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  1. When Kenny first left, I was very upset, and it took me a while to warm up to Erik. but after four excellent albums I have really come to like this guy and prefer him in the band over Kenny. Even though it is cool to see Kenny back, this is not good news. I also always felt that with Erik as a frontman, they would have a much greater chance at mainstream success. Erik is a better frontman and singer than Kenny. On the other hand, Kenny is a better songwriter, so it should be intresting to see what they can come up with for the next album. Why not bring Eric Rivers back too for a TOTAL reunion of the original line-up whilst they're at it? That would just be mega fantastic. but first, grow back your hair Eric!
  2. Adrenaline is by far the worst track on this LP. Best tracks : Rock Your Body, Dangerous Ground, Come Clean, Heaven Must Have Won An Angel, Under The Gun.
  3. True, although the name itself comes from the fact that the style mainly developed in studio musician environments on the US westcoast through 70's and early 80's.
  4. We Are Gods seems to be the least popular song judging from comments elsewhere too. Personally I have no problem with it, but it certainly isn't one of the best tracks.
  5. If anything, what this album is lacking is a few pure AOR numbers like they had on "Address the Nation" or "Freedom Rock". That is the missing piece that would have pushed this album over the top for me. I guess "Nothing To Say" is the closest to that here but it's more of a ballad of sorts...
  6. Yeah, me too. By any other bands standards, "Into the Great Unknown" would have been a monster album. but just because it's H.E.A.T, people find things to whine about. I can't remember how many comments I've read on YouTube etc about how this record sucked, and how they've now "returned" to their roots. Save for 2 or 3 songs, it wasn't an experimental album at all but 100% pure, classic H.E.A.T.
  7. That's how I interpeted these lyrics as well. bit unusual and obscure lyric topic for these guys...not least considering Jona Tee is a Christian from what I remember. or maybe I have him mixed up with some one else...
  8. IMO, "Address the Nation" is still their best record with Erik. Closely followed by "Tearing Down the Walls" and this one. That said, "Dangerous Ground" has to be their best song since "Danger Road".
  9. Geoff, thanks for the reply. Yeah explains a bit, of course I don't agree but still. And btw, as for the lyrics I've heard far far worse than what's on this CD. Poor AOR lyrics to me are like the ones that Wild Rose writes, this is like Shakespeare compared to that garbage. As for "Queen of the Prom" you will be intrested to know that it's Michael PalaceĀ“s own favorite song on this album, lol.
  10. Second that. Strange choice indeed...
  11. Haha, "theatrical". I'm sorry Geoff if I accidently recommended the debut and then everyone else came in and told you how bad it was and how you would regret your purchase. I'm really sorry. Maybe they do sound a bit like Pride of Lions, I haven't thought of that. But I like Pride of Lions... I like this CD and would give it a solid 8 or 9. The problem with all of these new Swedish AOR bands though is that they basically all sound the same. You put any of these tracks with another vocalist and it could just as well have been a Work of Art, Creye or Care of Night song. No one would have noticed any difference. I do think that these guys are definitely one of the top bands of the movement. Great vocals, great songs. I didn't care much for the ballads though, but other than that, great stuff,.
  12. I honestly don't know what happened to you Geoff. Awful? Not even good? Decent? After having read your comments on these forums for many years and knowing that you're heavily into all the Scandi stuff (H.E.A.T., Miss Behaviour and so on), I would have thought you would be all over this stuff. Strange. Maybe "Queen Of The Prom" is too "Queen" for people who are not fans of that band, but the rest? Where are these terrible tunes everyone is talking about? I sure know a terrible tune when I hear it but I sure haven't come across any on this album. Maybe there are hidden tracks? And this talk about 80's pop...get real people. Yeah this is more high-tech AOR than the previous one, but never "pop". Not even close. You guys stick to your One Desire's and Brother Firetribe's or other second rate 80's copycats and leave the real deal for us others to enjoy. Rant over!
  13. A H.E.A.T. greatest hits without "Danger Road"? Someone surely screwed up on that one.
  14. Very interested to hear this one. The debut was pretty stellar and while the W.O.A. reference might be valid the debut totally destroys everything that band ever did, IMO.
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