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  1. Studboy

    King Zebra

    I though this was pretty damn interesting...
  2. How many damn compilations can a band put out?
  3. I met these guys when they opened for Crashdiet last year. Great guys and great band. I have this and their first ep as well. Highly recommended.
  4. So I'm lazy and don't search the entire damn messageboard, sue me
  5. Good stuff Maynard! https://www.facebook.com/confessofsweden http://www.dangerdog.com/2014-music-reviews/confess-jail.php#.Uz1raLSDzps
  6. Just got mine in the mail. It is silver pressed, comes in a digipack. Also comes with a 6 page booklet and sticker. Nice little package, but it was a wee bit expensive.
  7. Get it while ya can: http://shop.crashdiet.org/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7&products_id=153
  8. They did sort of. They did Pyromania, Hysteria and Adrenalize. Well, like you said, kind of, Pyromania had a live disc but not demos. I think the others also didn't have demos.
  9. Why can't they do this with High N Dry or Pyromania?
  10. Really? I think it's kind of cheese, and to me kind of a rip off of AC/DC highway to hell (that may be a stretch but that's what it reminded me of).
  11. I would agree with you on the Sage CDs. Debated whether or not to keep them. Enjoy!
  12. Aw shucks. Thanks Jared, glad you happy with them, take care of my babies
  13. Just saw them a week or so ago for the 5th time now. They played a new song Glory Hole. Was fantastic!!!
  14. Excellent, I'm so glad he is doing OK! Congratulations!
  15. Yes, I can absolutely confirm it was released on CD, 99% of them out there are bootlegs, took a bit of time to finally find an original copy.
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