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  1. I wrote a new song. Played, sung and recorded everything myself. It's inspired by the early 80's Kiss and the 80's Alice Cooper. For example, I wanted a melodic bass guitar like in Kiss and an athemic chorus as in the Alice Cooper songs from the 80's. The sound is not perfect as I don't have the equipment needed. The video is unprofessional but I wanted to try out something else istead of showing the cover art the whole video. I'd be happy about any kind of feedback:)
  2. The song is good, the chorus is better than the verse but is it me or does his voice sound a little thinner than on the last album?
  3. I couldn't live without CD's... Maybe I download the single then I can hear it outside to shorten the wait but I need to buy the cd in the end. I need the credits and the lyrics and the artwork. I always connect music to a colour somehow and very often it's a similar colour the covers have. Physically they always look slightly different then digitally. It wouldn't be the same if one day there won't be CD's anymore
  4. Thought about Motley Crue aswell. I listened through the feelgood album but I don't get this party vibe, that I thought they're known for. It felt pretty moody and dark to me. Maybe I just didn't understand the album? I don't know... I never really understood why people like Led Zeppelin, I haven't heard a single LZ song that caught me.
  5. Wake up call, their first album after the stylistic change was still good for me, it had some summer pop rock songs and it was fun, the new album, say nothing, is not really listenable for me, there's absolutely no movement, only depressive vibes and I can't stand that. Savages was my favourite toad album.
  6. What exactly? That I like the style of the song and the chorus?
  7. Presence of mind: Great song, maybe a bit slow an dark as an opener. Paradise of the architect: This is what I missed on Firesign. The chorus is better than any chorus Avantasia has ever released, it's definitely a 10/10 and I only know 1:05 of this song. The black: Sounds even better than the grey, just a fun hard rock song. From sound to silence: Verses are good, I don't really need growls in the second verse, the chorus feels like a failed puzzle but maybe it'll grow. Hologram: I have to wait for the full track, right now it doesn't catch me, I don't like those heavy ballads. Heartless madness: Killer chorus, great beat, the only thing I don't like is the main riff being the chorus-vocal-melody. Waterfall: Again a great beat, I prefer the happy fun Dynazty over the melancholic Dynazty but this track is ok for me. Threading the needle: Strong vocals, great melodies, killer chorus, somehow there's some magic in this song. The man and the elements: I love what the guitarbagpipes do but the vocal melodies are a bit overshadowed by that. Apex: Typical Dynazty song, reminds me of 'Run Amok', growls are not as present as the clean vocals, that's good. I really like that track. The road to redemption: I don't really know where the road is leading me, it teases a highlight in the chorus but there is none, maybe redemption comes in the second half of the song. The dark delight: I'll have to wait for the full song cause there are too many little pieces I can't put together yet. Feels like a very strong album and they found their energy again after losing it on Firesign a bit.
  8. I was hoping for some Dynazty - the dark delight samples, as it's released via AFM in two weeks😩 I'm so hyped😅😅
  9. I listened to the playstore samples and my first impression was, they wrote the same song 11 times😅 so the first single is pretty representative
  10. For me it's WigWam. It was my favourite band for some years and I was really sad when I read they are breaking up. All the new projects of the members are ok but only together they were able to create magic. Few months ago I read, they reunite and I thought, there'll be new music soon but the singer said, it's only for some festivals and not meant as a full time band. I really hope they enjoy the time they spend together🤘🏽
  11. I listened to the album everyday since and it definitely grows. The reason I was so negative was that Aeromantic wasn't as easy listening as Sometimes the world ain't enough, which was our soundtrack of our sommer holiday. This one is more complicated, more progressive and more melancholic which makes it less fitting for vacation and I was a little sad about it. Though I think some choruses on the album are a bit of a let down, because they are sometimes breaking the flow of the songs. Anyway, This boy's last summer, Curves and Golden Swansdown are 10/10 for me and there are a lot close songs.
  12. There are some brilliant parts but also there are some parts I don't like and I'm not used to that by NFO. 1. Servants: Sounds like their last album opener but I can't remember any melodies, chorus totally destroys it for me. 2. Divinyls: I don't like the synths being so close to the vocal melody, otherwise it's fine. 3. If tonight is our only chance: Great intro and verses but I can't stand the chorus. There's no flow... I don't like the drums imitating the "if tonight is our only chance" sentence. 4. This boy's last summer: Great song, only the main riff is almost the same as in "paralyzed" on their last album. 5. Curves: My favourite yet, a little like Domino but not a copy, good chorus. 6. Transmissions: This song has magic, even though I don't like the high frequency synths in the chorus. 7. Aeromantic: Starts great but the chorus is too modern for the rest of the song and it breaks the flow somehow. 8. Golden Swansdown: Could be a perfect song for me but the chord sequence when the second half of the chorus starts ("covered") feels wrong. 9. Taurus: The songs that are written by Forslund are usually my favourites. I like it too but I can't understand why the end this song that early. 10. Carmencita Seven: Again it's the chorus that destroys it for me. I just don't get pleased by that. I don't feel like driving on a highway in the night and sing along, it's too progressive for me. 11. Sister Mercurial: Trademark NFO drum beat, maybe a little too much, it doesn't work in the calm verses. Chorus is cool, overall one of my favourites. 12. Dead of Winter: Written by Forslund, I am bought. I like this track. It's the first NFO album closer I like. 8/12 songs are good, 4/12 are really not my cup of tea. So I think the album is good but not as great as the last two albums.
  13. This album has even more energy than I expected, that's great. Rock Your Body, Adrenaline, Noting To Say are not my cup of tea. Mostly because of lame choruses (the Adrenaline chorus feels like I have heard it somewhere before) or repititions or both. Victory, We are gods, Heaven must have won an angel are great, though they all are a little repetitive. I like all of the singles, so 7 out of 11 makes a good album, maybe 7,5 cause Under the gun is somewhere in between. I guess Tearing down the walls is still my favourite when it comes to the songwriting but the sound isn't as perfect as on this new album. After listening to samples I was a little disappointed but now as I heard the full songs I'm pretty much convinced again.
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