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  1. Of course not. I'm just saying that from where I sit, Josh tried to do the right thing initially. And Peter had him by the short hairs & backed him into a corner by insisting on another trade.
  2. Not taking sides here, but Josh did propose the option of reversing the trade, as many people here have suggested. Put yourself in his position. You already feel like you've been fucked in one trade, & now the only solution the other party will agree to is to do another one?
  3. Like others here on the board I can completely empathize with Josh over what happened & completely understand him getting pissed over receiving subpar condition cd's. Insert condition is a huge pet peeve of mine...scratches can be buffed out, but damaged inserts...you're stuck with them forever. And I honestly don't fault him for wanting to "get even". I just take issue with how he chose to do it. If he had instead sent an original Fire Dept cd, but ripped off the spines & taped them back on, I'd say the other guy had it coming, assuming what he's said about the stuff he received i
  4. Scroll to the very bottom of the screen & look bottom left...click "classic site".
  5. John Norum would've been a nice choice if he was in fact interested.
  6. Don't know the guy that well, but my initial reaction is bleh. Would've thought Coverdale would get a bigger name guy. He's certainly got some huge shoes to fill.
  7. I bought a Ratt shirt from this guy. Print quality is good, but the shirts are very cheap & low quality. He says that he uses 100% 200 gm heavy weight cotton shirts. That's a load of crap. The shirts are 50/50 blend (at best) & paper thin. You can literally see your skin through them (on the white ones anyway). Not a bad price for the shirts, but the shipping is outrageous & the shirt quality isn't even close to what he's claiming.
  8. This auction cracked me up. Lots of name dropping by the seller to get the price he got. Rock Blvd? Please...not even close. Just a personal pet peeve of mine, seeing sellers over-hyping cd's. Hyper rare....Holey Grail...this seller in particular seems to have a habit of throwing these words around every time he lists stuff.
  9. So what's the "long winded reason"? I noticed that on your site the song has been changed to Action. Just curious.
  10. I like 'em a lot too, and will pick this up for sure. I've enjoyed all their albums (especially 6 Degrees).
  11. Exciting news for Def Leppard fans: http://www.defleppard.com/splash The opening sets of obscure songs has me absolutely drooling! Update...looks like Andrew has one of the songs wrong. He listed Action Not Words, & it looks like it's supposed to be Action. Which really sucks ass, because that was the one song that I was REALLY looking forward to.
  12. I also saw The Cult open for Metallica back on the Justice tour & they were very solid. The crowd was lame, but they weren't there to see them of course. Every time I've seen Leppard they were awesome...vocals, harmonies, guitar licks were all spot on. Cinderella is another band that has ALWAYS sounded fantastic live...back then & today. Hands down lamest live band ever is Poison. Sloppy guitar, sloppy vocals, sloppy show. I still don't understand how they got as big as they did.
  13. What's up with Steve & Eonian Records? I haven't heard any news about them in forever & Steve doesn't replay to emails. Are they still around?
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