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  1. Flippin loads..showing my age with some of these...but straight to mind: Aldo Nova - Fantasy Teaze - Boys Nite Out (The One Night Stands version) Godz - Candy's Going Bad Zon - Circus ...love it when the guitars and keyboards hit about the 38 sec mark ...hairs still go up on the back of my neck Montrose - Space Station No. 5 Wireless - Journey of a Possible Hero
  2. It's so the thick f*cks know when to play otherwise they shred over everything
  3. A Godz related Rosie day...while I painted ceilings and walls (maybe I should have gone for Mitch Malloy on reflection) Rosie - Precious Metal Rosie - Live Rosie - E.P. Rosie - Lost Demos 1991
  4. Not posted for a while... Black Oak Arkansas - X-Rated/I'd Rather Be Sailing Black Oak Arkansas - The Wild Bunch Spirit - Rapture in the Chambers Spirit - Live From The Time Coast Zuider Zee - Zeenith Current 93 - Swastikas for Noddy/Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God Grand Funk Railroad - Trunk of Funk Vol. 1 Grand Funk Railroad - Trunk of Funk Vol. 2 Clif Magness - Lucky Dog Darkness - Live at Hammersmith (signed) Ratt - Original Album Series (5CD...still not sure why I bought this....maybe to listen to Beau Hill destroy a hard rock band) "No daft fat lad £7 for 5CDs some of which you used to headbang to!!!". "Shut it you...it should have included the vastly superior to all and everything in this box... Ratt E.P." "Don't tell me to shut it" "I will" "Then I'll say PAH! a pitiful PAH at that" ...and so it goes on in my tiny mind...sigh...long into the night, the neighbours wake...one of whom is probably Stephen Pearcy...either that or it's Rosanne Barr with her hair curlers just removed...either way I get a pummelling ...oh and here come Nickelback and Bon Jovi to duff me over for past comments, better get my place booked in the hospital for a bit of traction.... meanwhile back to the list... Bill Nelson - Northern Dream April Wine - Nature of the Beast/Powerplay April Wine - First Glance / Harder Faster April Wine - Animal Grace / Walking Through Fire The Fool - s/t (60's psychedelic nonsense) Kings X - Black Like Sunday Dave Lee Roth - Eat 'Em and Smile Dave Lee Roth - Crazy From the Heat Current 93 - Nature Unveiled Coven - Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls Spirit - Sea Dream Spirit - California Blues Redux Spirit - Tent of Miracles Black Widow - Sacrifice (2cd 1dvd) Current 93 - Inmost Light (3cd) Jon Butcher Axis - Stare at the Sun Black Oak Arkansas - Race With the Devil Black Oak Arkansas - Balls of Fire Black Oak Arkansas - Live at the Royal Albert Hall Mott the Hoople - s/t & Mad Shadows Pinback - Blue Screen Life Current 93/HOH - Island Glass Moon - s/t & Growing in the Dark Spirit - Model Shop Spirit - Live at the Rainbow Theatre DNA - Party Tested Current 93 - Sixsixsix : Sicksicksick Sassafras - Wheelin' n Dealin/ Riding High Sassafras - Expecting Company Black Oak Arkansas - Ain't Life Grand Black Oak Arkansas - 10yr Overnight Success Moonstone - s/t Valentine - The Alliance VINYL: Eagles - On the Border (Santa Maria orig press 1974 ...poster perfect , vinyl near enough mint, sleeve pretty much perfect amazinge age) XTC - English Settlement ...and although it's a biggish list ...it's for a few weeks and it's nice to know I'm slowing down...running out of things I want/interested in.
  5. The Wildhearts - Endless, Nameless (2CD) The Wildhearts - Anarchic Airwaves The Wildhearts - Rock City vs The Wildhearts The Wildhearts - Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know The Wildhearts - PHUQ Live Jimmy Campbell - Son of Anastasia Jimmy Campbell - Half Baked Spock's Beard - The Light Chicago - Decades Live (4CD/DVD) Gary Wright - Dreamweaver/Touch & Gone/Light of Smiles/Headin' Home Jimmy Campbell - Jimmy Campbell's Album A Perfect Circle - Eat the Elephant Poco - Legend Mott the Hoople - Brain Capers Mott the Hoople - st/& Mad Shadows Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn Jimmy Webb - Ten Easy Pieces Black Oak Arkansas - Live at the Albert Hall Enter Shikari - The Spark Roger Glover & Friends - The Butterfly Ball (3cd) Chicago - Now (XXXVI) Pearls Before Swine - One Nation Underground Pearls Before Swine - Balaclava Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Glamping E.P.
  6. Yes - Fly From Here : Return Trip Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere... BulletBoys - From Out of the Skies
  7. Mark Spiro - Care of My Soul Vol. 1 Mark Spiro - Care of My Soul Vol. 2 Mark Spiro - Mighty Blue Ocean £3 each so thought I'd fill out some gaps in my MS collection.
  8. Morningstar - s/t Morningstar - Venus Golem - Orion Awakes (Cd) Golem - Orion Awakes (vinyl) Poco - Ghost Town Styx - Pieces of Eight (clear vinyl) Magnum - Lost on the Road to Eternity Goddo - New York City's Burning (CD single)
  9. Cats in Space - Cats Alive The Residents - Meet the Residents (2cd) Powder - Up Here (single) Goddo - The Fortune in Men's Eyes (single) Bryan Adams - Reckless Grateful Dead - Cornell -5.8.77 (3cd) Faithful Breath - Back on My Hill Faithful Breath - Rock Lions / Hard Breath Faithful Breath - Fading Beauty Impeccable - Live on the Rox Rick Springfield - The Snake King Goddo - Lighve 2nd Best Seat in the House Warlord - Live in Athens (2cd) Jimmy Webb - Original Album Series Don Barnes - Ride the Storm Firefalll - Undertow/Clouds Across The Sun/ Break of Dawn (2cd) Angie Aparo - Life is a Flower, Life is a Gun Bill Nelson - Dreamy Screens (3cd) Teenage Head - Frantic City Vashti Bunyan - Heartleap Vashti Bunyan - Just Another Diamond Day Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering
  10. Greg Godovitz - Travels With My Amp
  11. Just finished Adam Bomb - 911 is Disconnected so This is Rock and Roll I figure I'll get the second volume later this month when payday rolls around.
  12. TKO - Round Two ( The Lost Demos) Shpongle - Codex VI (trippy ambient stuff) Teenage Head - Frantic City. Hornal - The Game Begins With the lIghts Out
  13. Through the letterbocks over the last couple of weeks Jon Butcher Axis - s/t Joe Perry - Sweetzerland Manifesto Walter Becker - 11 Tracks of Whack Walter Becker - Circus Money Glenn Burtnik - Heroes & Zeros Steely Dan - Alive in America Glen Burtnick - Retrospectacle & Talking in Code Gotye - Making Mirrors Steely Dan - Decades Apart - Live on the Radio 74 - 93 (5CD) Sun Ra - The Space Age is Here to Stay (weird Jazzy stuff) CD and double vinyl translucent yellow and blue wax) Nowherefast - s/t (vinyl)
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