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Dudes, I'm out.


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Wasn't going to to this as I prefer to make the quiet exit, but because it's the festive season I did actually want to wish all you guys and gals all the very best. I hopefully won't be anywhere near a computer for the next three weeks so I honestly hope you all have a kick-ass Christmas and all the best for the New Year!


It's been a delight and we'll do it all again next year.

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Not near a PC for 3 weeks - An early Xmas pressie for us all! :D


I'll build a snowman 'Replica Geoff' and stick on an extremely small carrot for it's knob in your honour!!


Seriously have a good one mate, and think of all of us freezing our nuts off over here while you sun it on the beach (although, to be honest I know what I prefer at Christmas time). Drink lots and be merry



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Have a good one mate and whilst you are away, have a serious think about why you like Poison and consider therapy to overcome this illness :christmas:;)

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