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  1. I do cruise by very occasionally, but first I’ve logged in in ages
  2. Got this one in order! Waiting, waiting,
  3. Maybe that is why they are a less recognized artist... becasue they dont put them selves out there like many other artists do.
  4. thanks guys. .... 40 fkn years old today!
  5. In the past anywhere from 7 days to 4 weeks. Nowadays as Australia Post has gone to shit it takes a week to get anything within Australia, so I 'd be more at the 3-4week end of the spectrum.
  6. Had a listen to this one. Awesome album. Typical Vain sound, but IMO (based on a couple of listens) better than last album.
  7. yeah... while stole it? t'was community property
  8. I think we're in the same boat but I wear it as a badge of honor ! Why? And Terry, I will never understand folk of your ilk, but it would make more sense to me at least if you were turning your back on chart topping artists... say Nickleback or something. I still wouldn't understand it because I am 1000% of the belief that if you like something, you like it. I like Bon Jovi and I like Hotboy or Silly Fools. Some of the bands I like probably had 50 albums pressed overall, and others sold tens of millions worldwide. I just honestly couldn't care less, possibly, at all, about anythin
  9. Looking forward too seeing them in adelaide this weekend. Reviews have been pretty positive from all shows so far from what ive read. I bought the cheap seats too... so interesting to see how shit they are.
  10. Haven't heard it yet, but surprised at the rating here as everything else I'd heard about the album was very positive
  11. I do not own, nor have I listened to any of those cds that made anyone's Top 5 list. Maybe I should be Banisheed! or simply Baneed.
  12. Agree with Geoff here.... Great sound, great production, great style... just lacking a bit with the songs. I found it to be very same-same from start to finish, with nothing sticking out, not enough variation. From memory, not even a ballad on the album. In saying that though, still a great album. Just think with a bit of work on the songs it could become even better.
  13. For anyone who can make it to Adelaide over the Easter weekend: After an almost 5 year hiatus Adelaide’s own evening dedicated to glam, trash and rock n roll returns. “The Sleaze Ball 2017” presents a series of local, interstate and international artists in a unique blend of acoustic and electric performances. The night will be highlighted by an exclusive "one night only" acoustic performance from members of Swedish sleaze sensations Crashdiet. In their first performance outside of Sweden in over 2 years these 2 founding members - Peter London and Eric Young - will deliver a repertoire
  14. got a couple of their cd singles which are pretty cool tunes, and have the 7" on preorder.
  15. Could never get back into the Sleaze Roxx forum once it changed hands....
  16. Four CDs would cost $60? Where you buying from? I assume you mean in America, for Americans, in USD? Or probably Europeans too? But I'm sure you'd know, living in Indonesia, as much as we know in Australia, that that is a very inaccurate amount. Four new CDs might cost around the au$80, before postage. These days, that amounts to fuck knows what - probably at least au$20 for four CDs. So your four CDs per month are now costing at very least au$100. It's just stupid amounts of money that just doesn't need to be spent in the digital age when you have kids to consider. try grooves inc. htt
  17. I'm with Geoff here.... great album. Better than the previous disc in my opinion In my top 10 of 2016.
  18. What if you woke up one morning and the internet had disappeared!?!?!!? Then you're all fooked.
  19. get all my new stuff from: importcds.com (very good shipping rates to australia) grooves land (free worldwide shipping, but their prices usually arent as good as importcds)
  20. $5 for a physical copy http://www.loverazer.com/music
  21. .... even whilst the band still have it for sale? Not oop.
  22. Great EP available from their website. Nicely priced from memory as well.
  23. Aussie store JBHIFI had it for about $aud12 ($US9) fully signed. Couldn't pass up a signed copy at that price. Have received it, but not given it a listen yet.
  24. You're all wrong. They have obviously formed a rock band as a way to have a photo session with strippers for the a cd cover. Smart guys. Haven't had the chance to listen, but didn't their previous release get some favourable reviews? Terrible cd name though... Are they going for the serious hair metal image or a Steel Panther type satirical vibe?
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