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  1. patrick , we did a small run of 100 TEA cd's back in 2005 and have long been sold out. Discogs / Ebay are your best bets
  2. Hey everyone - sorry Martin - I am not sure if we ever touched base but I'm happy to reply to whatever you are looking for. Well here we are , Xmas 2020 , yes Retrospect is still in business and even though most of our stock has depleted , I still have quite a few remaining titles. I see a few other upstarts trying to pump out a few re-issues and all i can say is GOOD LUCK. There are SOOOO many factors to a dying CD industry I could literally write an essay about it. The days of silver-pressing 1,000 "reissues" certainly aren't worth it - HOWEVER , I think me and my bro are gonna
  3. It is definitely a lot of work. Do the rewards outweigh the time invested? I don't know. I'm gonna keep the shop open for a while and think about what direction to take. It's as shame I can't release all these killer albums I have. So much good stuff that never saw the light of day.
  4. Well hello everybody - it's been years since I posted here and probably at least 2 years since I released anything new or updated the website. It's been 14 years since I took on the Retrospect label and from 2005-2010 was able to release over 400 albums. I have seen other re-issue labels come and go , some did it better than I , some eeked out a few releases and called it quits. But most have gone by the wayside. I have made friends , I have unfortunately made a few enemies along the way and it's all been a learning process. From the cheaply made CD-R's I started with , to runs of o
  5. Thanks guys , I'll have a bunch of cd's for sale there too. Pretty Boy is a must!
  6. Since Rocklahoma 2008 , I haven't been able to get them back together for another reunion show - BUT there are talks going on now!
  7. It's been a slow couple of years but we have a plethora of releases coming your way starting with these: THREE NEW RELEASES are now available from Retrospect Records: FREEWAY MAD: New British Melodic Hard Rock band with a sound deeply rooted in early 80s NWOBHM. Very likely to play Rocklahoma and tour the USA for the first time in 2015. RAGDOLL 'Rewound': This Australian Power Trio plays an excellent mix of 80's-style Hard Rock but with a modern updated vibe. Most bands get it wrong - these guys do it RIGHT. Trust me , there's a reason they have played Rocklahoma multiple times. KICK
  8. Yes we are still going! We have to make room for a boat-load of new releases and we have slashed all cd prices IN HALF so YOU can help US release lots of killer new music! http://www.retrospectrecords.com LOWEST PRICES EVER!!!!
  9. Thanks for the suggestions - there IS a list of all my releases at GLORYDAZE. I'll get to work on some of those. KINGDRAGON is now available btw!
  10. Please let me know what all you'd like re-pressed. Ardent is in stock BTW
  11. Well Hi everyone. 2013 was a very quiet year for Retrospect and mainly because of the lack of sales due to ridiculous postage hikes. 2014 will hopefully see us re-joining the fray with a ton of new releases. The first being the brand new album by KINGDRAGON titled "hide the sun". Strong Melodic Hard Rock! This will be out by end of Jan. Lots more to come....please be patient - we are NOT out of business - LOL. Here is the first single from KINGDRAGON... enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwUG7fltNvo
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