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  1. The album is actually pretty solid, but that song ... Good God, what were they thinking, right? But hey, it was an experiment and they seemed to learn from their mistake as there was nothing like that on the next album ("Even the Devil Believes").
  2. Solid stuff, and eons betters than the last atrocity they released.
  3. Those samples give me hope where previously I had none, given what a disaster "Rise" was. Obviously they're never going to touch the brilliance of their debut, but you can hear the hooks & harmonies and they do indeed sound pretty damned solid. That female vocalist was always a mistake, so it was great to see they jettisoned that failed experiment. New singer is no James Salters, but he gets the job done.
  4. I like Sweet's voice (despite his tendency to over-sing) but that song ... yeah, it's not good.
  5. He just posted yesterday, under my "Messenger" thread in the Christian Rock/Metal section.
  6. That's how I felt when I checked them out. Went in thinking, "This is gonna suck," and came out the other side saying, "Not too shabby." That's the best song (IMO) but the whole album is a pretty solid slab of classic-styled Christian metal.
  7. Indie Christian metal band with a classic, old-school sound. If you're into bands like Sacred Warrior, Barren Cross, etc., you should give a listen to what these guys are cranking out.
  8. Doesn't come close to the level of their classic albums, but for a band that's been cranking 'em out for half a century, it's a pretty solid effort, easily the best thing they've done since "Razor's Edge" (the pinnacle of their career, in my opinion). I went in expecting another throwaway effort and came away with a half-dozen no-frills rock songs that get the job done. Yeah, half the album is filler junk, but that's pretty typical for an AC/DC release.
  9. Quite true. Mr. Sweet does not take kindly to criticism these days. According to him, Stryper is better than they've ever been, he sings 10X better than he did back in the '80s, and "Against the Law" is their worst album ever.
  10. I think this one is probably the best of their "comeback" output. It's got some of those signature '80s elements (mainly the harmonies and guitar licks) but filtered through a heavier, modern-metallic vibe. It's a solid Christian metal album, more consistent than their last several, but even a die-hard Stryper fan like myself can admit that AlphaMale is right in that Michael Sweet tends to over-sing these days. Not enough to ruin the songs, in my opinion, but the guy could definitely stand to dial it back a bit.
  11. If anyone looks at that picture and gets sexually aroused, do us all a favor and kill yourself now.
  12. New song ("Make Love Great Again") is OK in a filler sort of way and will probably go down fine with the Stryper faithful, but it's certainly not good enough to convert any nonbelievers (kinda-sorta pun fully intended).
  13. Samples up on iTunes. Won't convert any non-believers (lame pun fully intended) but the Stryper faithful should be happy enough.
  14. First single shows the holy bumblebees are sticking to the metallic end of the spectrum this time around. Sweet has promised this will be a "metal" album. Not a bad song, but I'm hoping for better.
  15. I actually think this is one of their better album covers, but yeah, it's time to switch up the design next time around.
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