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  1. Judas Priest - 50 Heavy Metal Years of Music - 42CD Rob Gould - Plays Pawn Hearts
  2. Well the core of the box is the 8 Charisma albums all remastered from the orig. tapes which makes 9 discs as Vital is the full 2 disc version rather than the orig. 1 disc which missed off a couple of songs - that was rectified with the 2005 version back to 2 discs and I must say compared to my mix of original and 2005 remastered CDs they sound top (so far - not had a chance to play all this yet). Then there is a disc with odds and ends on - the Pawn Hearts sessions, a few b-sides (all of the bonus material that was on the 2005 remasters is in this box across various discs as far as I can tell as well as pretty much every session they did for John Peel). There's a live in Rimini CD part of which appeared on "The Box" boxset some years back. There are 2 discs of a live in Paris gig Then there are 4 discs of new remixes for H to He Who Am the only One, Still Life, Godbluff and Pawn Hearts. Two of the blu-rays are 5.1 surround mixes Pawn Hearts, H to He, Godbluff and Still Life - but I don't have a 5.1 set up .... but maybe one day so at least they are there. The final Blu Ray is various performances taken from live/tv/promos. I was hesitant on grabbing this box but pleased I did as so far it sounds great - the only drawback is that the original cover art is missing, the discs are just in slots. I just bought a second set on behalf of one of my mates who is on his hols, he was umming and ahhhing about getting it too and was getting a bit antsy about it selling out so took the plunge - he wanted me to have it delivered here so it didn't get plonked out in the rain if delivered while away hahaha!
  3. Van Der Graaf Generator - The Charisma Years 1970 - 1978 (17CD / 3 Blu-Ray)
  4. Heh! I went a bit overboard with the answer to the question - I should have just said it's okay, certainly better than Heaven & Earth. The Darkness - Streaming of a White Christmas
  5. Note: changed the below a bit after playing it another couple of times since what was originally written (during the old night shift). Well just played it through twice and all I can say is "it's nice" - polite even. That's the best I can do, it's more consistent than Heaven and Earth and more focused. Steve Howe's playing is tasteful. Billy Sherwood as ever pretty good but I can't listen to him without thinking of World Trade or Circa. Geoff Downes - apart from a few flourishes here and there mainly all he adds is "colour washes" in the background . Jon Davison sounds a bit more confident - but crikey he's been in the band what is it 10 years and he still sounds like he's STILL finding his feet sometimes. The songs on the main are okay - but nothing really grabs you - Ice Bridge is goodo and I quite like Dare to Know but then next thing I know the album is finished .... it's played through and nothing has made me go "Wow!" one song runs into another. The extra disc - well a bit of a waste - all these could have fitted on the main disc but I assume they wanted them separate from the main album - for good reason, Sister Sleeping Soul is ok but Mystery Tour has the worst contrived lyrics I have ever heard on any song, if you are going to do a tribute song to The Beatles at least make it less crass - the Barclay James Harvest song Titles shows how it should be done. Damaged World misses the mark it feels a bit awkward. So there you go -it's an okay album and this is from a Yes fan so I might be biased and overrating it - in parts it reminds me of other bands and as a friend on another forum said Yes should only sound like Yes they shouldn't remind you of other bands. There's just nothing on there that makes me want to go immediately back and play it again, but it is an album I will play again if that makes sense. The last song from Yes that made me do that was "Words on a Page" from the "From a Page" box which is great - Benoit David was booted out - at least Benoit would have given the band a different sound , he had strong vocals - plus the playing of Olly Wakeman on that mini album gave it further character compared to Geoff Downes at times, bland washes. But Yes - an okay album, far from a disaster, like I say a nice album - a small step in the right direction but still a feel of treading water and a feel that maybe they have forgotten who they are - or maybe not who they are but their vision - maybe this is them now - maybe they will continue ad-infinitum with different members and eventually do something as bombastic and head turning as they have in the past - who knows but it certainly isn't here.
