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  1. Runaway/Wild Is The Wind/In These Arms/She Don't Know Me/The Hardest Part Is The Night/Bed Of Roses
  2. I've learned about this band because of its influence on 2 of my all time favorite bands! So long, Professor!
  3. Emergency -Shy. Lock the topic now , por favor!
  4. Still remember Mike Portnoy stating that they would have never release my all time favorite DT tune with my all time favorite bridge... Good luck, Mike Portnoy with your latest DT clone with that lousy Bruce Dickinson falsetto...
  5. Please send me your paypal addy to forward you my two cents! Preach, brotha!
  6. Some monsters still in transit and still no sign of vinyl releases of the latest Tool/Mgla offerings... ... Spinning Starbreaker while uploading this.... Gawd, I love Tony/Magnus
  7. Unbearable song from a mediocre album (on par with windmill)....
  8. Rekion - Galneryus - Nigen Isu in transit! Still waiting for Tool/ Mgla vinyls!
  9. I cannot describe anymore that architecture... Still my 2nd all time wanted vinyl...
  10. Nice poem that Ancient Mariner, I prefer to read it than listen to that song, lol
  11. There's not a single day I won't dreaming of Roy Z re-recording all of his songs with some decent singer, instead of Bruce Bruce...
  12. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally one of my absolute fave USPM releases of all time getting the vinyl treatment!
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