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  1. Christianity is full of douche bags, unfortunately. Personally, I don't find Sweet to be that much of a jerk, but I do understand where people are coming from. That said, I like this new solo track. It's not "OMG!" amazing, but it's a solid melodic metal tune, and I do appreciate that Sweet, both solo and with Stryper, seems to be getting heavier (uh, musically) with age.
  2. Fair enough and to each their own. For the record, I like the song too, as amusing filler, but I don't consider it high-quality Danger Danger and many The Defiants tunes easily trump it for me. That said, taken as a whole, I would agree that the first two DD albums are superior to The Defiants debut (reserving judgment on "Zokusho" until it can be given a proper chance).
  3. So you're saying that nothing The Defiants have done is better than "Yeah, You Want It!"?
  4. Should've called this one "Angel With No Voice." This is a misfire and we all know it. I can't imagine there's a single Angelica fan out there who's spent all these years thinking, "Man, I hope they come back with an instrumental album!"
  5. Never heard of these guys before. They remind me of Roxx Gang a little bit.
  6. Good single and true to the sound they've been going with the last few albums. Probably my second-favorite modern-day Christian rock band, after Disciple.
  7. Yeah ... with a female vocalist. (Not that there's anything wrong with that ... but it ain't The Brave.)
  8. It's perfectly serviceable Christian hard rock ... but it ain't Fear Not. That said, it's significantly better than the resurrected The Brave atrocity.
  9. If Larry Worley wasn't available, I could (kinda-sorta) understand bringing in a new singer, but from what I've read, Worley provided background vocals for the EP. If that's correct, then I'm not sure why they wouldn't just use him for lead vocals. The EP isn't horrible--the ballad "Carry Me" is excellent--but given the modernized hard rock sound and the lack of Worley singing, it doesn't sound much like Fear Not from the days of old. Then again, it's been 25 years...
  10. If ever there was a song worthy of hit single status, this is it.
  11. Going against the majority here, but I liked that. Thought they did a nice job with it. It probably helps that my 9 year-old daughter, who names the original as one of her favorite songs, has declared Bonfire's version to be "totally hard rockin' awesome."
  12. Not the greatest song they've ever done, but a good'un nonetheless. It sounds like Disturbed, which is good enough for me. If it's more polished and/or melodic, it's not by much. In a world full of modern hard rock/metal sound-alikes, these guys have always sported a distinct style that has resonated.
  13. Christian headbangers should spend more energy protesting crap like this instead of moaning about the title of Stryper's latest album.
  14. John the Baptist was decapitated, right? That seems appropriate, 'cause I think I would rather chop my head off than listen to that abomination again.
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