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  1. It all takes money and time. But there's been so much demand for our older titles I think I'm going to have to really re-press a bunch of stuff!
  2. patrick , we did a small run of 100 TEA cd's back in 2005 and have long been sold out. Discogs / Ebay are your best bets
  3. Hey everyone - sorry Martin - I am not sure if we ever touched base but I'm happy to reply to whatever you are looking for. Well here we are , Xmas 2020 , yes Retrospect is still in business and even though most of our stock has depleted , I still have quite a few remaining titles. I see a few other upstarts trying to pump out a few re-issues and all i can say is GOOD LUCK. There are SOOOO many factors to a dying CD industry I could literally write an essay about it. The days of silver-pressing 1,000 "reissues" certainly aren't worth it - HOWEVER , I think me and my bro are gonna
  4. It is definitely a lot of work. Do the rewards outweigh the time invested? I don't know. I'm gonna keep the shop open for a while and think about what direction to take. It's as shame I can't release all these killer albums I have. So much good stuff that never saw the light of day.
  5. Well hello everybody - it's been years since I posted here and probably at least 2 years since I released anything new or updated the website. It's been 14 years since I took on the Retrospect label and from 2005-2010 was able to release over 400 albums. I have seen other re-issue labels come and go , some did it better than I , some eeked out a few releases and called it quits. But most have gone by the wayside. I have made friends , I have unfortunately made a few enemies along the way and it's all been a learning process. From the cheaply made CD-R's I started with , to runs of o
  6. Thanks guys , I'll have a bunch of cd's for sale there too. Pretty Boy is a must!
  7. Since Rocklahoma 2008 , I haven't been able to get them back together for another reunion show - BUT there are talks going on now!
  8. It's been a slow couple of years but we have a plethora of releases coming your way starting with these: THREE NEW RELEASES are now available from Retrospect Records: FREEWAY MAD: New British Melodic Hard Rock band with a sound deeply rooted in early 80s NWOBHM. Very likely to play Rocklahoma and tour the USA for the first time in 2015. RAGDOLL 'Rewound': This Australian Power Trio plays an excellent mix of 80's-style Hard Rock but with a modern updated vibe. Most bands get it wrong - these guys do it RIGHT. Trust me , there's a reason they have played Rocklahoma multiple times. KICK
  9. Yes we are still going! We have to make room for a boat-load of new releases and we have slashed all cd prices IN HALF so YOU can help US release lots of killer new music! http://www.retrospectrecords.com LOWEST PRICES EVER!!!!
  10. Thanks for the suggestions - there IS a list of all my releases at GLORYDAZE. I'll get to work on some of those. KINGDRAGON is now available btw!
  11. Please let me know what all you'd like re-pressed. Ardent is in stock BTW
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