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  1. Shhh... that fucker doesn't need any help with his giant ego... ;-)
  2. Hey guys, glad to be back at it. For the record when Bob and I started writing together I had ZERO plans of bringing it back as FarCry. I received overwhelming feedback to keep the name when the material started getting passed around and I (at first) reluctantly brought it back. For us it makes sense for a variety of reasons i that we'll be playing the older material, and our new material is very much in the same vein. Secondly, keeping the name makes it a little easier for us to break back in to the genre, get the festival gigs, etc. I get that some will disagree, and I've occasiona
  3. There's a surprise, the peanut gallery is usually so constructive in their criticism... and stuff...
  4. DiveBomb Reissues... Millenium - Hourglass Shotgun Messiah - s/t Pierce - III The Anthology
  5. Is there? Looks like Pete scared everyone else from the last album away. Was it their inability to compete with your handsomeness, Pete? Anyway, sounds like a very nice tune. Absolutely, my rugged good looks combined with my sparkling personality is a heady brew for most mortals to deal with and stuff...
  6. Hmmm..... well, Angelo Mazza was in the ill fated Michael Eden version of Eden's Curse for a cup of coffee!! It was a really good cup of coffee. Eden works a French Press like nobody's business. ;-) Probably not... :-P Just saw this here, thanks for posting it, and thank you also for the kind words! Brief rundown of events re: the lineup... After Mark left for personal reasons, we had Mike Ledesma for a few live gigs but I was getting a bit disillusioned with the whole thing, so when I opened a bar in South Philly in 2013 (shameless plug: http://www.facebook.com/taproom
  7. Hell yes on the Station... such potential, but sounds unfinished... Apparently I need to give a more proper listen to that Cats in Space release. As far as 2015 in general I can't decide if it was a really strong year which caused me to have such trouble picking between honorables and best ofs, or whether nothing really stood out enough. I am definitely enjoying a lot of the 2015 releases so I'm leaning towards a "glass half full" viewpoint... :-P
  8. By the way, if y'all are on the Untappd app, I'd be happy to have you as a friend. Love to see what everyone else in the melodic rock world is drinking! https://untappd.com/user/bluecharvel
  9. Hey bud, the short version is it basically happened when five of us bought out our printing department from the consulting company we were part of, my boss at the time became the 55% owner, hired his wife with zero experience and a real attyitude problem as our CFO, HR, and basically boss of everything, including me who had been the Director of Operations. One day he told me to he needed me to just "shut up and do what Mary tells you to", so I started planning my career change, and bought a bar in South Philly with a longtime friend from high school. As far as Aussie beer, I don't think we
  10. Really enjoying this one, in my top for the year thus far. Call me crazy but I get a real "Escape" era Journey vibe from it, which has always been my favorite Journey release, so an easy sell for me, especially when you add Doug's playing to the mix.
  11. What Dan said, I wouldn't be able to afford to buy anywhere near that amount of physical CD's, but my presenter gig with ARfm allows me access to everything in their library.
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