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  1. Dave

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Glenn Kaiser - Spontaneous Combustion Glenn Kaiser Band - Blacktop Glenn Kaiser Band - Live
  2. Dave

    ISSA (Brother Firetribe Meets Treat)

  3. Dave

    Hard Rock Covers of Pop Songs

    AT VANCE do the best S.O.S.......It kicks ass big time !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dave

    What DVD's did you buy this week?

    Beth Hart - Live At Paradiso
  5. Dave

    Dana Fuchs Band

  6. Dave

    Jane Bogaert

    "Still Be There For Me" & "Give It Up" are not bad
  7. Dana Fuchs Band - Live From NYC Shot at BB Kings in NY, this is one shit hot show and by God can she sing!!!! A vocal powerhouse in the same vein as Sass Jordan but better. Also contains a great 8 track acoustic set which really showcases her amazing talent. Bloody glad I stumbled across this
  8. Dirty Women goes off big time on this
  9. Dave

    Song of the Day

    Hiding From Your Love - Dana Fuchs Bleed More - Dana Fuchs
  10. Dave

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Giacomo Castellano - Cutting Bridges Little Caesar - Redemption Poul Halberg Power Trio - PsychElectric Journey Dana Fuchs - Live In NYC
  11. Dave

    Heart - Red Velvet Car

    Order cancelled Re-ordered through Amazon UK I'm finding with all major new releases now days, it pays to just wait until all version have been released and choose the one with the best bonus tracks. It really sucks that two fans fork out the same amount of cash for a CD while one gets (for example) a standard 12 track version and the other gets 14 or more tracks and extra liner notes. Could'nt agree more with you
  12. Dave

    Heart - Red Velvet Car

    Order cancelled Re-ordered through Amazon UK
  13. Dave

    Heart - Red Velvet Car

    Order cancelled
  14. Dave

    Heart - Red Velvet Car

    Fuck this shits me !!!!!! Why extra tracks on the European and not the US release !!!!!! I think my Amazon pre order is about to be cancelled and I will wait and get the European release Heart - Red Velvet Car Heart will be releasing their 13th studio effort ‘Red Velvet Car’ on Sony Legacy Records on August 31, 2010 in North America (August 30 in Europe.) Included on the European release are two extra tracks called “Bootful of Beer” and “Closer to the Sun.”

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