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Brother Firetribe - Feel The Burn


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Jimmy Westerlund from One Desire producing (and maybe writing as well).

This could be a killer album.


From Brother Firetribe's facebook before Christmas:

We’ll probably spend the Xmas holed up here but man, the new stuff sounds AWESOME. Are you ready for it?? 


From Jimmy's Instagram (April 2019):

An interesting music week behind. Started off by making plans for the new Brother Firetribe album recordings. We have a couple new songs and it will be awesome to be producing this together with Tomppa Nikulainen.

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21 hours ago, melodicrock said:

Very cliched lyrics, but big rocking anthem with typical BFT sound....lots of keys.

Share it!!

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From the Brother Firetribe Facebook page:



TRIBESTERS! Emppu steps down from the active role as a guitarist of Brother Firetribe due to lack of time. Simple as that, no drama, no fuss. Everyone understands the magnitude of a beast called Nightwish and all of us want to see them go conquer the world. Or two. What a band. With that said, he’s still our brother, stays in the team and you can actually hear him do his magic on the new album too. We got extremely lucky with having Roope Riihijärvi to step in and save our asses from doing nothing which really wasn’t an option. This band is too much fun to stop now. On with the show, feel the burn!



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Wasn't this band Emppu's baby and he the main driving force behind it,releasing since 2006 and to leave now seems strange,but at least its on good terms...and on the eve of a new release :o

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9 hours ago, Glen said:

that's a shame. His playing is a huge part of their sound :(


Indeed; at least he's on the new album. It'll be interesting down the road to hear what his departure does to the band's sound and if they maintain course stylistically or head off in a different direction (hopefully not!). 

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Isn't the whole point of BF to be cliché and cheesy? To me, they're a tribute band to the 80's hardrock scene. And that's a compliment. 

Nothing wrong with cheese, in fact, I love cheese. 

New song is excellent by the way. 

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