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  1. Quality quantity post there! Btw, I'm still crying because my favorite sacred warrior is getting the vinyl treatment and I've got no more kidneys to sell (pricey initial asking price + that US shipping cost)...
  2. Yeah, still my 2nd favorite from them, after Detonation (not for your alley).
  3. I also ordered a copy of the test-press! I'd provide photo when it lands my HQ.
  4. Can't complain, lol, with the money I saved from all those frontiers releases I got me the latest HCSS test pressings, vinyl reissues etc!
  5. Erik Scott is no more... Favorite track from a top 11 lp
  6. Another day passed and still Gathering Of The Kings is my favorite lp of the year (I hate though their crappy pseudo label)...
  7. Bro, still waiting to hear from Nick that he got copies of the Japanese version of that Nitrate opus, goddammit! Also you nailed my initial observations of the new Eclipse. Frontiers, please stop bullying Erik! (You know that he also has to sell some studio time!)
  8. With the new lp out silence is deafening here...
  9. Great opus, although the title is destined to remind me forever my 2nd favorite (or 3rd depending on the algorithm) Europe tune!
  10. Feel It Again demo or final version on cd?
  11. Man, did you manage to listen to it in one listening session?
  12. Emergency still has my all time favorite verses (not my favorite Shy tune, though).
  13. Armageddonize, despite blood enemies. One life - my life was the song that inspired me to make a list in list.ly with my favorite closers (doesn't have to be my favorite track of the album).
  14. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Night Flight Orchestra Ghost Mastodon Five Finger Punch Death Myrkur Slipknot Meshuggah Amon Amarth Sabbaton
  16. Sir, one heart for Lil Miss RNR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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