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  1. If anyone needs help getting cds from Oz to the US I can help as I send stuff all the time. Just let me know and I'll double check shipping costs but always way cheaper sent without cases/flat in slightly bigger cardboard mailers.
  2. Like this band but last album wasn't great. I like this song....that's not Urban Breed tho is it?
  3. Weren't we supposed to get the heavy stuff from Beast In Black. This sounds almost identical to what Battle Beast is doing now?!?!
  4. I might not ever hear this one even though really liking the first. Refuse to pay premium price for a digital album. Oh well, sounds like I may not be missing much!
  5. I switched off after Ron left. Psychschizophrenia is their latest I still own....got rid of everything more recent a long time ago
  6. After everything I still love Australia and living in Melbourne. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world. As fucked as everything is right now throughout the entire world there is no blueprint on how to deal with Covid. Just like in years to come there'll be no blueprint on how to deal with the financial, economic and mental health issues. Name 1 country that's handled it well and kept the majority of their population happy?
  7. Apparently he's got Nevermind tattooed across his chest. He also happens to be an 'artist' and has retaken that cover shot lots of times to celebrate the anniversary of the album's release. Definitely a cash grab. What a tool!
  8. Terrible news. I'm not a doom fan, not even a trouble fan but fuck me that Manic Frustration album is one of my favourites of all time. RIP
  9. It's all been downhill since Strange Case. Not sure about this one.
  10. The problem has never been writing new music, it's always been about recording it, touring (TSO) and priorities. I love the band but fear we may never really get much more out of either TSO or Savatage/Oliva. I really hope we get Romanovs purely because this was written when TSO was still primarily Savatage so hoping for a darker and more metal edge. I loved Xmas Eve and Other Stories but Beethoven's Last Night easily beats all TSO releases. For me they became so safe that it got boring and repetitive and I never listen to their other albums anymore. As for Sava we'll see. Finding and getting a decent label and $$ in this day and age ☹️. The commercial reality of releasing a Sava metal album over a TSO one etc.
  11. Love me some heavier sleaze like Spread Eagle but find this genre can be very hit or miss... Like Hardcore Superstar. What about the band Confess?
  12. New Religion....easily. Great band tho
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