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  1. Sorry for sounding like a n00b but why is Lite/Pop AOR called westcoast? Thanks
  2. edwithmj

    "St. Elmo's Fire" and John Parr.

    I'd never come across the Naughty Naughty song before. Makes me think of that Chuck Berry hit 'wouldn't you like to play with my ding a ling' I never cared much for that song either. (Naughty Naughty I mean; My DIng-a-Ling is beyond awful).
  3. Please post missing band pictures for Brutal Metal here. Here is a complete list of all the missing band pictures: Battle Beast Blind Witness Brutal Infliction Chapter, The Death and Taxes Dorian Lord Dr. Crusty Drawing Flies Driven Franklyn From Idle Hands Giant Dogs Gothic Hammer Harrow Harter Attack Hate Plow Havayoth HavocHate Headlock Headstone Epitaph Heaven Ward Heaven's Gate Heavenly HellYeah Helldorados Hellfueled Hellhound Heresiarh Hexenhaus High Spirits High Tension Highlord Highroad No. 28 Hollenthon HolyHell Hypocrisy Hysterica Ilium Imago Mortis Immaculate Immolation Impaler Imperator Imprecation In Memoriam In The Woods... In Thy Dreams Incantation Incubus Infinity Overture Inhuman Visions Inner Child Inner Wish Insania Insignia Internal Bleeding Interseed Intestine Baalism Intruder Iron Savior Isle Of Q Ivory Spider Jackal Jacob's Dream Jon Oliva's Pain Juda's Wake Julie Laughs Nomore Kage Kaledon Kalmah Kamelot Kandor Katatonia Katra Keegan Kerosys Khanate Killed By Cain Killers Of Modern Agony Killing Machine Killing Touch King Diamond Kingdom Of Dead Kings Of Modesty Kingsbane Kinrick Kittie Koma Kotipelto Kr'Uppt Krank Kreyson Labyrinth (2) Labyrinth Lacrimas Profundere Lacuna Coil Lake of Tears Last Crack Last Descendants Lawnmower Deth Lawshed Lazy Bones Leaves' Eyes Lefay Left Hand Solution Legend Maker Leprosy Lich King Liers in Wait Ligeia Lion's Share Lizzy Borden Long Voyage Back Long Winter's Stare Lordi Lost Horizon Loud Crowd Love History Love Lies Bleeding Love.Might.Kill Low Twelve Lunatica Lux Occulta MX Machine Macbeth Madd Hunter Madsword Maelstrom Magic Kingdom Magica Magnitude 9 Mago De Oz Majestic Majesty Malevolence Malevolent Creation Mandator Mania Manimal Massacre Mastercastle Masterstroke Maudlin Of The Well Maximus Mayhem Mean Streak Meander Meanstreak Medicated Savage Medicine Medusa Meliah Rage Menhir Mental Home Mentors Mercyful Fate Meshuggah Metalium Metharia Mezzrow Midas Touch Miles Beyond Militia Mind Key Mind Odyssey Mind Over Four MindSplit Misanthrope Mister Grinch Mistheria Mob Rules Moonspell Moore Morbid Angel Morbid Dream Morbid Sin Morgana Lefay Morgana Morgion Morgoth Morgul Mortal Decay Mortal Sin Mortal Morton Mortus Poetry Motive Mr. Sinister Mudvayne Murder Of My Sweet, The Musaka Mushroom Cult My Dying Bride Myriads Mystere De Notre Dame Mystic Prophecy Mystic Twilight Mythological Cold Towers Naglfar Nailbomb Necronomicon (Death) Necronomicon Necrophiliac Nemesis Inferi Neurosis Nightcrawler Nightingale Nightmare Nile Nocturnal Rites Nocturnal Winds Nostradameus Nothingface Novembers Doom Novembre Obsession Octanic October Tide Odes Of Ecstasy Odin Officium Triste Old Man's Child Omen Onward Opera IX Orden Ogan Orion Riders Orphaned Land Osiris Ostrogoth Otep Otyg Outrage Overdrive Overexertion Pacto De Sangre Pagan Pain of Salvation Panic Paragon Belial Paranoia Pathosray Paul Dianno and Killers Peccatum Pentagram Perpetua Pessimist Phantasm Phantom X Pit Bulls on Crack Poema Arcanus Polaris Portal Possessed Poverty's No Crime Powermad Powers Court Powersurge Powerworld Predatory Primigenium Primordial Profanator Prophecy Prowlers, The Prymary Psychotic Waltz Psyco Drama Public Outcry Pungent Stench Purulent Push Comes II Shove Pyogenesis Pyramaze Radakka Rage N Revenge Rain Fell Within Raising Cain Rated X Ravencult Reading Zero Rebel Meets Rebel Red Harvest Redemption Reign of Terror, The Revenant Dead Revolution Renaissance Rhapsody Of Fire Rhapsody Rigor Mortis Riotor Ripio Rising Faith Ritual Misery Ross The Boss Rotting Christ Rough Silk Roxxcalibur Royal Air Force Rudiments Sabaton Sabbat Sacrament Sacred Oath Sacred Steel Sacrifice (Japan) Sacrifice Sacrosanct Sad Legend Sadus Sagittarius Saidian Saint Deamon Saint Salem's Wych Samael Sanction-X Sarcofago Saturnus Satyricon Savage Grace Savage Steel Savannah Savior From Anger Scatterbrain Scenes Scheepers Scholomance Screamer Sculptured Sea of Dreams Seasons of the Wolf Sebastien Secret Sphere Section A Seducer Sentenced Sentinel Beast Seth Seven Angels Seven Witches Seven Seventh Angel Sex Machineguns Shadow Shadowkeep Shadows Fall Shadowside Shaman Shape Of Despair Shattered Core Shocking Reality Shockmachine Siebenburgen Silent Cry Silent Force Silent Voices Silentium Silverlane Sinergy Sinister Sinner Sinoath Sisthema Skanners Skinny Puppy Skold Skrew Skyfire Skylark Slaughter House - Face Reality Slaughter House Sleepy Hollow Sludge Smut Snydley Whiplash Sobre Nocturne Solefald Solitude Aeturnus Solsikk Solstice Sonata Arctica Soulbender Soundtracks Source Of Tide Space Eater Speeed Spheric Universe Experience Spitfire Star One Status Minor Steel Horse Steel Prophet Steel Reign Steelwing Stefan Elmgren's Full Strike Stone StoneLake StormHammer Stormhaven Stormwind Stormwitch Stratosphere Stratovarius Stress Factor 9 Stride Stronghold Stuck Mojo Sub Species Suffocation Suicide Kings Suidakra Summer Dying Superjoint Ritual Swano, Dan Symphorce Synapse Defect Tad Morose Taraxacum Terror 2000 Thalarion The 7 Method The Handsome Beasts Theatre Of Tragedy Theocracy Theory In Practice Thergothon Third Eye Third Moon Thomsen Thor and Mick Hoffman Thor Thorr's Hammer Thou Shalt Suffer Threshold Of Pain Threshold Throes Of Dawn Through The Discipline ThunderDriver Thunderstone Thus Defiled Thyrane Tiamat Titan Force Titanium Black Today Is the Day Tomorrow's Eve Tool Toranaga Torian Tourniquet Tower Trail Of Murder Trail of Tears Tramontane Tribes Of Cain Tributes Trick Or Treat Trillium Tristania Tristitia Tulus Twilight Twinspirits Twist of Fate Twyster Tyrant (2) Tyrant Tystnaden Tyton Unleash the Dog War Within Whisper White Fear Chain White Friday Wicked Kick Wrecking Crew Xpeld Zeitgeist
  4. Does anyone here know of this song? The clip is from the 1989 film Fletch Lives starring Chevy Chase. The song is in the first five seconds of the clip. Thanks in advance.
  5. edwithmj

