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  1. Sorry I'm resurrecting an old thread but I searched for Peter Frampton to see people's opinions. I've recently gotten into him and his 80s stuff definitely is HH material but certainly not his early stuff with Humble Pie and The Herd. I've added a couple of his CDs to test the waters and will add the rest if they're sucessful. My thoughts on the bands: Pink Floyd: The only Pink Floyd song I can stomach is Another Brick In The Wall (even if I hate the backing vocals) so I have no real opinion. Cream: A bit too psychedelic for my taste but they have a couple of good songs.
  2. I'd never come across the Naughty Naughty song before. Makes me think of that Chuck Berry hit 'wouldn't you like to play with my ding a ling' I never cared much for that song either. (Naughty Naughty I mean; My DIng-a-Ling is beyond awful).
  3. Does anyone here know of this song? The clip is from the 1989 film Fletch Lives starring Chevy Chase. The song is in the first five seconds of the clip. Thanks in advance.
  4. No it wouldn't, he's shit. Paris and Childs were the main songwriting team from BDH which is their best album and one of my favourites. I like that. I agree - I do like the first two, but 'Bite Down Hard' is easily their best album... easily. And Dizzy's voice is an abomination. Perhaps I was a bit harsh - there are a few great songs on the first two discs but Blackeyed Susan is terrible. I'm also one of the few who thought Springhead Motorshark was decent which is why I just know this new album will be worth the wait.
  5. No it wouldn't, he's shit. Paris and Childs were the main songwriting team from BDH which is their best album and one of my favourites.
  6. Before reading the article I though it might be with Dean Davidson but thankfully it's with Tommy Paris at the helm so I'm actually looking forward to this new release. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/britny-fox-has-reunited-and-is-back-in-studio/
  7. All their new stuff is bollocks to me but I'll give it a chance like I always do. They need Marcello back in the band again.
  8. Very sad, I've had some of his songs swirling through my head today. One of the best AOR singers.
  9. Hope it's similar to Karma or their first album but I know the latter is unlikely.
  10. Can't hear the similarity myself. It has sort of the same rhythm but it's essentially a new song.
  11. I had to go with Def Leppard's ballad. I also hate Crazy by Aerosmith. Without You I neither like nor dislike as it's pretty forgettable. Any Bon Jovi ballad is awful I think. I've always loved the Bryan Adams one.
  12. Autograph have reunited with new singer Simon Daniels. Steve Plunkett is not interested and the band plan to play Monsters of Rock cruise in 2014.
  13. All of the information for CD submissions can be gleaned from the internet. Wikipedia, Metal-Archives, Discogs and Allmusic have good information among others.
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