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  1. If someone sent me CDs in FUCKING SHIT condition, I'd feel the same way. So... receiving subpar condition CDs in a trade makes you feel justified in deliberately committing fraud to the tune of $750 (I don't care what you ended up refunding, your original intent was to get Peter for 750 large). Got it. I'd say they BOTH committed fraud. You're right, but only one of us is willing to admit it. I have yet to see a post by Peter willing to admit fault. Thanks to both Jeff and Matt for looking at things from both sides. And I'd also like to thanks to those who have e-mailed me personally stating their thoughts (mostly along the lines of, way to stick it back to that asshole), but for obvious reasons, I'll let them voice who they are if they want.
  2. If someone sent me CDs in FUCKING SHIT condition, I'd feel the same way.
  3. And to state the obvious, if some idiot with more dollars than sense wants to spent $75.00, $150.00 or $500.00 on a cdr and that idiot KNOWS its a cdr than more power to them. The same can't be said if the person doesn't know. As GI Joe would say: "Knowing is half the battle". Anything less is just dishonest. An eye for an eye my friend. You fuck me over, expect the same treatment.
  4. To be clear, the CD-R is 100% a band issued CD-R. I actually owned the CD-R before owning the original. Check out Fire Dept.'s facebook page, they have done some re-union shows, this is where they were selling their re-issue CD-Rs. I bought the CD-R re-issue from the band. This CD-R is much like the Trash Can Baby CD-R which sells for like $100 on ebay, hell the Fire Dept. bootleg on Timewarp sells for $70. I just want it to be clear, I did not make the CD-R, it was official released by the band.
  5. Peter, I too do not accept the way this deal turned out. So let's act like adults and walk away. We are getting nowhere and slitting our own throats with every word we continue to spew out here on HH. Let's walk away from this no win situation, and quit acting like little children on a playground.
  6. Jez, I agree... to a point. I suggested 3 options and one of them was to completely trade back. Unfortunately, now, there is no way I will ever be willing to receive a package in the mail from Peter, not after the death threat I got from him (or Andre aka Melodicrockoz who also has made threatening statements to me). There is no win/win solution, though when Peter agreed to my refund of $300, I let him know that even though I was never going to hear back from him (Yeah, like that really happened) I did wish him to have a happy life.
  7. To hell you admitted your mistake. Not once did you admit it. You were not willing to work with me, and I had not other choice but to comply to your terrible $100 option. I was at your mercy, as I gave you 3 different options that would work for me, and you stated that you were not interested and you did nothing wrong. You stated that I needed to be more specific in my questions (as your description of excellent condition was inclusive of having the spines on the back insert torn off and taped back on), yet you were not specific in which Fire Dept CD you wanted (sure, in ANY other circumstances, I would not have ever assumed you were after the band made CD-R). For the record, I gave Peter a $300 refund on a few conditions. We both walk away from this (even if not totally satisfied) and never contact each other again. Oh, and no more death threats. As soon as he gets his $300, he's posting all over the internet on what a scammer I am. I do not regret giving Peter back $300, I had no intention of keeping it, but I absolutely regret ever trading with him. If Peter would have proposed the trade of his 9 CDs (with accurate condition descriptions) and $450 all for my original Surrender - s/t and my Fire Dept. (band issued CD-R).... I would have told him "Hell No!" Again, I was not going to keep all his money and refunded him $300. This was not a win/lose or win/win situation, this was without a doubt a lose/lose situation. I am not under the illusion that I'm this super easy going guy, but I'm also not some sort of scammer who was trying to pull a fast one on Peter. Seriously, take just a moment and put yourself in my shoes.... If someone traded you 9 CDs (some in extremely poor conditions) for an original Surrender - s/t, what would you be thinking? I'm pretty sure it's not "Oh well, shit happens"
  8. Amazing how the details of this transaction were all left out to favor your position Peter Soos. For the record, I 100% admit to sending Peter a band issued CD-R of Fire Dept. for $750. But let’s get one thing straight, this is not the beginning of the story. Peter and I made a trade a few weeks back. Peter sent me 9 CDs as he described in “EX Condition” I received CDs that had tab marks, writing on some of the inserts, and one of the CDs had the spines ripped off and taped back on. I gave peter 3 options that I felt would make things fair. One involved him sending me a payment to make up for the damages, trading back, or working out something along the lines of him sending me replacement CDs. Peter said that he was not at fault, and I should have asked him specific questions about the spines being ripped off and taped back on (being that this is not implied when saying that the disc and inserts are in excellent condition). Peter was not interested in working with me on this, as he had the upper hand. Peter did say that if I would sell him a Fire Dept. CD for $650, he would add another $100 to the trade. Well, now were going to fight fire with fire. Peter was not specific on whether or not he wanted the silver pressed version or the band issued CD-R version. (I assure you this was only fighting fire with fire, and is not a normal practice of mine). It was never my intention of keeping things this way. I just needed the upper hand to get Peter to actually try and work something out. I was interested in only keeping a portion of the payment to make up for the damaged items he sent me, or giving Peter the option of me sending him a CD or two to make up the difference. But instead, Peter has threatened to come to the USA and kill me. So this is where things stand. I do not appreciate getting taken advantage of, and I do not wish to take advantage of other people. This issue could have been handled like adults before any CDs were sent, after CDs arrived, and even after Peter got the CD-R from me. I had no intention of keeping things the way they are, and I still have no intentions of it. But Peter bringing things out here in public sure dose throw a wrench into the mix. I let him know that I was not wanting to keep things as they were, and posting here on HH was his reaction. So there you have it. This is the mess that is currently going on, and gain, I do not deny Peter’s accusations towards me. I 100% admit to all of it.
  9. Originally released in 1988, but I don't think it was released in the states until 1989. I'd have to dig out my original CDs to be 100%, but my database on my computers says (I own 3 different pressings) 1988 for 2 pressings and 1989 for the other. So originally released in 1988. I hope this helps...
  10. Be sure to check out Firenote The Magnificent Brother Firetribe All come HIGHLY recommended!!!
  11. The most stand-out track for me was "Tearing Me Apart" If this doesn't do it for ya, I doubt the rest the album will
  12. Only 8 days left!!! I hope to see a few more in support of this release.
  13. Yeah, these guys are from my hometown. They have too much of a modern feel for me, but I can see how others dig 'em.
  14. Seriously, I can't believe there is not more support here. Once released, you're not going to find the album cheaper (with shipping) than you can get it her as a pre-order. So take advantage of the price while you can.
  15. Looking forward to this one. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/triplethreat/triple-threat-cd-release-of-we-aint-here-to-dance
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