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  1. If you wanna hear great choruses I can only recommend the album "Lights out on the playground" by Baton Rouge. Some other great choruses: Pink Cream 69 - Signs of Danger (Anything from the album "One size fits all") Lordi - Beast Loose in Paradise, Where's your dragon (Almost all songs have a great chorus) Avantasia- The Wicked Symphony Dynazty - Let me dream forever Harem Scarem - Gravity Alice Cooper - Love's a loaded gun
  2. Ok, thanks for your time I love this website
  3. It'll be released on 31th of january.
  4. Yes, ok so you don't know yet if they will allow it and how early? It's from AFM records.
  5. Hi, I just wanted to know if you will add samples of the new Lordi album in the future, cause for their last albums you have always been the only website, where it was possible to listen to snippets before it was released so could preorder limited editions. Would be cool if that would work again. Thanks
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