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From Frontiers:

BREAKING NEWS: Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the signing of Passion, a new UK band created by former Night By Night vocalist, Daniel Rossall aka 'Lion Ravarez’.

Inspired by the hard rock giants of the 80’s and 90’s, the idea of forming a new band sparked in Rossall's mind when he collaborated on a song in 2017 with other former members of Night By Night. The resulting song, which could be described as amalgamation of early '90s classic hard rock with '80s AOR, was so encouraging that it pushed Rossall to create a whole albums worth of material.

Rossall decided to send some of the demos he was working on to Frontiers and said demos immediately sparked the interest of the label who eagerly signed PASSION to the label’s roster.

"Passion is very honored and proud to be a new member of the Frontiers family,” says Rossall "It's a great pleasure to be among friends, influences, and other dedicated artists who all look to deliver the best music possible. We are very excited for the release of the debut album and cannot wait to perform these songs for rock fans all over the world. This is a fantastic musical opportunity for us and I would like to thank Frontiers for providing a platform to deliver our music to the right audience. Let's ROCK!"

While Rossall played most of the instruments on the album and produced it, make no mistake, PASSION is a band. 2019 will see "The Rise of Passion" with Lion Ravarez on lead vocals, Weston James Jr. on bass and backing vocals, Chance Vanderlain on guitar and backing vocals, and Bobby Laker on drums. An absolute must for fans of AC/DC, Aerosmith, KISS, Danger Danger, Foreigner, Journey, Ratt, Van Halen, and the like.

Be sure to follow the band on social media to receive album updates:


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From Frontiers:

We are thrilled to announce a January 24, 2020 release of the debut album from the UK's Passion! First single & video + more details coming soon....

1. Intensity
2. Trespass On Love
3. Too Bad For Baby
4. Lost In The Dark
5. Back
6. Victims Of Desire
7. We Do What We Want
8. Built To Please
9. She Bites Hard
10. Big Game

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Okay but not overly exciting me initially.  It's a well done tune but just wish it had a little more bite or edge or something.

Reminds me a bit of Perfect Plan style-wise.

Keeping eyes on this though.  Would like to hear a few more songs. 

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Love that,his def lep influences are certainly coming through,dont hear the Perfect Plan comparison myself,think its more Danger Danger as he sounds a bit like Ted Poley on this to me...which is great,and a wee bit of Jagged Edge towards the end.

Will now look forward to 24th JAN  :)

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On 9/23/2019 at 7:03 PM, lettard said:

Liked the Night By Night cd...and this definitely looks the part...so please please please please please be good.

This is not the same singer that appeared on the album, that was Henry Rundell. Daniel was the singer prior to the album and can be seen on the video for Time to escape (although you would barely recognise him compared to the new video).


I saw Dan last year perform with Ben Christo's side project, Shot Through The Heart, which is an 80s hair metal cover band. Was great seeing him back behind the microphone as I always slightly preferred his vocals to Henry's in Night By Night.


Glad to finally have him back. (and despite the different name, that bassist looks a lot like Johnny Thornton from Night By Night as well)


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20 hours ago, lettard said:

Thanx for the info :drink:  didn't even realise that.

Listen to the video track and then listen to the album track and you will hear the difference. I also have a version of The Moment with Dan on vox too, and I always preffered that version as well. I liked Henry on vox but deep down had always wanted Dan to stay on vox.


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