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  1. Lordi is my favourite band since 2012. What all of their albums have in common is that I think they are bad when I listen to them for the first time. After a few more runs every album grew on me. I share your opinion about their consistency. Curious if they can keep that level with around 60 new songs.
  2. Their last album (Killection) was a fictional best-of from the albums they would have released if they already had existed in the 70's. In October they release 7 of those back-catalogue albums with 8 or 9 new songs each and the song that 'ended up' on Killection. They are gonna release: A 70's rock'n'roll album A 70's disco album An 80's progressive rock album An 80's glam metal album An 80's AOR, melodic rock album A 90's (Thrash) metal album A 90's industrial album What do you think?
  3. Just in case anybody is interested in this kind of amateurish songs. I wrote and recorded a new song. I'm a shitty producer so the sound is not really as I wish it would be. Some of my biggest influences are The Sweet and Wig Wam (so glad they're back), Kiss, Lordi, Crazy Lixx.... I'm happy about any kind of feedback by the way. Here it is:
  4. I was hoping that Love Magnusson would write the songs instead of Alexander Strandell (By the way, why isn't he on the band pic?) I just don't like Mr.Strandell's hyper modern songwriting that much. The first Art Nation album was great 80's melodic hard rock but then they started to mix it up with symphonic elements, the typical loud noisy modern metal sound, modern pop elements and that's not my cup of tea. The song sounds fine to me but wouldn't buy it...
  5. Could somebody post a link to the Itunes samples? Don't work for me...
  6. Sounds exactly like H.e.a.t even the songwriting and the voice but as I love H.e.a.t that's not a bad thing to me
  7. Don't wanna search through over a thousand songs in that list but some of my favourite power ballads are: Damn Yankees: Silence is broken, where you going now, high enough Night ranger: Time of our lives Thunder: Love walked in Wig Wam: At the end of the day H.e.a.t: laughing at tomorrow (if that still counts as a ballad) Unruly child: to be your everything Bai Bang: Only the best die young (the best of four version), you should not listen to a live version because that singer is awful
  8. Can somebody please explain the connection between this and BaiBang? How comes Bai Bang used these songs? I like the last 3 or 4 Bai Bang albums, except for the production (and the voice maybe...) but these are all original songs, aren't they?
  9. What I like about this album: There are a lot of songs, so there's variety though they are not too far away from each other. The songs are pretty compact but they got everything they need. The vocals are great. Love all those key changes. What I don't like about this album: Song no. 2. Pretty cool surprise...
  10. Don't like automatic as much as the other songs. I think the chorus is weak. The production made it a bit better. Still curious for the other songs.
  11. The sound is a bit strange on that album. On the one hand very powerful but the guitars are almost a bit too loud, the drums are a bit quiet here and there except for the ride bell, which is always very present. Backing choirs do not sound as big as on their other albums. Vocals on call of the wild sound like he shouted into a letter box. But I like most of the songs, the last few are a bit weaker than the first.
  12. I already wrote a little bit about the samples. Now that the whole songs are out I got reminded why they were my favourite band until they broke up. They got some crazy energy and they're a puzzle... 4 great musicians who leave enough space for each other to shine. Even though here and there there could be a bit more space for the vocals but yeah, guitars were the concept of this album and that's fine. Trond is probably my favourite living guitar player, nobody writes riffs like him. In my earlier post I said Trond (Teeny) sings Call of the wild. Have to correct that, it's Bernt (Flash).
  13. I actually think it's better than Eclipse because the difference that I see is Eric Martensson is using the same formula for every song, even the guitar always sounds the same, it plays very similar riffs and so on. The W.e.t album that's released tomorrow has the same songs on it as the previous Eclipe album, at least you could think so by listening both albums once. He's writing great songs and I bought the last two Eclipse albums but I think in Ronnie's song there's less formula, more real feelings. And I prefer Ronnie's voice. It has this "hey, I experienced a lot, let me tell you" charact
  14. This song sounds exactly like a Crazy Lixx song, so it's basically just the voice that makes the difference and I automatically compare her voice to Danny. Have to say that though she's got a great voice, I prefer Danny. She doesn't sing that special. About the Itunes samples... most of these songs feel like Crazy Lixx songs that weren't good enough for the album except for 'Rocket on the radio', 'get it on' and 'ball n' chain'. These songs I wouldn't mind being on a Crazy Lixx album. Get it on reminds me of "She's mine" which is one my favourite CL songs.
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