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  1. I got duped by this one as well. They had the look, they were on Pakaderm, produced by John & Dino Elefante, so it was a blind purchase for me. Not what I expected, but as you point out, it's not too shabby for what it is. That said, I understand why they were a one-and-done band.
  2. I picked this up on a whim at the Roberts Wesleyan College bookstore during my junior year and was pleasantly surprised when I got back to the dorm and cranked it up. My dormmate was into heavy stuff like Mortification, Vengeance Rising, Tourniquet, etc. and promptly asked why I had wasted my money on "wimp rock." But a few weeks later, I caught him humming the tunes, so yeah, this album was catchy as hell. Shame about that second album though...
  3. I was never a hi-tech AOR fan, but I thought Meece did it better than most in the Christian rock genre. I grew up in a very small private Christian school and when "Candle in the Rain" came out, all the youth-group kids started referring to Meece as "The Richard Marx of Christian music." Hey, it was the 80s...
  4. Yeah, I think you're right. Mastedon (with John Elefante): "3" came out in 2009. For some reason I was think there was a more recent release. Either way, only "It's a Jungle..." and "Lofcaudio" are worth owning.
  5. Mastedon is one of those bands that should have been bigger. I've read that their inability to tour in support of those first 2 albums was the reason for their lack of success, but who knows. Regardless, they delivered a pair of classics. (I'm not a big fan of the more recently releases.)
  6. While I always thought her counter-vocals for Skillet were cool, when she released her solo album, I was underwhelmed. But my daughters were addicted to it and I heard it so many times that it grew on me.
  7. "Freedom" and its follow-up, "Powerhouse," were a perfect one-two punch from these guys. Shame they couldn't keep that kind of consistency going ("Tales of Wonder" and "Highlands" are both good albums, but pale in comparison to what came before).
  8. I had this album for years but eventually sold it. Bought it direct from the band after seeing a review in the indie section of Heaven's Metal magazine way back in the "good ol' days" when you had to actually mail a band your money and then wait 3-6 months for them to ship the CD to you...
  9. Ask me to name my top ten favorite Christian rock/metal albums, this one will make the list every single time.
  10. Really good modern hard rock with a guest vocal appearance from Kevin Young (Disciple) which just makes it that much better.
  11. I agree that it's their best album. My favorite tracks are actually a couple of the deeper cuts--"Heaven or Nothing" and "King of Kings." Really, not a bad song on there. I think the only one that makes me reach for the Skip button is "Cultic Regimes."
  12. Barren Cross were Christian metal's answer to Iron Maiden. Oddly enough, while I never cared much for Iron Maiden, I've always liked B.C.
  13. These guys definitely had a unique sound. Could never really get into them much, but they did have a few good songs, with my favorite being "Let's Be Frank."
  14. Yup, this solo release pretty much sounded like a third Shout album ... and I'm perfectly OK with that.
  15. Skillet is arguably one of the best--if not THE best--Christian modern rock bands on the scene today (though personally I prefer Disciple, despite their lack of mainstream success).
  16. Always preferred the slightly harder edge of their follow up albums ("Urgency" and "Hard Hitter") but there's no denying this debut featured some smooth, nicely-done AOR/rock.
  17. I never got into Tourniquet's early stuff. I didn't become a fan until "Vanishing Lessons" and "Crawl to China." By the way, their latest album ("Gazing at Medusa"), while far from perfect, has some pretty kickin' tunes on it.
  18. He really does have a great voice. His solo stuff is a little lite for my tastes, but that debut Nouveux album is an absolute classic.
  19. Demon Hunter is pretty much the only metalcore band I can stand these days, mainly because they maintain a sense of melody and feature plenty of clean singing, like on this track.
  20. His only rock album? You don't consider "I 2 (Eye)" to be rock as well? I always considered these two back-to-back albums to be Smitty's rock phase. Frankly, I wish he'd go back to this sound...
  21. Definitely one of the better modern Christian rock bands out there and this might very well be their best song.
  22. I've never been able to get into John Elefante's solo stuff. Love his voice, love his work with Mastedon, and love his production skills, but aside from the odd song here and there, his solo albums have all missed the mark for me.
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