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  1. Sister Sin-True Sounds Of The Underground Kid Rock-Born Free
  2. I would have to say that Chickenfoot is My fave Sammy Project as of late, but really everything he does is Great..IMO!!
  3. Back I am...Hello Cleveland!! Are You Ready!!!!! LMAO...Hope everyone is doing well...Yes I've been FBing and my band has been very busy..but I missed My HH Family...cause we are all TROO METTLE!!!
  4. Happy B-Day Bro...Hope it's Great Troo Mettle One!!!
  5. It is a bit of a departure from their Metal sound..Chilled being My fave track so far...Overall pretty good but don't expect SOS part 2....Some Great playing on all counts...but as stated not a Metal release...
  6. I threw Def Leppard's Hysteria against a brick wall...That sounded better than the music on that disc...
  7. EXTREME 1. He-Man Woman hater 2. Decadence Dance 3. Pornographitti TNT 1. Downhill Racer 2. Last Summers Evil 3. Break The Ice SAMMY HAGAR 1. Serious Juju 2. There's Only One Way To Rock 3. Mas Tequila KISS 1. Shock Me 2. Got To Choose 3. Deuce LEATHERWOLF 1. Street Ready 2. Thunder 3. Black Night
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