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  1. I have to agree, listening to this felt like a chore (despite the short 38 min run time). Especially towards the end cause most passable tracks are around the middle part of the record.
  2. Very good job on that new song
  3. Pain & Gain with Mark Wahlberg and The Rock
  4. Sad to say but the best track was the intro, nice throwback to Heavy Metal Parking Lot To be honest I liked the last track quite a bit, maybe it seemed better than it actually is after listening to all the bad songs that came before
  5. Now THIS is what I wanna hear! Great riff, well done
  6. Will task myself with creating a best of CD from their two albums once I'm more familiar with the new songs and know which ones to pick in what order. But one thing's for sure, that mix CD will be nothing short of amazing
  7. I would appreciate if you guys could answer the following question : Has anyone heard the GUIRO (if you don't know what it is please google it) in "Love Is The Killer"? And does it bother you? I just noticed it while listening to the album with headphones. They already used a guiro on the debut ("Waiting On A Heartbreak") which I thought was strange at first but it's only during the chorus and I've since gotten used to it. But this time they really went overboard with it it's so irritating. You can hear it throughout the entire verses and the solo... Edit: it's also on U X'd my heart, although a bit more subtle. What's the fascination with this (sorry to say) useless instrument? The only thing it does is ruin a perfectly good song
  8. On this week's episode of everyone's favorite soap opera "Changing of Seasons" - guitarist Pav leaves the band before their US tour and and release of the new Album in October
  9. Greta Thunberg and all her sheep
  10. Difficult for me, New Religion was my introduction to the band and there's a lot of sentimental value attached to it. Ruff Justice I listened to a lot and it works well as an ''album''.... I will say this though, the last track on ''Forever Wild'' is massive and infinitely better than the last track on Ruff Justice While they share a similar theme and lyrical content (Live Before I Die / Never Die... ''living my life, taking matters into my own hands'' yadda yadda.......) the Ruff Justice album closer is pretty tame and almost ''uneventful'' compared to what they deliver on Never Die (Forever Wild). It's uptempo, intense, and the double guitar solo gives me a stiffy everytime. I regularly get speeding tickets when listening to that song in my car
  11. Midland - Let It Roll Also Crazy Lixx wasn't bad
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