  6. Going to give it a listen tonight - I was quite chuffed actually - I bought it from Burning Shed and it came with the usual Burning Shed label stuff like coasters, cards and fridge magnet but one of the cards of was signed by Steve Howe, I didn't realise for a few hours until I was just checking over the stuff again. Checked the site and apparently the first 250 orders there came with the signed card. I was almost poised to list the album as Yes/World Trade.
  7. Porcupine Tree - Lazarus - ring tone only that's about it.
  8. Captain of the Lost Waves - Hidden Gems vol.1 Captain of the Lost Waves - Hidden Gems vol.2 Ozric Tentacles - Space for Earth (The Tour That Didn't Happen) 2CD Yes - The Quest (deluxe 2LP/2CD/Blu Ray and various bits n bobs)
  9. Porcupine Tree - Delerium Years 1991 -1997 (13CD) Legs Diamond - Diamonds are Forever Savatage - Sirens (turquoise vinyl to replace my blue vinyl Par copy I sold last year) things taking an age to arrive from outside UK though - sometimes a while inside the UK
  10. People who take the piss out of the Darkness for being a joke band - then go out and buy anything by Steel Panther (plz take your seat at the lower end of the evolutionary scale)
  11. John Waite - Wooden Heart Anthology (3CD) Various - Short Music for Short People ZZ Top - Rythmeen Devo - Devo box ("3 albums Originaux" it says although it's 6 albums over 3 cds)
  12. LA Jets - LA Jets (vinyl - taking a while to get here - held up at customs probably) Head East - Choice of Weapons (vinyl for completion ... got the CD but end up getting the vinyl !! - but again probably sat at some mail facility at the moment) Air Raid - Freedom Ring Porcupine Tree - House of Blues (vinyl)
  13. just grabbed Donnie Iris - King Cool Donnie Iris - Back on the Streets Donnie Iris - The High and Mighty Donnie Iris - Fortune 410
  14. Sunbomb - Evil & Divine The Drawing Board - Clear to the Far Side of Way Over Yonder UFO - This Kid's / Mother Mary 10" clear vinyl Karen Lawrence and the Pinz - Girl's Night Out Mother's Finest - Black Radio Won't Play This Record Mother's Finest - Iron Age Hardin & York - Can't Keep a Good Man Down (6 cd) Styx - Crash of the Crown Denis De Young - 26 East vol. 2 Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Ozz Lebrock - Fuse LeBrock - Real Thing / Action & Romance
  15. Diamond Head - Lightning to the Nations 2020 Matt Berry - Television Themes
  16. Coney Hatch - Live at the El Mocambo Steam Powered Giraffe - The Vice Quadrant Matt Berry - Blue Elephant
  17. Cellar Darling - This is the Sound Cellar Darling - The Spell
  18. I agree whole heartedly with the Hawkwind mention. I always associate Space Rock with psychedelic or proggy stuff so bands like Quarkspace, Hidria Space Folk. Fit right into the former while bands like FM (Canada) - their albums Black Noise and Surveillance, Eloy, Starcastle are a bit more proggy than "out there". There's the weird nuts bands like Zolar X and Fancy Space People who live it (haha!) Then there's the space themed stuff like: Billy Thorpe - Children of the Sun, Robert Connolly - Plateau I'm sure there's plenty on the heavier side like the aforementioned Star One and Ayreon - in fact I'm certain there are as I have heard loads of albums with a sci-fi/space themes but at the moment my mind is blank.
  19. England - Live in Japan - Kikimimi Mark Spiro - Travelling Cowboys Current 93 - All Dolled Up Like Christ Pre order:- Frost* - Day & Age (2 CD) Porcupine Tree - House of Blues (vinyl)
  20. Sanguine Hum - A Trace of Memory Moon Martin - Shots from a Cold Nightmare / Escape From Damnation Moon Martin - Street Fever Moon Martin - Dreams on Fire Dinosaur Jr. - Farm Celtic Frost - Vanity/Nemesis
  21. Toto - All In (13CD) Dark Matter - Wood Lane Dark Matter - The Ghosts of Dunwich Pink Floyd - Pulse
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