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SunCity Records Officially Out of Business


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I got an e-mail from them several months ago. I was asking when Live Tongue's second album was going to see the light of day. I don't remember the exact wording from the e-mail, but the jist of it was that yes they were still around and the upcoming albums were still slated for release at an undisclosed time.

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I think Suncity is in Australia...?

Maybe someone can go there and ask... :D

Great label indeed...

Yep, based in Victoria, Australia, I believe. There was another thread here the other day with a note confirming the label was still in action with a few releases on the horizon... most notably, imo, the Baby Blu one.

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Look at what Suncity's wikipedia page says:


Suncity Records is an Australian record label that specialized in releasing melodic rock and hard rock CDs. The label mostly focused on previously recorded, but unreleased, material. They were no longer online as of August 2011 leaving numerous bands without their compact discs.





Big Guns

Blackboard Jungle

Blue Tears

Cruella D'ville

Dirty Rhythm

Fashion Police

Fatal Charm

Femme Fatale

Flash Addict

Jet Red

Johnny Crash

Kidd Havok


Daniel MacMaster (of Bonham)


Pretty Vacant


Road Ratt

Schoolboy Crush

Slash Puppet

Sweet Teaze

Swingin' Thing


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It's pretty clear from discussion here and at MR that Suncity Records is now defunct. Moreover, David Moors is avoiding contact with anyone and everyone about the label, including his former clients, even retaining masters and CDs that belong to others.


I've changed the title of this thread and am stickying it.



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I got an email from Myspace telling me to check out David Moors new profile. Could that mean something is in the works?

I'm not sure what he would have in the works. Word on the streets is he screwed over a lot of bands...

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