs but have made a single one that I put on every year or two.
  5. DaHun72

    Beast In Black - Berserker

    Grabbing this one. The battle beast CD is OK - just disjointed. Whilst I love the 80s influence they've been bringing in they have yet to match their debut for sheer quality. I'm hoping this one gets close as it sounds more visceral.
  6. Obviously this album's title goes back to their debut EP. That EP kicked ass and I still listen to it today. Everything else has been shit.
  7. DaHun72

    Pink Cream 69 - Headstrong

    Great band but after 2 full listens this is kind of boring with nothing standing out. Not keen to go a 3rd time.
  8. DaHun72

    Ammunition - Ammunition

    After 5 listens....um not good. Even on first listen I had to skip songs part way through. Not sure what's going on here but it's just not enjoyable (songs, vibe etc.) and way off the mark.
  9. DaHun72

    WIG WAM - Wall Street

    Yep the band suffered from the awesome debut and then couldn't live up to it. Like a few other albums that I thought were bad e.g. Whtie Lion - Big Game, Cinderella - Shelter Me it gets better over time once the expectation is gone and the songs are heard for what they are.
  10. DaHun72

    Best of 2017

    I'm beginning to think that maybe I didn't miss too much this year after looking at the stuff above. Confess and The Nights are both great. There are a heap I have heard on the lists above and didn't do much for me e.g. Santa Cruz, Art Nation, Wraith, One Desire etc. Some are OK but not great e.g. Vain, Tokyo Motor Fist, Crazy Lixx, Night Flight Orchestra etc. Others I couldn't get into like the new Cats in Space - loved the debut but new one is just not grabbing me as much as everything sounds great.
  11. I've been off the forum most of the year due to work, family etc. Anyway I came for the best of 2017 lists and all there seems to be is the current best of 2017 thread in general discussion.....or have I missed it? Come on guys, I need some lists.so I can catch up on some good music! Where's all the stats and data? 😊 So far for me it's H.E.A.T, Eclipse, Confess and a few metal albums. Oh I did also pick up 1987 again (30th anniversary) only coz it's one of the best albums ever. Lots of shockers like Steel Panther this year as well. Please share!
  12. I put this on a couple of months ago remembering it had a few good tracks. Some ok still to this day but ummm, not a very good album and hasn't aged well. Glad you're enjoying it though!
  13. DaHun72

    The Nights - s/t

    Love this album. Catchy, crunchy guitars but best off all are the drum beats, very boppy and makes it stand out for me.
  14. DaHun72

    CATS in SPACE - Too Many Gods

    Can't wait for a follow up. The first had such a great vibe and flow, if that magic continues we'll be up for something special!
  15. DaHun72

    JORN - Life On Death Road

    Worth grabbing this one just for Alex's guitar playing! Jorn would be better toning it down and putting out a hard rock CD. This stuff, along with his solo stuff, Masterplan....is all sounding too samey.

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