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  1. Kansas - Absence of Presence Massive Wagons - House of Noise Pearl Jam - Gigaton Dennis De Young - 26 East Vol. 1
  2. Runaways - Mercury Albums Anthology (2CD) Mark Spiro - 2 +2 = 5 (3CD) Blast Furnace - s/t The Rods - Brotherhood of Metal
  3. Flippin loads..showing my age with some of these...but straight to mind: Aldo Nova - Fantasy Teaze - Boys Nite Out (The One Night Stands version) Godz - Candy's Going Bad Zon - Circus ...love it when the guitars and keyboards hit about the 38 sec mark ...hairs still go up on the back of my neck Montrose - Space Station No. 5 Wireless - Journey of a Possible Hero
  4. It's so the thick f*cks know when to play otherwise they shred over everything
  5. A Godz related Rosie day...while I painted ceilings and walls (maybe I should have gone for Mitch Malloy on reflection) Rosie - Precious Metal Rosie - Live Rosie - E.P. Rosie - Lost Demos 1991
  6. Not posted for a while... Black Oak Arkansas - X-Rated/I'd Rather Be Sailing Black Oak Arkansas - The Wild Bunch Spirit - Rapture in the Chambers Spirit - Live From The Time Coast Zuider Zee - Zeenith Current 93 - Swastikas for Noddy/Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God Grand Funk Railroad - Trunk of Funk Vol. 1 Grand Funk Railroad - Trunk of Funk Vol. 2 Clif Magness - Lucky Dog Darkness - Live at Hammersmith (signed) Ratt - Original Album Series (5CD...still not sure why I bought this....maybe to listen to Beau Hill destroy a hard
  7. The Wildhearts - Endless, Nameless (2CD) The Wildhearts - Anarchic Airwaves The Wildhearts - Rock City vs The Wildhearts The Wildhearts - Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know The Wildhearts - PHUQ Live Jimmy Campbell - Son of Anastasia Jimmy Campbell - Half Baked Spock's Beard - The Light Chicago - Decades Live (4CD/DVD) Gary Wright - Dreamweaver/Touch & Gone/Light of Smiles/Headin' Home Jimmy Campbell - Jimmy Campbell's Album A Perfect Circle - Eat the Elephant Poco - Legend Mott the Hoople - Brain Capers Mott the Hoople - st/
  8. Yes - Fly From Here : Return Trip Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere... BulletBoys - From Out of the Skies
  9. Mark Spiro - Care of My Soul Vol. 1 Mark Spiro - Care of My Soul Vol. 2 Mark Spiro - Mighty Blue Ocean £3 each so thought I'd fill out some gaps in my MS collection.
  10. Morningstar - s/t Morningstar - Venus Golem - Orion Awakes (Cd) Golem - Orion Awakes (vinyl) Poco - Ghost Town Styx - Pieces of Eight (clear vinyl) Magnum - Lost on the Road to Eternity Goddo - New York City's Burning (CD single)
  11. Cats in Space - Cats Alive The Residents - Meet the Residents (2cd) Powder - Up Here (single) Goddo - The Fortune in Men's Eyes (single) Bryan Adams - Reckless Grateful Dead - Cornell -5.8.77 (3cd) Faithful Breath - Back on My Hill Faithful Breath - Rock Lions / Hard Breath Faithful Breath - Fading Beauty Impeccable - Live on the Rox Rick Springfield - The Snake King Goddo - Lighve 2nd Best Seat in the House Warlord - Live in Athens (2cd) Jimmy Webb - Original Album Series Don Barnes - Ride the Storm Firefalll - Underto
  12. Greg Godovitz - Travels With My Amp
  13. Just finished Adam Bomb - 911 is Disconnected so This is Rock and Roll I figure I'll get the second volume later this month when payday rolls around.
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