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  1. I do cruise by very occasionally, but first I’ve logged in in ages
  2. Got this one in order! Waiting, waiting,
  3. yeah... while stole it? t'was community property
  4. Haven't heard it yet, but surprised at the rating here as everything else I'd heard about the album was very positive
  5. Four CDs would cost $60? Where you buying from? I assume you mean in America, for Americans, in USD? Or probably Europeans too? But I'm sure you'd know, living in Indonesia, as much as we know in Australia, that that is a very inaccurate amount. Four new CDs might cost around the au$80, before postage. These days, that amounts to fuck knows what - probably at least au$20 for four CDs. So your four CDs per month are now costing at very least au$100. It's just stupid amounts of money that just doesn't need to be spent in the digital age when you have kids to consider. try grooves inc. htt
  6. I'm with Geoff here.... great album. Better than the previous disc in my opinion In my top 10 of 2016.
  7. What if you woke up one morning and the internet had disappeared!?!?!!? Then you're all fooked.
  8. get all my new stuff from: importcds.com (very good shipping rates to australia) grooves land (free worldwide shipping, but their prices usually arent as good as importcds)
  9. are all pressing cdr? I got the recent 3rd pressing which is cdr. Were pressings 1 and 2 both cdr?
  10. after reading some of the responses on here I thought maybe this album was gonna have too much pompous cheese for my liking, but i really like it. I dont' think it's as overdone as say some bai bang stuff (which incidentally I like) , but i can see all the Eurovision comparisons. definitely a winner to these ears. 'Hard to Get' is fantastic.
  11. Joel never came to the party with this track did he...? One of 3 reasons... 1) it never happened 2) he was paid to shut up 3) his ghetto blaster chewed the tape when he was dubbing it for Time magazine
  12. Received: Falling Red - Empire of the Damned ordered: Various - Rock n Roll Rebels & The Sunset Strip (box set) Reckless Love - Invader Rags n Riches - Shipwrecked out in the street Ginn - One Man Army Chaotic Resemblance - s/t Chaotic Resemblance - battle lines Chaotic Resemblance - get the hell out The Erotics - Three Sheets To The Wind The Erotics - Preaching to the Choir DT Boys - Knockin Up Your Neighborhood
  13. VOJ.....Their covers album was by far their worst effort. I love all the other stuff.
  14. Dangerous or Dangerous Curves? Dangerous actually saw dangerous curves last week and they were ok.
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