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  1. They've never gotten close to Return To Heaven Denied - amazing speed metal album. Lots of chatter around this one being just as good and back to that vibe. Unfortunately that's been said before a few times though. Any Labyrinth fans checked this new one out. Is it any good?
  2. Headless Children is one of my favourite albums of all time. Blackie has released some monster albums over the years - shame the whole gimmick puts lots of people off and as a result they don't give the music a chance.
  3. I'm pretty late to the party with Karlsson so was excited when I saw the title. He has a heap of great albums, if not a bit samey but always does a good job bringing out the best of the vocalists he chooses. Hmmm, looking at the vocalist list on this one am not too excited given it looks to be all female vocalists?
  4. One of my favourite bands. If you don't like the earlier more metal stuff with Jon on vocals you can always go with the more theatrical stuff with Zakk. There is something here for everyone but it is a lot of music to digest or pick from if you are new to them. Personally I love Hall of the Mountain King, Gutter Ballet and Edge of Thorns the most.
  5. Great singer who has also lasted the test of time!
  6. Awesome album. Could have used a better production and skipped the Jovi Dance song....terrible.
  7. Mighty Jungle is one of my favourite releases last year. No love here 😞
  8. Love it... Great band even though the last album was their worst. Excited for an new album.
  9. Sad news. Loved a lot of his work, especially with WASP 😞
  10. If they could do either of those of I'd be in but I doubt this will be in withers league!
  11. Love me some Urban Breed. This band continues to deliver.
  12. I'm going to check it out, haven't heard some VP is ages. Speaking of which Vanishing Point is finishing up a new album...
  13. Wow, you guys are calling out their demise quite early. They were never the best band in the world by a longshot, and to my ears they don't seem to have pulled a Jettblack! I'll be giving the new one a try when it comes out.
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