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  1. Do you have any infos about ROMEOS TEARZ-After Dark cd?
  2. You see the situation very well. It can be said that mail was a mistake, but this is not the case. It was a deliberately organized scam. It was a man I trusted because I had a deal with him and there was no problem until now. Returning to Delbert's story, there may be things that accidentally send the package to another country, but in your case there was not delivered but was forwarded to the destination country. Mike Butt had done this to some people that he did not send the package where he should have been, and it's not a coincidence that MIKE BUTT is the sender every time. My package was delivered to Germany within 7 days,instead Hungary, indicating that the packet was not lost but was consciously addressed and the customs declaration was not real what he showed me. This is thoughtful for everyone because it knows how many people have already played this, but I just got later the news and told me their own story.
  3. This was a trading agreement that we both agreed to use the EMS service. I kept myself in agreement and sent him the 5 cds with EMS service and he got it in 5 days! But he only showed me a prepared EMS cover letter with tracking number, but he never used it, and I did not get the 3 cds in which we agreed. I have attached a pictured about our conversation. Money moves were not through Paypal, but we are talking about the theoretical value of 5 cd's! Here is the evidence: Mike's wrote me this EMS tracking number firstly: EL511601279US https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tLabels=EL511601279US Label Created, not yet in system
  4. It was later revealed that on 5th of March you did something in the post office that could call packet ,and delivered on March 12 in Germany. This is a short time of 7 days, and here the post office is not a mistake, but a packet is forwarded to it where the sender addresses it. It was a consciously pre-planned fraud!! Here, I'm not the psycho, but every normal person would react if, during a deal, Mike gets more than $ 1,500 total worth of CDs (5 cds), and he scammed me with a consciously pre-planned,and not sending anything in return . The case of Bruno Pignatario (Italian person) has come to light, but unfortunately only afterwards! His story is similar. He traded with Mike Butt last year and he paid him $ 700 for 2 cd's, and Mike sent him package to Italy, but in an unknown place, not where he had Bruno's address. Mike never refunded money to Bruno! These things are not accidental!!!
  5. Whether he bought them online or post office, I do not know. All I can say about this is that I received a photo of him on the day before (4th of March -Sunday) the post was sent, there was a large leaf cover, and a letter of EMS accompanying him, and a customs declaration, both of which were filled. The EMS letter was never used, but the customs declaration was accompanied by this tracking number: LH033954699US (this is ''FIRST CLASS MAIL'' service),and it was delivered 12th of March in Germany,instead Hungary! The thing to do is to find out afterwards that Mike has done the same thing with more people, and it's so strange that the packets are delivered to other cities and unknown places in other countries, and every time MIKE BUTT sends the packets.
  6. If you are using an English-German translation program, this means in English that the package was delivered on March 12, 2018 in Germany! Will there be enough evidence?
  7. GERMAN post office confirmed by phone and email that my package (LH033954699US-tracking number) was delivered to Germany on 12TH of March,instead Hungary! Mike Butt never replied to why he did not used the EMS service,as promised me,simply scammed me! The other two people told me after they got to know my story that Mike Butt did the same with them!! He sent to a other city their packages. Mike told me a other tracking number: LH033954699US (first class mail service) ,and not EMS,which is we agreed! Here are the evidence: https://t.17track.net/en#nums=LH033954699US
  8. Outside of me, who I know, Mike Butt did the same thing with two people during 1 years! Here are the evidence: Attached a image from Mike message ,what he sent me message,before shipped me package,which is never arrived me! I asked him EMS service,and he sent package with first class mail service! it appears in the picture that he told me a tracking number of EMS!He never used EMS cover letter!! Label Created, not yet in system EL511601279US https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tLabels=EL511601279US
  9. In recent years, he has been cheated more people (from Italian person and Switzerland person) because he showed false tracking numbers and actually sent packets to an unknown address.
  10. "Michael Butt from Utah and I agreed on a CD trade in March. I've sent him 5 CDs to the US and he agreed to send 3 rare and very expensive CDs to me in Hungary. I've requested that he send my package via Express Mail with tracking - but instead he used regular First Class Mail. Mike received my CDs after 5 days but I haven't received his package to this day. Tracking shows that it was delivered on the 12th of March somewhere in Germany. Tracking also says "from US to Germany" - there's nothing indicating Hungary. Mike showed me two different customs/tracking numbers which is impossible cause there's only one package - not 2. One was for Express Mail which says "Label created, not yet in system" so it was never used and the other one is a regular First Class International customs number (the parcel that was delivered in Germany in mid-March). Mike refuses to give my CDs back and claims it's the post office's fault. Noone knows where the supposed package currently is - post is investigating but can't locate it. If he'd actually mailed it with EMS like I requested we wouldn't have this problem now. My suspicion is: he gave me a tracking number from a different CD he mailed to Germany on that day and never actually mailed my package. The pictures of the receipts could be manipulated with the tracking number cut and glued onto a random customs form with my name and address on it. Of course I don't have proof for this, but it's the only possible solution at this point. Mike now completely refuses any help since I've talked to another collector who tried to help me solve this issue with him. I'd like to WARN every serious collector to not trade with Mike Butt under any circumstances, because as far as I know this is not the first time that a problem like this occured with one of his trades going bad."
  11. Just to answer the question, I did not get my money back ever since. Josh is booked himself that he does this money back never, and rather his lives far from the heavyharmonies forum,and rather on the Discogs page as ''metalhaven'' seller! A year later, it will not happen to have nothing on the case,unfortunately!
  12. I have it a extra copy of GREAT KING RAT-st cd! Still you want it from me?Write me a message to this email: sopetya@t-online.hu

  13. Hello Paul! I looked back at the posts in this section:"WHAT CDs DID YOU BUY THIS WEEK" 364 page, your posts: Posted 09 October 2008 - 09:54 AM Crystal Ball.............In The Beginning Crystal Ball.............Hard Impact Crystal Ball.............Secrets Anvil Choir..............S/T Trip Trigger.............S/T The Affair................First Bite Double Heart...........Hearts On Fire Desert Voice............Holy Fire Axiom.....................Nasty Rumors I know it's been a...

    1. cherokee


      Still you have ANVIL CHOIR 1992 CD?Let me know! PETER

    2. Dead Planet

      Dead Planet

      Ahh now I remember...that was a while ago and the cd was pretty bad from what I remember and it was either a Retrospect release or a Time Warp records boot....cd-r...not worth a damn IMO...

  14. Hello! I'm looking for a "anvil choir-s/t" 1992 cd! I saw that you bought at such a CD!

    1. cherokee


      Still you have this cd?? Please send me a message to this email address:sopetya@t-online.hu Thank you in advance! Regards,Peter

    2. Dead Planet

      Dead Planet

      Sorry...not sure where you saw that...I don't remember buying an Anvil Choir cd...



  15. Hello Jeff! Yes, I am willing to solve this issue, but unfortunately Josh longer want this! With him is still $ 450,from which I would like to get back at least $ 300,and then away from each other to live his own life more. He made a partial refunded me back $ 300 so far,but this is not enough, because I got from him a fake cd-r, which of the value of $1!! That would be my suggestion!
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