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  1. Physical release now available https://catalanokills.bigcartel.com/product/nightfighter-cd-limited-edition
  2. My favorites are Nightfighter and What I Want, the single Rock The World ain't bad either
  3. Okja and Uncut Gems, both lukewarm
  4. simo


    Apparently in the US only ''essential'' stores and businesses are open like in many other countries around the world. Gun stores seem to be open... ''gun stores, gun makers and shooting ranges are critical businesses that shouldn’t be closed''
  5. Get out of here! That's my favorite movie, if you're talking about the 1984 original that is.... not the one with Jackie Chan which came out in like 2010
  6. simo


    Same in Switzerland, big groups standing together or people that don't keep a distance of at least 2 meters will get fined. Question is.... how do the cops intend to fine people if they can't move closer than 2m??
  7. simo


    WTF is this, the whole world grinding to a halt because of it?? Very annoying, 4'000 dead against a world population of 8+ billion....... shows you the power of media / internet and the human psyche...
  8. Few good tunes but didn't meet my expectations. Just to demonstrate I've assigned a "rating" to each song but very simplified: Good - songs I like and would choose to play outside of listening to the album Bad - a song I'm inclined to skip Neutral - can take it or leave it, if it comes on I will probably let it play Livin It Up - neutral Set This City On Fire - neutral / bad (50/50) the chorus brings it down for me otherwise the song has some nice parts Nightfighter - good unfortunately no guitar solo Wildest Dreams - neutral Overdrive - neutral Saturday Night - bad What I Want - good Lost In Love - bad Rock The World - good So 3 songs in each category more or less
  9. A mixed bag for me so far, still spinning it
  10. New album "Nightfighter" released without much fanfare on 29 February
  11. Appreciate the honest opinion, it's a good album there's no doubt about that. But I sat through it once now and I agree there might be some issues with replay value or some ''generic'' feeling moments
  12. I actually checked out the rest of the album last night, 6 songs in and I like all of them so far. They're different than the opener but they all have something interesting about them, reminds me of Heaven's Edge, Roxy Blue and Babylon A.D. at times but well done and I like the lead guitar work. Nice little find thanks to you
  13. 100%, does that mean it's on par with Tearing Down The Walls? *sarcasm off........
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