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  1. Anyone going to HRH AOR 2 this week?
  2. Joachim Nordlund will be my guest on tomorrow's show and will be playing a couple of tracks off the album. Really enjoying the album, but thought I would.
  3. I guess I'm listening to a different album to everyone else. Bland, boring and the two tracks with Bob Harris on 'vocals' truly suck.
  4. Yes it's a change of direction by the band. I heard the demo a few months ago and found it rather catchy
  5. A good album with Ronnie singing very much like the late great David Wayne r.i.p.
  6. http://www.mixcloud.com/Firebrand/dan-mann-rockposers-roulette-the-four-horsemen-of-the-rock-apocalypse/
  7. I don't use iTunes, bloody awful software. I buy CD's, mp3's & vinyl. I don't get all wound up as to the format. for me the music is more important.
  8. Really liking the album, elements of Rainbow in the sound. A grower for sure.
  9. Very sad news, no announcement as to the circumstances yet.
  10. Just bought the new Jon Oliva album on vinyl. Plus got sent two Brighton Rock records by Gerry McGhee for my collection.
  11. Interviewed Jon Oliva this week for next week's show & bought the album on 180g vinyl.
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