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  1. I fucking LOVE the guitar solos on the songs so far, Dave is absolutely on fire!!!
  2. I don't have kids of my own but I made a similar experience with my little brother as we're quite far apart in age, 10 years. When he was younger he would hear what I was listening to and say I like this, I like that and it made me so happy. Anything from Atlantic (Power) to Dio that was when he was about..... 6 to maybe 10 or 11 years old. I would burn CDs with his favorite songs for him or put random playlists together and we would listen to music on my computer Then through kids at school or TV / radio he would hear other music and start asking for it. Initially it broke my heart that he wanted to listen to Black Eyes Peas, Akon, Chris Brown and the like. But it's inevitable and I learned to ''live'' with it At first I was hesitant to buy him CDs from these artists when he asked me to. But he's my little brother and I can't say no to him. Plus, I was hoping that listening to this music would make him realize how shit it is and to some extent it worked hahahaha. I remember a few days after he got the Black Eyes Peas CD from me and I asked him how it was he said it's ok but other than the singles he didn't like most of the other songs. Granted, the singles were horrific as well I thought but whatever He grew out of it after a while and then listened to Led Zeppelin, Kings of Leon and some other bands a lot at around 14. Now he's 21 and listens to rap mostly and and some indie / hipster music thrown in there for good measure, some classic rock (only the obvious tracks, probably cause he heard them in video games or something) and also modern music that I don't know how to describe other than to name a few artists - Post Malone, Benny Blanco and that kinda stuff
  3. AC/DC - Shoot To Thrill FM - That Girl (especially the second verse) And since Glen mentioned Steel Panther I will add ''It Won't Suck Itself''
  4. Will need to think on this a little further, but for now: The Defiants - Love & Bullets De La Cruz - Street Level Beggars & Thieves - Love's A Bitch
  5. Off the top of my head Bryan Adams and Michael Bolton. I thought they were mainstream / pop artists but when I discovered their older stuff I found quite a few AOR gems
  6. AC/DC's Highway to hell / Back in black and basically RATT from Out of the Cellar to Detonator (spanning 5 albums)
  7. It's not the major coup I had hoped for from them, mainly disappointed with the production which I really hoped they would improve this time around. Sadly the solos sound uninspired, guitars don't pack a lot of punch (due to the mix) the vocals are ok I think but the singer has done better in the past Lettard is right sonically it sounds very similiar to Dark Skies. Let's see what the rest of the album will sound like but I won't be getting my hopes up too much after this. Wonder if they're aiming for a February 29 release again cause that's the date the debut came out in 2016
  8. I saw Crüe on the last tour and I don't feel scammed at all. I travelled (albeit not as far as others) to see them and it was amazing. I'd understand if they had gone on tour the year right after the ''farewell'' tour, but this is 5 years later we're talking about. To be honest I had serious doubts about them getting back, as much as they love money there were two factors I thought would make another tour really difficult and therefore unlikely: Vince's state and Mick's health Now granted, Vince has been performing recently although he's in the worst shape he's ever been so I guess this will just continue into next year but happy to see that Mick is fine to play
  9. That solo's something else, so glad Dave is back in the band. I know he was on the last album already but stuff like this makes me really appreciate his return
  10. simo


    I'm 31, and no I'm not saying you like 80s music cause it's not popular. Not at all. It's just that you mentioned all your friends woul've been ''cool'' in the 80s and I'm saying I'm not so sure about that because people are sheep and many of them would be listening to rock music purely cause it's mainstream, simple as that. But I'm sure it was an amazing decade and many people on this forum will confirm that
  11. simo


    I thought about that many times too. However, I am not so sure it would have been THAT great..... here's why: just like people listen to garbage these days like Billie Eilish, Post Malone or whatever, the majority of people who listened to rock music in the 80s did so because it was the thing to listen to. People are sheep basically. Same goes for the 60s or 70s, when I hear guys older than me tell me ''our music back in the day was better'' or ''we had better taste in music'' I think no you didn't because back in those days they played bands like the Eagles, Sabbath or Pink Floyd on the radio and people just went along with it. Sure there must have been an exciting element to it being there and experiencing when landmark albums by our favorite artists like GNR, Dokken or Ratt were released. But I love that today we have the possibility of listening to everything we want cause all the good material has been released already and is easily accessible. An example I like to make is the movie Heavy Metal Parking Lot - I bet you at least 80% of those people (most probably even more than that) would not be listening to rock or metal today (if they were the same age they were then, teens or young adults) but rather what's on the charts or the radio. Our music is a niche these days but I don't mind. At least you know that people really like the music and are dedicated to the genre
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