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  1. I didn't know that wall street was that unpopular. Wall street, OMG, bleeding daylight, wrong can feel so right & natural high Are typical Wig Wam songs. I just don't like the other songs that much
  2. Always loved the rock anthems they had. This song follows that direction and is a great opener for a reunion. Did anybody actually say that there will be an album? I could imagine that this is only a single because they had some time during corona. Wall street was their worst album but it still had some good moments. This new song sounds as dark and serious as wall street but with the quality of early Wig Wam.
  3. One of my favourite amaranthe albums. I like how it's not only Elize but the three vocalists are equally present. Fearless, Make it better, viral, The game, strong and archangel are great. Crystalline is a pretty good power ballad. Nice melodies, intense rhythms and some powerful growling (usually I hate growling but this growling doesn't sound that evil somehow)
  4. I loved Binary music, still one of my favourite aor albums. I don't get why there are so many negative opinions about it. The sound was great, the songs were melodic, uplifting yet emotional and "love songs" and "queen of the prom" were masterpieces. The new single is great songwriting wise. The sound is a bit strange because the voice sounds thin, the drums don't sound like drums, the kick is too present, yet it doesn't kick enough. The snare is too low and lost sometimes. Other than that, perfect chorus, great song. I listened to some of the Itunes samples and they didn't really co
  5. Love that song. There just could be a bit more space between the second and the last chorus. A solo or a bridge would have been great but maybe in the context of the album this song contributes to the variety.
  6. Listened to it a few times now. The singles are still great songs. Battle Ground and Candle in the window are on the same level. I salute you and ticking away both have pretty standard choruses and sound very One-Desire-ish. But more like a One Desire b-side. I think the ballad is pretty weak, at least I don't feel it. Arianne is decent. Not a bad album but last album was a little better for me.
  7. I still really like any of their new songs but my throat hurts everytime I hear their vocalist sing. He has no technique and live his voice doesn't sound that great anymore. On the new songs his voice sounds thin and overall he mostly sings pretty low notes.
  8. Last album was good but often a little too hectic for my taste. Too much going on, too many different parts. Too less room for smooth and great melodies but overall fun to listen to. Today I heard the new song and that went pretty much into the same direction. Then I listened to the Itunes samples and it seems like the first single is one of the weaker songs on the album, for me at least. "Less frills than unsual" is what shines in these samples. That's exactly what makes their music perfect for me. Reminds me of crazy lixx here and there and that's a great thing. Worst Case Sc
  9. I wrote a new song. Played, sung and recorded everything myself. It's inspired by the early 80's Kiss and the 80's Alice Cooper. For example, I wanted a melodic bass guitar like in Kiss and an athemic chorus as in the Alice Cooper songs from the 80's. The sound is not perfect as I don't have the equipment needed. The video is unprofessional but I wanted to try out something else istead of showing the cover art the whole video. I'd be happy about any kind of feedback:)
  10. The song is good, the chorus is better than the verse but is it me or does his voice sound a little thinner than on the last album?
  11. I couldn't live without CD's... Maybe I download the single then I can hear it outside to shorten the wait but I need to buy the cd in the end. I need the credits and the lyrics and the artwork. I always connect music to a colour somehow and very often it's a similar colour the covers have. Physically they always look slightly different then digitally. It wouldn't be the same if one day there won't be CD's anymore
  12. Thought about Motley Crue aswell. I listened through the feelgood album but I don't get this party vibe, that I thought they're known for. It felt pretty moody and dark to me. Maybe I just didn't understand the album? I don't know... I never really understood why people like Led Zeppelin, I haven't heard a single LZ song that caught me.
  13. Wake up call, their first album after the stylistic change was still good for me, it had some summer pop rock songs and it was fun, the new album, say nothing, is not really listenable for me, there's absolutely no movement, only depressive vibes and I can't stand that. Savages was my favourite toad album.
  14. What exactly? That I like the style of the song and the chorus?
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