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  1. Mighty Jungle is one of my favourite releases last year. No love here 😞
  2. Love it... Great band even though the last album was their worst. Excited for an new album.
  3. Sad news. Loved a lot of his work, especially with WASP 😞
  4. If they could do either of those of I'd be in but I doubt this will be in withers league!
  5. Love me some Urban Breed. This band continues to deliver.
  6. I'm going to check it out, haven't heard some VP is ages. Speaking of which Vanishing Point is finishing up a new album...
  7. Wow, you guys are calling out their demise quite early. They were never the best band in the world by a longshot, and to my ears they don't seem to have pulled a Jettblack! I'll be giving the new one a try when it comes out.
  8. Gave up on this overrated band a while back but given the shake up I'm keen to hear this release. Has anyone actually had one of their releases in their top 5 in a given year?
  9. Even though it's a cover band....it's a great one. I'll be checking it out
  10. This is a letdown after their first release. Too many patchy tracks even though individual components - vocals, guitars, production etc. are top notch.
  11. Just sounds like HEAT with Erik to me. Fucking awesome!
  12. I lost interest after Oliver Hartmann left. Doesn't look like the band is a going concern anymore but it was always Olaf Lenk's band. His facebook shows him 'keeping it real' with some stripped back acoustic stuff. Shame....but we all age and metal only lasts so long for some?!?!
  13. Unfortunately the first 2 single are not that great. Still have some hope for the album. The might have tapped the well dry a few years back!
  14. This is simply not the same band without Paul DiBartolo. His songwriting and playing gave them a step up over most bands. This is kind of like having White Lion without Vito. Didn't DiBartolo become a hippy or something?
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