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  1. kourosofsteel3

    Starbreaker - Dysphoria

    I love Pure Evil, straight from olde TNT's textbook ( and better than JP, lol). But only this and the starbreaker (even better) are the heavy tracks of the lp!!!!
  2. kourosofsteel3

    Starbreaker - Dysphoria

    Great lp! And that wailing is back since "Deadly Metal". Lol at the Priest comparison. First new release purchase of the year!
  3. kourosofsteel3

    Toby Hitchcock - Reckoning

    Flores is killing it on the album ! Looks like there are 2 Find Me releases for 2019! And that vibrato, sweet mother of Jesus!!! Of course, due to different variables in the fermentation process, I cannot decide yet about the aging bouquet. I need to test it through repeated hearings. I love tracks 4-8. And track 3 is nice ballad (still destined to remind me what a masterpiece is "Are You The Same Girl?"), kinda love the acoustic version more-because of the fragility of his voice.
  4. kourosofsteel3

    Find Me - Angels In Blue

    Hitchcock has better Find Me tunes than this
  5. kourosofsteel3

    M1nus One - Girl

    The only one I love! Kinda disappointing album.
  6. kourosofsteel3

    Find Me - Angels In Blue

    Nice year with 2 Find Me releases!
  7. kourosofsteel3

    HAREM SCAREM - "The Ultimate Collection Box Set”

    I never bought digital d/load
  8. kourosofsteel3

    HAREM SCAREM - "The Ultimate Collection Box Set”

    Would kill for a remastered/vinyl version of "The Early Years".
  9. kourosofsteel3

    HAREM SCAREM - "The Ultimate Collection Box Set”

    Man, judging by the amount of their albums I have in my collection ( 10+), they are one of my favorite bands (on par with Fates Warning, Katatonia, Pretty Maids, Helloween, Yngwie, PC 69, Dream Theater, Rage, Pain Of Salvation). I care the less for the cd box but I'll grab the vinyls (already saving hard , btw, for the vinyl releases from Pretty Maids). Surely, it's always about the music( that's why I don't have many "complete" discographies in the shelves ), but as long physical formats exist (vinyls preferably, despite the huge shipping cost nowadays) I'm all into getting them.
  10. kourosofsteel3

    Kane Roberts - The New Normal

    The ending song (I kinda prefer the remix version(Jap. bonus)-more melodic/up tempo) Wrong with the vitriol in the verse "You're such worthless scum" sums up my opinion of this. Don't know if it's wrong, but, definitely, it's worthless for me.
  11. kourosofsteel3

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    How can you compile a best of from the year when this was released on 26th of December! Probably my best release from 2018!
  12. kourosofsteel3

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Poser list, but I forgive them for that Kissin' Dynamite!
  13. kourosofsteel3

    Nozomu Wakai's Destinia - Anecdote Of The Queens EP

    Yeah, in my top 10, although not as killer/effective/lethal as Requiem For A Scream! (Needless to say how much it wipes the floor with the latest Impellitteri everyone is hyping....)
  14. kourosofsteel3

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Kinda harsh on Tony's Mitchell lp but I understand your mindset! First 8 songs are pure gold, but dude had to fill that cd (btw, this is always my biggest issue with that format) with 5 mediocre ones and one cool Japanese bonus.
  15. kourosofsteel3

    Crashdiet: New singer and new album(?)

    Drink like a reptile, fakk like an animal

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