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  1. The first track there 'Shinju' is pretty cool. The other two didn't grab me so much.
  2. A good first track. It's nothing mind blowing and perhaps not terribly original in its sound but I can't fault the quality. I do really like the vocals and in fact the musicians are all excellent, especially Reb.
  3. That 2nd clip reminds me of the Foo Fighters - not their music though, just the video clip. Not really my kinda music but it's well played and I think will certainly appeal to those who like Joe Bonamassa etc.
  4. Excited to hear this! Nice line-up and cool cover art. I know some people get a bit over the super group/projects and I get that to an extent, but for me I don't care as long as the music is good.
  5. I love this band! It's hard not to agree with the Ratt and Motley Crue comparisons. Love the cover art too!
  6. I have to admit after their first two excellent albums I lost touch with this band, so I really need to revisit them. That teaser really didn't seem like a teaser because it gives away nothing. Looking forward to checking out V regardless.
  7. I've been listening to this one a lot this week. Highlights for me are 'Hollywood in Headlights' and 'Fallin' For You'. Excellent band!
  8. Brilliant!! Not a single negative comment in this topic so far.
  9. I was super lucky to know an awesome person called Doggy who sent this my way at no cost. A total legend and I am so grateful. Love the songs on this one. Great band! They have a 2 track tape as well which came out before the CD. ?
  10. JC_AOR


    I used to get caught up in trying to classify all my music - but these days I find it easier to not bother. There's too much overlap between genres.
  11. I would never buy this live disc, and as Geoff has said why not just listen to the original. But I tell you what, if this band was playing a local venue in my hometown I'd be super keen to go along and see them, even without some of the original members. Good on 'em for kicking on.
  12. I prefer the second track from those two. Probably not a disc I will pick up.
  13. 90s R&B group ? That one with 'I Swear' song ? haha Yeah thats the one I was thinking of, lol.
  14. The album cover reminds me of Alias as well; and the band name reminds me of a mid-90s R&B group. However like everyone else, I read it as "All 41" The sample sounds ok...
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