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  1. Geoff, thanks for the reply. Yeah explains a bit, of course I don't agree but still. And btw, as for the lyrics I've heard far far worse than what's on this CD. Poor AOR lyrics to me are like the ones that Wild Rose writes, this is like Shakespeare compared to that garbage. As for "Queen of the Prom" you will be intrested to know that it's Michael Palace´s own favorite song on this album, lol.
  2. Second that. Strange choice indeed...
  3. Haha, "theatrical". I'm sorry Geoff if I accidently recommended the debut and then everyone else came in and told you how bad it was and how you would regret your purchase. I'm really sorry. Maybe they do sound a bit like Pride of Lions, I haven't thought of that. But I like Pride of Lions... I like this CD and would give it a solid 8 or 9. The problem with all of these new Swedish AOR bands though is that they basically all sound the same. You put any of these tracks with another vocalist and it could just as well have been a Work of Art, Creye or Care of Night song. No one would have noticed any difference. I do think that these guys are definitely one of the top bands of the movement. Great vocals, great songs. I didn't care much for the ballads though, but other than that, great stuff,.
  4. I honestly don't know what happened to you Geoff. Awful? Not even good? Decent? After having read your comments on these forums for many years and knowing that you're heavily into all the Scandi stuff (H.E.A.T., Miss Behaviour and so on), I would have thought you would be all over this stuff. Strange. Maybe "Queen Of The Prom" is too "Queen" for people who are not fans of that band, but the rest? Where are these terrible tunes everyone is talking about? I sure know a terrible tune when I hear it but I sure haven't come across any on this album. Maybe there are hidden tracks? And this talk about 80's pop...get real people. Yeah this is more high-tech AOR than the previous one, but never "pop". Not even close. You guys stick to your One Desire's and Brother Firetribe's or other second rate 80's copycats and leave the real deal for us others to enjoy. Rant over!
  5. A H.E.A.T. greatest hits without "Danger Road"? Someone surely screwed up on that one.
  6. Very interested to hear this one. The debut was pretty stellar and while the W.O.A. reference might be valid the debut totally destroys everything that band ever did, IMO.
  7. Damn how the "Africa" cover they did sucked. Still, interesting to hear this one done in a metal tapping.
  8. I don't know what you guys are smoking, but I would sure like some of it. This is stellar stuff, just like the debut was. And yes, Geoff, this is basically a solo studio project of Michael Palace who produces and handles all of the instruments except the drums which are played by Daniel Flores. A shame that he decided to cut his hair off, he looks like a rapper on the back cover of the album now which kinda destroys the 80's feel of the entire thing.
  9. Glen, on 17 Jan 2017 - 1:44 PM, said: lol, sorry about that Glen. I was at work when I posted that and didn't have time to elaborate any further. My answer to this is basically very simple... real AOR has to contain at least a minimum amount of keys, while melodic rock necessarily must not... that is the main difference. Melodic rock I would say is that gray area between AOR and melodic hard rock that many bands operates within, not least nowdays...case in point: the latest Palace CD. Classic example of a melodic rock record, where most of the music is too heavy to fit within the classic AOR spectrum while still too light to be labelled pure melodic hard rock. You basically have a 50/50 mix of those two genres and that's the definition of melodic rock in my book. Now the thread starter was wondering where arena rock fitted into all this and my answer to that is also very simple... Arena Rock is not really a seperate genre but as a musical style concept basically synonymous with the pure AOR style of bands like Journey, Foreigner, Boston and so on. There are so many of these labels tossed around everywhere but when we talk about AOR as an overarching style concept, there are really only three main subgenres where you can cathegorize most bands and that is the lightweight or westcoast style, the classic style and the hard or melodic hard rock style. I'll explain what I mean by that...(also cut and pasted from my article on the subject)
  10. I have written in depth on this and actually wrote a scholarly article on the subject back when I studied musicology. I have pasted the most relevant parts in regards to your question from the article below. I hope this clears things up for you.
  11. I gave this a 7.5/10 rating in my review over at PlanetAOR.com. Decent.
  12. Power metal?? Really. I kind of hear a bit of BF, but this is straight ahead mel rock surely. To me its a cardon copy of HEAT with a slight accent. Prob not quite up to HEAT but then we will see how good they are later in the year I don't hear any H.E.A.T in this at all, Glen. H.E.A.T has their own unique and easily identifiable sound while these guys struggle to find anything that makes them stand out from the crowd. I actually listened to the song again just to see what everyone is raving about and I haven't changed my mind. It's just generic, modern melodic rock that you've heard so many times before, and often done better...the guitars are too heavy, the vocals weak and accented and the chorus goes nowhere. I'll pass on this one.
  13. More power metal-AOR from Finland that could be a carbon copy to Brother Firetribe. Predictable, heard it all before stuff that goes through one ear and out the other. Clearly you still have to turn to Sweden to hear new quality AOR these days...when Finland start producing bands like State Of Salazar, H.E.A.T, Houston, Care Of Night, Palace and so on and so forth maybe I will start to pay attention.
  14. "No Exit" an "awful chorus"? That's got to be one of the strangest things I've read in a long time.
  15. Best 80's A.O.R. from Sweden since H.E.A.T´s "Freedom Rock" album (2010). If there is a better one then I want to know about it...perfection from start to finish.
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