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  1. Rockposer

    HRH AOR 2

    Anyone going to HRH AOR 2 this week?
  2. Rockposer

    Rich Antonelli's Voiceless c.d.

    Really like his stuff.
  3. Rockposer

    Sunstrike - new band

    Joachim Nordlund will be my guest on tomorrow's show and will be playing a couple of tracks off the album. Really enjoying the album, but thought I would.
  4. Rockposer

    AOR - The Secrets Of L.A.

    I guess I'm listening to a different album to everyone else. Bland, boring and the two tracks with Bob Harris on 'vocals' truly suck.
  5. Rockposer

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Europe - Live At Sweden Rock 30th Anniversary
  6. Rockposer

    New David A Saylor cd out in AUGUST

    It is an excellent album
  7. Rockposer

    China - We Are the Stars

    Yes it's a change of direction by the band. I heard the demo a few months ago and found it rather catchy
  8. Rockposer

    Metal Church - Generation Nothing coming October 22nd

    A good album with Ronnie singing very much like the late great David Wayne r.i.p.
  9. http://www.mixcloud.com/Firebrand/dan-mann-rockposers-roulette-the-four-horsemen-of-the-rock-apocalypse/
  10. Rockposer

    I've turned digital :-(

    I don't use iTunes, bloody awful software. I buy CD's, mp3's & vinyl. I don't get all wound up as to the format. for me the music is more important.
  11. Really liking the album, elements of Rainbow in the sound. A grower for sure.
  12. Rockposer

    R.I.P. Brett Walker

    Very sad news, no announcement as to the circumstances yet.
  13. Rockposer

    Jon Oliva - Raise The Curtain

    Interviewed Jon Oliva this week for next week's show & bought the album on 180g vinyl.
  14. Rockposer

    Is the HH discussion board almost extinct?

    Well it's like anything including this site. It has it's +'s and it's -'s
  15. Rockposer

    Monsters of Rock 2014

    Well unless I win the lottery it ain't gonna happen!

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