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Hello People of the Foot!


We have a lot of very cool stuff coming your way that we'll tell you more about later, but for now the important thing is simply this:


We have released two songs from the new album

for you to listen to now!


Click here (the play link appears after the video finishes or you press STOP)


The two songs are "Soap On A Rope" and "Down The Drain" and we know you are going to be blown away by 'em. We've enabled it so you can put them onto your Myspace page and it is also on our Facebook page. We also have some other updates coming, including something special from Mike, Sammy, Joe and Chad.


You are our core first fans, and we will continue to treat you to these goodies, always letting you know first! Please continue to do what you do in spreading the word where you hang out, let people know to come and sign up on the email list, and embed that widget as there is going to be new videos coming into it in the coming weeks!



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Joe Satriani Reveals Chickenfoot's Album Title


New details about the highly awaited new super group Chickenfoot arrives again and this time it came from the band's guitarist, the one and only Joe Satriani. Announcing the news on his official website, that the rock act's new record will be a self titled album and despite hasn't reveal an exact release date yet, Joe stated that Chickenfoot's debut LP will be outed in about a month or two. As for the first single, reports claim that there are discussion on whether it will be "Oh Yeah!" or "Bitten by Wolf".


Moreover, just as Sammy Hagar previously said Joe confirmed to the fans that the idea to make the band arrives about a year ago in late February when they got together in Vegas and did a jam session in front of many fans. The guitar virtuoso explained that starting from that day, he, Sammy, Chad and Michael finally decided that they should just go for it and he sure is glad that it happened.


Not only that, on his site Joe also wrote that in support of his new band's upcoming record they will do some shows, starting with doing a few CD release party gigs sometime in May as starter. Beside that, the guitar master also confirmed that the band will also do some tour in Europe to embark on some festivals before flying back to U.S. for some headlining tour in the summer.


Commenting his excitement about his new band and their upcoming projects, Joe wrote on his site, "I'm so excited about bringing our new band and music to the stage. The energy this unit puts out is incredible, absolutely amazing. Chickenfoot Rocks! " Meanwhile, aside from sharing the stories about Chickenfoot, Joe also announced to his devotees that this year he will be releasing a new DVD, which is titled "Live in Paris", taken from his recent world tour in the city in support of the guitar virtuoso's latest outing "Professor Satchifunkilus and the Musterion of Rock" (dropped in 2008). More inside scope on Chickenfoot can be check out on Guitar World magazine's June issue, which will be released on April 7.

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I never would have imagined Sammy and Satriani doing a project together. I like the two songs that that have listed so far. I've always loved Sammy's vocals, no matter what project it's been with. I'm glad to Michael Anthony involved in this project as well.

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There was an old cartoon series of The Wizard of Oz back in the '60s, and a friend of mine pointed out that Hagar's voice reminded him of the voice of the Tin Man from that series. Damned if it didn't actually sound similar when I thought about it. Actually came close to ruining ever listening to a Hagar project again because it was hard to get that association out of my head. I'd be listening to Hagar sing, and the image of that idiotic Tin Man belting out the lyrics would pop into my head. Having said that, I've been cured of that strangeness, and I'm looking forward to giving Chickenfoot the listen they deserve.

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KEWL soundin' stuff!

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Wow, I hate to be the rain on the parade but I thought the 3 songs on myspace all sounded awful. Blatant filler material... imo. Sorry guys, just my thoughts. Not sure I'll even check this album out if that's the vibe on the whole disc.

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CHICKENFOOT have announced the global release of their debut album, Chickenfoot. The album will be released by earMUSIC in Germany on June 5th and in the UK on Monday June 8th. The album will be released by Best Buy in the US on Sunday, June 7th. Chickenfoot tracklisting: 'Avenida Revolution', 'Soap On A Rope', 'Sexy Little Thing', 'Oh Yeah', 'Runnin' Out', 'Get It Up', 'Down the Drain', 'My Kinda Girl', 'Learning to Fall', 'Turnin' Left', 'Future In The Past'.

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Is it a good move to only release this through Best Buy????/


I don't think so.


not a good move. It it were a walmart exclusive it would stand a better chance but best buy?


I agree especially considering that Walmarts are more common where as Best Buys aren't everywhere.

So if it is a Best Buy exclusive I'll have to order online like I did with GNR's Japanese Dictatorship.

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Chickenfoot Goes GOLD!


Oct 7 2009


Did we mention how excited we are that, thanks to you, the album has been certified GOLD? Yes, the tour is over, but what better way to wrap it up than a special presentation to Joe, Chad, Mike and Sammy of their brand new GOLD records? Here's a shot of the guys being presented their records. Wondering what's next? For the immediate future, Chad will be getting together with RHCP, Sammy and Mike are heading to Cabo and Joe has a live DVD coming in the new year. But don't worry, we still have more exciting CHICKENFOOT news coming soon!





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These boys seem like the easy going guys you'd wanna knock a couple beers back with. They're just having fun. I love it.

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