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  1. metalmaniac777

    Riptide - Wetter The Better

    If ever there was a song worthy of hit single status, this is it.
  2. metalmaniac777

    Bonfire - Legends

    Going against the majority here, but I liked that. Thought they did a nice job with it. It probably helps that my 9 year-old daughter, who names the original as one of her favorite songs, has declared Bonfire's version to be "totally hard rockin' awesome."
  3. metalmaniac777

    Disturbed - Are You Ready

    Not the greatest song they've ever done, but a good'un nonetheless. It sounds like Disturbed, which is good enough for me. If it's more polished and/or melodic, it's not by much. In a world full of modern hard rock/metal sound-alikes, these guys have always sported a distinct style that has resonated.
  4. metalmaniac777

    Bride - working on new CD

    Christian headbangers should spend more energy protesting crap like this instead of moaning about the title of Stryper's latest album.
  5. metalmaniac777

    Bride - working on new CD

    John the Baptist was decapitated, right? That seems appropriate, 'cause I think I would rather chop my head off than listen to that abomination again.
  6. metalmaniac777

    Issa - Run With The Pack

    Well, if Issa was in the shower with me while I was singing, I'd probably destroy her too...
  7. metalmaniac777

    Judas Priest - Firepower

    The other two songs didn't do much for me, but this one is pretty cool. My waning interest in this album just re-spiked.
  8. metalmaniac777

    Stryper - God Damn Evil

    Some of the fans on Facebook are calling this a grower, and I can sort of see that, but I doubt there's a single Stryper fan out there who was hoping this would be what the first single sounded like. Personally, I don't hate it ... but it damn well better not be the best song on the album.
  9. metalmaniac777

    Stryper - God Damn Evil

    They have an album called "To Hell With the Devil." They have a song called "Rock the Hell Out of You." By now, you would think the "fans" would have figured out that this band likes to engage in what I shall call "Christian swearing." My favorite comments are the ones begging the band to put a comma after "God" so that the title won't be blasphemous. Who knew holy commas were a thing?
  10. metalmaniac777

    Bride - working on new CD

    There's an easy joke here about how you didn't insult somebody's mother, you insulted somebody's bride, but I'm gonna let it go...
  11. metalmaniac777

    Bride - working on new CD

    Ya'll are vicious. Ya'll are also correct.
  12. metalmaniac777

    Bride - working on new CD

    Let's hope it's better than their last bore-fest. "Snakes..." was/is a classic Christian hard rock album, but the band has never been able to duplicate its success, regardless of how many times they have promised to do so. There was a time when news of a new Bride album would get my metal chops salivating, but now I greet such news with a shoulder-shrug and a "Meh, whatever." That said, I'll always give 'em a chance. While their last album was pretty much unlistenable, the preceding few releases all had at least a few decent tracks.
  13. metalmaniac777

    My Stuff on HubPages.com

    Great write up for a great, underrated album. The whole thing just flat-out rocks, but "Walking Evil" ... man, that track makes the cut every time I compile a Favorite Christian Metal Songs Playlist.

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