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  1. The awful drum machine makes it impossible for me to make it a few seconds into a song.
  2. I have no fucking idea why any band would want to be there. They are ALL assholes and the leader of the fuckheads is the worst. The BBB did nothing...maybe if more people would file a claim something would be done. Because not every band is always up to the minute informed. Let me ask have you ever been in a band with material worth release or are you strictly a fan/collector? Not asking to be a dick or anything just curious and would help me understand why or why you wouldnt see things from a different perspective. Most bands/members dont follow the scene like you do. Hell most walked
  3. Ill take the cd and promo for 27, please send me an invoice at BrianJ8173@aol.com or let me know your paypal account info, thank Brian

  4. The Hard Rock band KASHMYR do a kick ass power ballad version of Princes Purple Rain.
  5. Heres some killer Hard Rock, and HEAVY METAL pop covers! Jorn Lande - Run To You (Bryan Adams) Adagio - Fame (Irene Cara) Dungeon - Call Me (Blondie) Faro - Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen) Sinner - Beds Are Burning (Midnight Oil). Sonata Arctica - The Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler) Vision Divine - Take On Me (A-Ha) Gothic Knights - Hungry Like A Wolf (Duran Duran) Warmen - Somebodys Watching Me (Rockwell) Avalon - Kyrie (Mr Mister) Frequency - Listen To Your Heart (Roxette) Warmen - Black Cat (Janet Jackson)
  6. 9 Sweating Bullets tracks labeled as a 1991 demo. I also have the 4 song Pain Society demo.
  7. Sure do. He was surprised I had the Sweating Bullets songs! He also told me about PAIN SOCIETY a band after Sweating Bullets with Cory on vocals as well I live in Raymond NH now with my current GF. She has family in Berlin, and has asked me if I wanted to go up there (I have never been North of Littleton). You up for some beer drinkin' before summer is over?
  8. I never thought over the years to post about this but after discussin in another forum I figured why not. Here is a very cool demo tape I own titled FERRARI RUFFS. Imagine the Cold Sweat album without the vocals and there you go! No crap demo sound....this is perfect studio mixes and production just without the vocal tracks! I bought this on ebay close to 10 years ago, and have no idea of its original origin. Heres a sample for you to hear! http://www.themetalmadman.com/CS.mp3
  9. Is the rule implied to just those that had transactions, or can anyone post an opinion? Not that I wanna just say random nonsense because I dont. Just some personal opinions. This time I'm asking 1st.
  10. Whats wrong with this guy? Hes gotta have mental issues.
  11. Bingo. That was exactly what I was thinking as I typed my last post. Not wise to admit fraud that could cost you felony charges.
  12. Dude Im not gonna shit talk you because 2 wrongs dont make a right. If you are TRYING you are trying. But I offer some friendly advice. Just come clean, and let the people know what REALLY happened. These people DESERVE that. As Dan said your anger would be towards the "Ramirez Bros" not the people who have a legitmate complaint. You were selling the CDs here not the Bros. Think about that. Put yourself in there shoes. You'd be furious and irate as well. So earn some just a tad of pride and dignity back, and tell us the whole deal. Stop with the BS. No ones buying it, and theres
  13. http://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=12056 Well now we know why it was so impressive huh? Like you know I got this new label, and Im reissuing LILLIAN AXE - LOVE AND WAR with 50 bonus tracks. Im still in awe. Its amazing what money does to people.
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