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  1. Quite true. Mr. Sweet does not take kindly to criticism these days. According to him, Stryper is better than they've ever been, he sings 10X better than he did back in the '80s, and "Against the Law" is their worst album ever.
  2. I think this one is probably the best of their "comeback" output. It's got some of those signature '80s elements (mainly the harmonies and guitar licks) but filtered through a heavier, modern-metallic vibe. It's a solid Christian metal album, more consistent than their last several, but even a die-hard Stryper fan like myself can admit that AlphaMale is right in that Michael Sweet tends to over-sing these days. Not enough to ruin the songs, in my opinion, but the guy could definitely stand to dial it back a bit.
  3. If anyone looks at that picture and gets sexually aroused, do us all a favor and kill yourself now.
  4. New song ("Make Love Great Again") is OK in a filler sort of way and will probably go down fine with the Stryper faithful, but it's certainly not good enough to convert any nonbelievers (kinda-sorta pun fully intended).
  5. Samples up on iTunes. Won't convert any non-believers (lame pun fully intended) but the Stryper faithful should be happy enough.
  6. First single shows the holy bumblebees are sticking to the metallic end of the spectrum this time around. Sweet has promised this will be a "metal" album. Not a bad song, but I'm hoping for better.
  7. I actually think this is one of their better album covers, but yeah, it's time to switch up the design next time around.
  8. I actually like this band and own most of their previous releases, but this one just didn't hit the mark for me. Not horrible or anything like that, but a step down in songwriting quality compared to their earlier output.
  9. Not unanimously, because I think "Rock Your Body" is great (total ear-worm for me) and think "We Are Gods" is the weak point of the album.
  10. I just picked up the Neon Cross: s/t reissue from them a few weeks ago. They were great to deal with, even threw in a discount code since it was my first purchase. They've got some nice stuff on there for sure.
  11. Just gave it a listen. Schlitt still sounds pretty darn good and there are a handful of okay classic-rock-style songs, but this ain't a patch on his Petra days. But hey, props to him for still being in the rock 'n' roll game.
  12. Pretty sure I acknowledged that my opinion on this is a lonely one. Don't you have a 13 year-old girl to go pick on? Honestly, I think it's just the fact that I spent more time with Whitecross than Ratt during my formative years. It's not necessarily that I think Whitecross is superior to Ratt, just that I personally prefer them to Ratt. So this is one of those cases where you're probably technically right (that Ratt is the better band ... though Rex Carroll can go toe-to-toe with pretty much any '80s rock/metal guitarist out there) but that I just prefer the lesser band. Just remember,
  13. That's a good song seriously marred--if not outright ruined--by some pretty nasty (and not in a good way) lead vocals.
  14. The Volz-fronted Petra and the Schlitt-fronted Petra might as well be different bands. As much as I enjoy Not of This World ("Grave Robber" is a classic), the heavier rock sound that emerged with Schlitt as the vocalist is far & away my preferred version of the band, with Beyond Belief being their greatest album.
  15. This dropped today and while it's easy to poke fun at the name, the reality is, this pretty much sounds like the old Jaded Heart we all loved. The name may be a cheeky/childish "f*** you" to his ex-band mates, but it kind of makes sense since he mimicked the Jaded Heart sound. This is a surprisingly good helping of melodic hard rock and as long as he keeps delivering this level of quality, he can call it whatever he wants and I'll fork over my money.
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