    Britny Fox to Reunite

    No it wouldn't, he's shit. Paris and Childs were the main songwriting team from BDH which is their best album and one of my favourites. I like that. I agree - I do like the first two, but 'Bite Down Hard' is easily their best album... easily. And Dizzy's voice is an abomination. Perhaps I was a bit harsh - there are a few great songs on the first two discs but Blackeyed Susan is terrible. I'm also one of the few who thought Springhead Motorshark was decent which is why I just know this new album will be worth the wait.
  6. edwithmj

    Britny Fox to Reunite

    No it wouldn't, he's shit. Paris and Childs were the main songwriting team from BDH which is their best album and one of my favourites.
  7. Before reading the article I though it might be with Dean Davidson but thankfully it's with Tommy Paris at the helm so I'm actually looking forward to this new release. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/britny-fox-has-reunited-and-is-back-in-studio/
  8. edwithmj


    Ahem... Cher? On heavyharmonies? What next Britney Spears?
  9. edwithmj

    Europe - War Of Kings (new CD)

    All their new stuff is bollocks to me but I'll give it a chance like I always do. They need Marcello back in the band again.
  10. Do Time Warp Records just release CDRs and if so are such CDRs accepted onto the HH database?
  11. edwithmj

    RIP Jimi Jamison

    Very sad, I've had some of his songs swirling through my head today. One of the best AOR singers.
  12. edwithmj

    Winger - Better Days Comin'

    Hope it's similar to Karma or their first album but I know the latter is unlikely.
  13. Can't hear the similarity myself. It has sort of the same rhythm but it's essentially a new song.
  14. I had to go with Def Leppard's ballad. I also hate Crazy by Aerosmith. Without You I neither like nor dislike as it's pretty forgettable. Any Bon Jovi ballad is awful I think. I've always loved the Bryan Adams one.
  15. Autograph have reunited with new singer Simon Daniels. Steve Plunkett is not interested and the band plan to play Monsters of Rock cruise in 2014.
  16. edwithmj

    VIXEN Guitarist Jan Kuehnemund Passes Away...

