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  1. 8 years later - anybody who told you my company was a boot label really needs to have a fist in the face. thats number one. The second thing about Time Warp - yep , I know who makes them , yep I occasionally sell them (a fucking killer catalog of over 1000 titles that will probably never see an official release although a few have) but I'm not going to expose who makes them. you either want em or you don't - end of story. And no , FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME , I don't make them. Kapiche?
  2. Well , it's been a while and I don't think we have released anything new for quite a few years. Why? Because the market is dead and it's not worth forking out the big bucks for 1000 discs. HOWEVER , due to the amazing prices that I've seen old Retro releases sell for , I am going to make a massive effort to revitalize the label , re-issue the entire back catalog , and finally release the hundreds of Hard Rock and Metal albums that me and my brother have been sitting on for years. As most of you may well know , I got into the t-shirt business as it was more lucrative. BUT , with some help from a graphic design artist , I think the time has come to re-do the website and get Retrospect back on the map. I'd still sell the label at the right price , but as of right now , I think it's time Retrospect got the update it deserves and the fans got all this amazing music again. STAY TUNED!
  3. It all takes money and time. But there's been so much demand for our older titles I think I'm going to have to really re-press a bunch of stuff!
  4. patrick , we did a small run of 100 TEA cd's back in 2005 and have long been sold out. Discogs / Ebay are your best bets
  5. Hey everyone - sorry Martin - I am not sure if we ever touched base but I'm happy to reply to whatever you are looking for. Well here we are , Xmas 2020 , yes Retrospect is still in business and even though most of our stock has depleted , I still have quite a few remaining titles. I see a few other upstarts trying to pump out a few re-issues and all i can say is GOOD LUCK. There are SOOOO many factors to a dying CD industry I could literally write an essay about it. The days of silver-pressing 1,000 "reissues" certainly aren't worth it - HOWEVER , I think me and my bro are gonna try to do the best we can to give Retrospect a shot in the arm in 2021 and re-do the website and crank out a bunch of stuff we've been sitting on for YEARS. Seriously , we have HUNDREDS of 80s AOR / Metal and Hard Rock titles waiting to be released. So much REALLY good stuff. We are thinking about re-pressing a lot of our back catalog BUT , unless I can get a killer deal on a small run of SILVER discs then I'll have no choice but to do a limited run of about 50 as CD-R's. MY QUESTION to all of you - and wow , we have some history together don't we? - is if ANY of you are computer savvy , as in you are actually a web designer , and want to partner up with us - PLEASE get in touch. The only way we can move forward is with a new webpage manager. You can contact me at streetsofmetal@aol.com Del , the CD market has dried up as far as physical locations - NOBODY has Hair Metal / AOR releases anymore - you pretty much HAVE to buy them online. Again , this is an essay waiting to happen. Maybe as a community we can all get on a Zoom chat or something and talk about some ideas. In the meantime , I've totally appreciated the support for over 15 years now and yes , even the harsh criticism. If there are any titles you'd like to see back in stock - please make suggestions. Again , if YOU ARE A WEBSITE DESIGNER and want to partner up with us so we can kick ass again and release the plethora of titles we have sitting in the can - GET IN TOUCH - we need you. I would LOVE to get 100 releases out to the market in 2021. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  6. It is definitely a lot of work. Do the rewards outweigh the time invested? I don't know. I'm gonna keep the shop open for a while and think about what direction to take. It's as shame I can't release all these killer albums I have. So much good stuff that never saw the light of day.
  7. Well hello everybody - it's been years since I posted here and probably at least 2 years since I released anything new or updated the website. It's been 14 years since I took on the Retrospect label and from 2005-2010 was able to release over 400 albums. I have seen other re-issue labels come and go , some did it better than I , some eeked out a few releases and called it quits. But most have gone by the wayside. I have made friends , I have unfortunately made a few enemies along the way and it's all been a learning process. From the cheaply made CD-R's I started with , to runs of over 2,000 that I shipped to distributors around the world....it was a good run. So what's going on with Retrospect? Well , times got tough ladies and gents. After amassing a massive run of over half a million dollars in sales for 5 years straight and then getting involved in a number of festivals....things started to change. Downloading killed the industry but what killed it the most was the ridiculous hikes in shipping charges to overseas customers. Come on , 10 years ago it was about $5 to send a cd to Japan / Germany / France / UK wherever and now it's right around $14. That's a business killer. The bottom line is , when the economy tanked , I think everyone took a big hit. Many of us never recovered. I have dozens and dozens of AMAZING HIGH-QUALITY releases in the can WAITING to be released , but the truth is....I no longer find it profitable to do so. My last releases CRASH ALLEY and RAZOR SHARP were small 100 runs because the interest was fading. Also , I lost my web designer and I am fully aware that the site needs a complete makeover. All of this costs money and I do not have this kind of capital at the moment. So what's in it for the future? Well , I am at a crossroads. As many of the old releases are selling out , and the calls to re-stock grow , I am torn between putting 100% back into this venture or just sell it off quietly and give someone else the opportunity to continue where I left off. CD's are a thing of the past BUT I do see a silver lining. I hope all of you are doing well. I made some great friends here and sparred aggressively with others. What I DO know is that many people said I wouldnt last 6 months and here we are , 14 years later. If anyone has any input , I would be happy to listen.
  8. Thanks guys , I'll have a bunch of cd's for sale there too. Pretty Boy is a must!
  9. Since Rocklahoma 2008 , I haven't been able to get them back together for another reunion show - BUT there are talks going on now!
  10. It's been a slow couple of years but we have a plethora of releases coming your way starting with these: THREE NEW RELEASES are now available from Retrospect Records: FREEWAY MAD: New British Melodic Hard Rock band with a sound deeply rooted in early 80s NWOBHM. Very likely to play Rocklahoma and tour the USA for the first time in 2015. RAGDOLL 'Rewound': This Australian Power Trio plays an excellent mix of 80's-style Hard Rock but with a modern updated vibe. Most bands get it wrong - these guys do it RIGHT. Trust me , there's a reason they have played Rocklahoma multiple times. KICK ASS!! MYSTERY '2013': With an average age of 16-17 , this young Australian Melodic Metal band have toured the world and played multiple festivals with some of the biggest acts on the planet. Mega-potential with this lot and a nicely packaged CD/DVD set. DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR 50% OFF SALE TOO!!! \m/ UP NEXT: RECKLESS 'Disorderly Conduct' (1991) - Second unreleased album from the band who borught you "No Frills" in 1987. SOLDIER OF FORTUNE - 80s Hair Metal from Florida RUNAWAY - 80s AOR / MHR from ST LOUIS plus a bunch of re-prints that y'all were asking for!
  11. Yes we are still going! We have to make room for a boat-load of new releases and we have slashed all cd prices IN HALF so YOU can help US release lots of killer new music! http://www.retrospectrecords.com LOWEST PRICES EVER!!!!
  12. Thanks for the suggestions - there IS a list of all my releases at GLORYDAZE. I'll get to work on some of those. KINGDRAGON is now available btw!
  13. Please let me know what all you'd like re-pressed. Ardent is in stock BTW
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