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  1. Ian=Class Act. Happy Birthday Wot!
  2. Actually, you're missing quite a few. If you are going to use those words, you better be more informed. Reece has a great voice, can't blame him for trying to keep our music alive. Support him, don't name call.
  3. Their catalog is out of print. Up until Suckerpunch! and Defiance. Those two are available still from the Kivel website.
  4. David Reece is now singing for them. He sounds great as usual!!
  5. RECKLESS 'Disorderly Conduct' (1991) - Second unreleased album from the band who borught you "No Frills" in 1987. REALLY looking forward to this one!!! Didn't know it existed!!! \m/
  6. New Audio Machine is a great disc! Hope the boys continue to make records like it!!
  7. More power to them. If you don't like what Frankie is doing, don't support it.
  8. Love the S&S album!!! Spinnin' Redrum~ Victim of our Circumstances
  9. I like the song posted. Also have and am happy with the Tarrga release. I agree that it probably should have only been a single disc release.
  10. Sounds good to me! Intrigued to hear the entire release!
  11. Doksdad

    Hannon Tramp

    Demondoll just announced today: Storewide Clearance Blowout Sale - All Prices Slashed - 3 Days Only‏ http://www.demondollrecords.com/
  12. Damn Yankees!!! Wish they would put out another disc!!!
  13. Damn. Great tune. Has the Headpins/Chrissy Steele/Darby Mills vibe to it. Is it one of them??
  14. His Compromise disc is excellent IMHO. Also the Reece-Knonlund (Solid) disc is great.
  15. Already have this one as the band released on their own in 2013. FREAKIN' AWESOME disc!!! Not a bad tune on it. Recommended!!
  16. I will go this way: San Fran and Calvin Klein : 21 Seattle: 31 New England: 41 Denver: 38
  17. LOVE that disc!! Spinnin' Joker~ Last Hand EP (From ITunes)
  18. I hear Crazy Lixx in this band for sure. Fun little disc. I like it.
  19. Nice list, didn't expect for you to have so much love for the new Crashdiet. Sure it's good but thought it's out of top 20 Never heard of Madman's Lullaby and The Jokers, will check em out The songs are so strong on Playground that I am able to overlook the rough production. I just find myself continually spinning this one. Great album IMO.
  20. Madman's Lullaby was released independently from the band, I snagged my copy on CD Baby. Kivel Records is releasing it sometime soon. It's excellent!!! Recommended!!
  21. Loved the EP with some of the songs represented here, so this should be really good!!!
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