    Sad news. I love Vixen's first two releases.
  17. Here is a partial list of heavy metal bands that are currently not on the Brutal Metal database. Help in adding/submitting CDs is greatly appreciated. 2wo Agretator Asomvel Asperity Attacker Battle Beast Biogenesis Black Sister Brutus [Egypt] Brutus [Netherlands] Byzantine Cathedral Cauldron [spain] Cauldron [united States] Cauldron Black Ram The Cauldron Born Cranium Destroyer Detente Detritus Earthling Enslaved The Eternal Falkirk Forced Entry [Germany] Forever Glenmore Habit of Force Havok [brazil] Holosade Hobb's End Holocausto Holy Moses Infernal Majesty Iron Angel Kekal Killers [France] Lazarus A.D. Leech Legion of the Damned Liege Lord Living Sacrifice Loudblast Manntis Mantic Ritual Mekong Delta Merciless Death Metal Duck Metalmorphose Metamorphose The Moshketeers M.O.D. [Method of Destruction] Municipal Waste Mithotyn Necrodeath Ogre Ogre [ireland] Once Dead Panzer Paradox Pig Destroyer Pro-Pain Prototype Reinxeed Saliva Sacrilege Scar Symmetry Septic Tank Seventh Calling Short Sharp Shock Sircle of SIlence Skeletonwitch Skineater Skyforger S.O.D. [stormtroopers of Death] Steel Attack Suicidal Tendencies Susperia Swashbuckle Temple of Blood Tortured Conscience Toxic Holocaust Trivium Vektor Vengeance [Germany] Viking Violator Vulcano Wasteland Skills Watain Witchery Wolf [uK] Wrecking Crew [Netherlands] X Japan Yyrkoon Znowhite
  18. All of the information for CD submissions can be gleaned from the internet. Wikipedia, Metal-Archives, Discogs and Allmusic have good information among others.
  19. edwithmj

    Poll: Best Y & T Album

    Black Tiger for me.
  20. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer Chad Smith and former VAN HALEN bassist Michael Anthony are in the studio with ex-VAN HALEN singer Sammy Hagar, where the Red Rocker is working on a new album. The three musicians, of course, comprise three-fourths of the lineup of CHICKENFOOT, although they are apparently not making a new CHICKENFOOT record at the moment. Joining them on guitar is Neal Schon of JOURNEY, who also played with Hagar in the early Eighties act HSAS. Photos from the studio can be found at this location. Hagar told The Pulse Of Radio a while back why he liked playing with Smith. "Chad just brings a certain amount of intensity with the way he plays that I've just never been in a band with a drummer like that before," he said. "He's like Keith Moon with John Bonham's foot, you know, or something. I don't know what to call him. He's Chad Smith." In a clip posted online (see below), Hagar calls the current group of musicians a "new and improved" version of HSAS. The initials of the four musicians' last names also happen to spell out HSAS. The original lineup of that act, which issued one live album in 1984, featured Hagar, Schon, Kenny Aaronson on bass and Michael Shrieve on drums. CHICKENFOOT, which also includes guitarist Joe Satriani, has released two albums, 2009's self-titled debut and 2011's "Chickenfoot III". Drummer Kenny Aronoff replaced Smith for touring purposes in 2011 when Smith had to return to duty with the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. http://blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=190091
  21. Journey, Whitesnake & Thunder are touring the UK in 2013. Is anyone going from here? I'm tempted. http://www.thunderonline.com/site/ http://www.whitesnake.com/ http://www.journeymusic.com/pages/news/journey-whitesnake-announce-2013-uk-tour http://www.sleazeroxx.com/news/01623.shtml
  22. edwithmj

    Journey, Whitesnake & Thunder 2013 UK tour

    My review of this: Thunder were excellent and did a nice mix of old classics and new ones. Danny can still sing and the band sounded tight. Whitesnake were a disappointment. They did far too much new stuff and the classics they did do weren't my favourites. Coverdale sounds very good for his age though. Journey were surprisingly outstanding and easily my favourite. The songs were all old classics and Arnel does a perfect job on all of them (maybe too perfect!). I mainly went for Whitesnake though and was disappointed with them.
  23. edwithmj

    I dare you....

    Dangerous Toys debut is criminally underrated. The lyrics are hilarious at times (in a good way) and the vocals sound a lot like Axl at times. For sleaze I do prefer Faster Pussycat's and L.A. Guns' debuts however.
  24. edwithmj

    CLIVE BURR of Iron Maiden fame dies at 56

    RIP. Excellent drummer gone too soon.

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