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  1. My brother's actually right for once....I'm loving this new album. Even spent the $25 to get hard copy of it out of Canada. Highly recommend it!
  2. I liked it well enough, but it didn't quite top their last release.
  3. Some cool remakes and some really cool originals. I downloaded numerous tracks yesterday from Itunes. By far the best L&J album so far imo.
  4. Bout freakin' time. Except for "Subhuman Race", I always thought Skid Row delivered.
  5. I checked out a few samples of this the other day and didn't care for it at all.
  6. The new Crashdiet album is terrible compared to their previous outings. Didn't even need to listen to it 6 times to come up with that opinion. I only downloaded one track off the whole thing.
  7. U sure that's 2012? Lol, you're right, it's a 2011 release. I just learned about it last year. My bad. Still awesome though
  8. I've been off this board for a while, but my favorite album of 2012 was by a band called COUNTER CLOCK. Awesome awesome awesome!!!! It's on Itunes for those interested in checking them out. It's catchy, melodic, and has great sing along choruses.
  9. The whole album is pretty solid too.
  10. Haven't heard the rest of the album, but that was a pretty catchy single/video.
  11. Definitely some nice tracks on there, but overall I think I still give the edge to First Signal with Hess.
  12. I liked "Saints Denied" and "Run And Hide". That was about it.
  13. Pretty cool to have interviewed THE MAN of Christian rock. I still think there's a Beyond Belief 2 album in him somewhere.
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