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CATALANO (Ex - De La Cruz) Debut EP out in November


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Looks like former De La Cruz singer Roxxi Catalano will be releasing an EP with his new band CATALANO in November. Here's a taste of the track ''Streets of Fire''



Really looking forward to this, curious to see how it will be released, physical / online only, through a label or independently... and how this thing is gonna sound productionwise and if it continues in the tradition of De La Cruz or if it's gonna be a new direction.

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What's the irony in him wearing a blue jean vest that has an Alice in Chains patch...........the music presented in this clip sounds pretty darn cool to me.

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Cool track, the opening lines especially struck a nerve ''it takes some time gettin used to this doing it on my own'' however you wanna interpret that.... a lot of emotion coming through during the verses, I just love the guy's singing! Only gripe I have with this is the solo, it's a little unspectacular compared to you know who...... Let's just put it this way, if there wasn't a solo at all it wouldn't really make much of a difference.


The lead guitar during the intro is very good though, sounds a lot like RATT I agree

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yeah, production could be better, I think he recorded everything without any tweaking in the studio afterwards, which is what is done usually to make it sound nice n clean this is maybe slightly above demo quality


but I am really starting to like this track, took A LOT of listens though (couple dozen so far)


if you haven't seen it yet, he's planning on uploading a free download of a cover he did of an 80s hard rock song (something from 1989 he didn't say which one it was) as soon as his facebook page reaches 500 likes www.facebook.com/catalanokills hit that button if you haven't already

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The logo might wanna be tweaked. Looks like CATNANO

a preview with music is released and the first comment is about the logo LOL no offense just thought I'd share a funny observation


about the music....... kind of a mixed bag so far, some tracks (war machine and let's get twisted for example) have a great groove but I'm not sure yet if I will love this like i did with de la cruz. This sounds like a lot of stuff I've heard before from Priest to other bands as opposed to something more unique


guess the thing that really made de la cruz was the different influences and inputs from members that went into their songs and ended up sounding like something original, whereas here it's just one guy


as for the release date and publisher, nothing has been announced so far...

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I like what I'm hearing to be honest. A couple of fillers in the album preview towards the end - the last few songs, but I love that first full track posted and there's some good stuff in the preview. The production leaves a bit to be desired, but I've heard worse released as a final product this year.

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  • My Little Pony

My experience with them is that many of their releases are CD-Rs. Their artwork is fine, although minimalist.

Yeah, but they will always state if it's silver pressed. If it says 'silver pressed,' it's silver pressed; if it doesn't, it's most likely a CD-R.

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