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  1. Dave

    AFL and Rugby League

    Bombers, Tigers and the Bulldogs all got belted !!!! I think it is simply a two horse race at the moment with the Maggots probably slight favourites.
  2. Glenn Kaiser - Spontaneous Combustion Glenn Kaiser Band - Blacktop Glenn Kaiser Band - Live
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajl_IsdbLZk
  4. So do I and it ain't a fuckin' good one at all
  5. AT VANCE do the best S.O.S.......It kicks ass big time !!!!!!!!!!
  6. Fuck'n'Hell....and an Ashes series just around the corner
  7. Dave

    AFL and Rugby League

    Seeing Didak do that faggot fuckin dance when he kicked that goal, I so wanted to cave his empty fuckin' skull in with a baseball bat !!!!! I hope someone does this little fuckin jig to this smart arse arrogant little c t when they get knocked out of the finals
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-Iw_C_5ATc&feature=related
  9. "Still Be There For Me" & "Give It Up" are not bad
  10. Dave

    AFL and Rugby League

    And we have the maggots Who are currently kicking our My Son who is a Richmond supporter, wanted to go to the footy today {even after I had warned him of what the outcome will be and trust me, sitting there watching Collingwood kick your ass is not an enjoyable experience one little fuckin' bit but he did not want to listen} so he, my missus and daughter {who are Collingwood supporters} ended up going and as I said, Collingwood are currently giving us a hiding. Hopefully he will learn a lesson from this !!!!
  11. Dave

    AFL and Rugby League

    That would be the only time you would be happy escaping with a draw when really the game should have been all over 3 minutes before that !!!! I think the Hawthorn interchange steward will now be out of a job....permenantly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Saints were very, very lucky to get away with 2 points there !!!
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