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  1. Reminds me of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1niTEkP-6eo
  2. proof why i generally dislike female singers (in rock). her voice maybe good on a technical level, but sooooo not credible i'm sorry
  3. whatever floats your boat, whether one prefers de la cruz or catalano it's all good just seems weird you're being so defensive and trying to justify yourself or distance yourself from dlc roxxi which i'm sure wasn't all THAT bad...... or was it? sure you must've been proud of what you created. now if people perceive it a different way (the music) than it was intended then that's their problem
  4. because.... everybody hates this band, the thread's been dead for years and you post half the album which has been out forever i just don't see the point seems very random, you could have also picked lynch mob's rebel (also a thread nobody's contributed to in months) and posted one video after another
  5. not overanalyzing but you say you wrote 80% of the music in de la cruz but at the same time didn't feel it representet you as an artist..... is that solely based on the production or you feel the music that resulted from the band never representet you accurately? which would be weird cause you're written most of the music
  6. whaddaya mean by that roxxi? is there stuff that was left on street lev or the ep where you feel credibility or taste is lost or did casey try to push some things you were able to avert?
  7. first things first, shockfront, seriously??????? one of THE worst band names i've EVER heard but the music kicks so much ass, real nice find! a lot better than most signed bands these days, go figure...
  8. Depressing song, sounds like one of those awful british bands like the smiths or joy division
  9. Of course this is good man, roxxi is a wicked singer, the solos are smokin and you'll be singing along to the songs in no time!
  10. If they don't incorporate electronic music elements like they did in their last song turn up the radio I'm in
  11. fuck this, listen to the defiants instead!!!!! haha joking good song and nice effort for such a young band
  12. This rocks HARD!!!!!!!!! That one song alone is better than most other bands' entire albums CRANK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dude on guitar fuckin shreds, too
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