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  1. My Hexecoven records shipment came in: Howling - A Beast Conceived Howling - Tear The Screams From Your Throat Orloff - Apparitions Among The Graveyard Skies Skeletal Spectre - Occult Spawned Premonitions Scaremaker - Grim Reaping Scaremaker - What Evil Have They Summoned... Cauldron Burial - Orgia Nocturna Cauldron Burial - Amanti D'Oltretomba
  2. Princeton Record Exchange: Sally - Sally Ramones - Leave Home Sound Of Metal 2018 promo Angel Corpse - Of Lucifer & Lightning Ride The Sky - New Protection Municipal Waste - The Last Rager Savage Master - Myth, Magic And Steel Cannabis Corpse - Nug So Vile Brutal Africa - Comp CD
  3. Saint Avarice - The Disease You Breed Vulture - Vulture
  4. Through the mail: The Distinguished Order Of Disobedience -Buttercup!!!!! The Distinguished Order Of Disobedience-Playtime In The Apocalypse
  5. 33rd Annual Not Just R&R Expo in P.A. Snakebite - Love Hurts ...Snake Bites Snowblind - Snowblind Vermefug - Wet Nightmare Ganto Barn - The Gorgeously Hanged Kleptocracy - Ruled By Thieves Deceased - Death Metal From The Dave Starz - Live From The El Mocambo Billion Dollar Babies - Battle Axe ( Deluxe) Robin George - Dangerous Games
  6. Pierced - Pierced Natu Sabverata - Existing To Ensure Your Destruction Eviction - Struggle With Society... Who Will Win? Eviction - The World Is Hours...Away! Jersey Dogs - Thrash Ranch
  7. Broken Teeth - Viva La Rock, Fantastic Alyxx - Alyxx
  8. My latest finds: Bone Digger - Got Bones In It Scars Of Life - 2002 Demo CDR Warsenal - Barn Burner Rahway - Undefeated Stranger - No More Dirty Deals Burning Tree - Burning Tree
  9. Latest grabs: Toxic Ruin - Subterranean Terror Toxic Ruin - Mortal Insolence In Battle - Kingdom Of Fear Imperial Vengeance - At The Going Down Of The Sun Dead To This World - First Strike For Spiritual Renewance Viking Skull - Doom, Gloom, Heartache & Whiskey
  10. Latest grabs: Goblin Cock - Bagged And Boated The Almighty - Powertrippin Confessor - Confessor Early Man - Death Potion Peter Wells - Everything You Like Tries To Kill You The Black Hand - War Monger Skeletonwitch - Serpents Unleashed Sabaton- The Great War Kik Tracee - You're So Strange (CD Single) Grue - Casualty Of The Psychic Wars Punkcore Records (Sampler) Dischord 1981 ( The Year In 7 Inches)
  11. Last week's Flea Market finds: Aerosmith - Pink (CD single) Poison - Seven Days Live OzzFest - Vol 2 Roadrunner Rules OzzFest
  12. Latest acquirements: Jason Mapes - The Devil Plays Guitar Death Mask - Split The Atom Louis Cardinas - Animal Instinct The Shape - The World Away Murder Monday - Murder Monday Locked Out - Dissociation Values - Losses Apostasy - Ghosts New England Blood 2 (Comp CD) Connecticut Metal Coalition ( Comp CD)
  13. Latest acquirements: Ozz - No Prisoners Danny Joe Brown - Danny Joe Brown (Rock Candy to replace Wounded Bird version) Marcus - Marcus ( Rock Candy to replace the Zoom Club version) Frank Marino And Mahogany Rush - What's Next (Rock Candy to replace Black Rose version) Birth A.D. - I Blame You Sewercide - Immortalized In Suffering 4 Doors To Death ( Comp) Gatecreeper, Homewrecker, Outer Heaven, Scorched (Comp) Degradation - Revelation In Blood LeathurBitch - LeathurBitch Savage Choir - Winter Of Probator Six Feet Under - Death Rituals Onslaught - Live Damnation Kreator - God's Of Violence Trench Warfare - Hatred Prayer ( Box Set)
  14. Vintage Vinyl grabs: Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side Gojira -Box Set ( which includes Debut CD, Debut cassette, T- Shirt and Laminate Pass) Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus Used Bin rescues: Lick The Blade - Graveyard Of Empires Spacewalk - A Salute To Ace Frehley Los Angeles - Neverland
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