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  1. Goodness me, the man is back with a bang!
  2. 183 days till Xmas and still Harem Scarem is my all time favorite lp!
  3. Racist "Joke" from the most powerful man of the world ( not from the local barstool warrior), coming straight from a conservative's handbook, thriving on populism and Goebbels' maxims . Blaming others for his inability to act EARLY on the virus pandemic. Something you would expect from puppet politicians from 3rd world countries/banana republics/mob states/you name it , not from the president of the most powerful nation of the world (meanwhile, Putin is having a party on behalf of this POTUS).
  4. Mighty rocker, mighty production (love every song on this). Now need to find (I hate that crappy label) out if any other physical formats of this will be released.
  5. Would you hold the same opinion if the suspect of a murder was a dearest member of your family?
  6. The 1st recorded attack on global warning was in 1989, during the year when the Berlin Wall fall , Warsaw Pact had fallen apart, Soviet Union was disintegrating and the end of the cold war was in sight (still hair/glam metal was going strong, though, lol). And started not from the ones, I suppose, you were thinking of. Soon, all those war hawks/cold warriors would be left in the footnotes of the history. But no! They decided to fight on, finding the new enemy in environmentalists. Always that black or white mindset. Of course, the hilarious thing was that they initially didn't choose to attack global warming ( the scientists bringing the matter to public awareness). Instead they blamed the sun! Read the book, it''s funny and with a hooky title "Global Warning: Whats Does The Science Tell Us?". The authors are the same people from the George Marshall Institute which was getting massive financial support from oil companies. Before that they were the major defenders of tobacco industries in matters related to smoking and cancer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_C._Marshall_Institute "The George C. Marshall Institute (GMI) was a nonprofit conservative think tank in the United States.[2] It was established in 1984 with a focus on science and public policy issues and was initially active mostly in the area of defense policy. Since the late 1980s, the Institute put forward environmental skepticism views, and in particular has promoted fringe views regarding the scientific consensus on climate change.[3] The think tank received extensive financial support from oil companies.[3]"
  7. Just pre-ordered the vinyl (yeah, hate to dive in unmapped worlds, but usually their vinyls go for big bucks). Let's see if they 're a serious match for the latest monster from Katatonia.
  8. Man, China is pure capitalism with Asian values,lol. And their best collective political representative is the Communist Party! And don't forget all the American assets they own. Btw, even the biggest oil refinery in USA is of Saudi interests ( Felt sad for Trump begging the usual State monopolies to cut oil production for his fracking buddies ). Still, of course, I'm a huge proponent of the Western block, love American civil Democracy, Marshall plan/you name it!, although with the puppet they have in US, Putin is having a party in EU, especially now with the biggest US's Trojan horse ( under his blessings, just for some of his buddies to loot the NHS) out of the Union.
  9. Can't/Won't describe... EMERGENCY (With Michael Bolton singing lead vocals) https://shyengland.bandcamp.com/track/emergency-with-michael-bolton-singing-lead-vocals?fbclid=IwAR1xfrpbVBq_0yFxdIgEoUpdtHgOBVgkAfgD2TL0bZ9lp5PFUo0PEExmo58
  10. My 1st digital purchase! And what a monster !
  11. In the ashes of the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn Your restless soul keeps running freeeeeeeeeeeeee, It's like asking the wind to belong to meeeeeeeeeeee You won't let me gooooooooooooo, but you'd better knoooooooow
  12. Way too expensive for a paperback, still waiting, btw, th get the one from Dokken (Into The Fire).
  13. Can't help it! Looooooove is a cry in the daaaaark Looooooove is the arroooooooow you shoot through my heaaaaaart And loooooove, Ooooooh loooove is a dangerous game...
  14. The list of sleaze roxx is very close to my liking (except of course the atrocity sitting on 1st place, the owner of the page probably is sitting in a box of those vinyls...) in 5-6 albums. https://sleazeroxx.com/best-of/sleaze-roxxs-top-12-albums-of-the-decade-2010-2019/
  15. Will I ever find the answeeeeeeeer I'm searching in my miiiiiiiiiind... foooooor me... It's a disaaaasteeeeeeeer.... you're breeeeeeeeeeaking my heaaaaaaaaart.... Doooooooooooooooon't cloose your eyes, I can feel that you tell me lies, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... Don't say goodbye ,I know we can make it you and I Doooooooooooooooon't cloose your eyes, I can feel that you tell me lies....ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Don't say goodbye, it's gotta be you and I...
  16. The regular if it ain't TEXAS, it ain't AOR mood ... I will not rest till I hold this sacred vinyl in my arms...
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