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  1. Yes it's a change of direction by the band. I heard the demo a few months ago and found it rather catchy
  2. If your going to promote an album, get the fucking tags right!!!
  3. I would rather sew my head to the carpet then listen to rap & hippidy hop
  4. It threw me for a minute the topic called The Summers until I realised you meant Summers. A great band, love the album and excellent live.
  5. Why would you do that to yourself? My son wanted to watch it and he only managed to watch 20 mins before stating it was rubbish.
  6. The remake of Red Dawn, not that I managed to watch all this turgid heap of crap!!
  7. already?!!! Damn,I have to wait another month to hear this I get sent advances from various labels for my show/website
  8. Currently reading Deadline by Simon Kernick. Really like his books.
  9. The Poodles - Tour de Force Burning Rain - Epic Obsession
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