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  1. Shawn Of Fire

    Bon Jovi - Rough

    Jon's top registers are gone. Just shut off. He sounds fine on recordings in his natural voice. I like the latter-era Bon Jovi stuff. He totally painted his old-self into a corner singing all those songs back in the day so high.
  2. Shawn Of Fire

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Lately: Myles Kennedy - Year Of The Tiger Bad Company - Run With The Pack David Bowie - Lodger Angel - On Earth As It Is In Heaven Bon Jovi - This House Is Not For Sale
  3. Shawn Of Fire

    W.E.T - Earthrage

    I really liked the videos from the new record and my CD came in close to 2 weeks ago...but I have yet to play it...haha!! So much going on...
  4. Shawn Of Fire

    TNT - XIII

    Is that what that was?
  5. Shawn Of Fire

    TNT - XIII

    Wow, that was terrible.
  6. Shawn Of Fire

    TNT - XIII

    I was not into the Mills albums, as awesome as he is. I have lost interest in TNT overall at this point. I have plenty of great TNT albums already...
  7. Shawn Of Fire

    The vinyl revival... are you guys buying?

    I do not, and will not, buy new or reissued vinyl. I will, however, scour the old, used vinyl for old AOR and Rock gems.
  8. Shawn Of Fire

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Judas Priest - Firepower W.E.T. - Earthrage Bon Jovi - This House Is Not For Sale (Deluxe) Eric Martin Band - Sucker For A Pretty Face (RCR) Gary Moore - Back On The Streets (Reissue) Free - Wishing Well: Collection
  9. Shawn Of Fire

    W.E.T - Earthrage

    My CD just arrived yesterday...can't wait to get it cranked! I really like what I have heard from the new album.
  10. Shawn Of Fire

    7HY - Stories We Tell

    Album coming AUGUST 8 on LION'S PRIDE MUSIC 7HY - Stories We Tell
  11. Shawn Of Fire

    House Of Lords - Indestructible

    Just snagged a copy of 'Demons Down'!! Yes!!
  12. Shawn Of Fire

    Van Halen - Tokyo Dome Live In Concert

    If they had managed to stay w/ Sammy in 2004 they'd still be sounding amazing as opposed to just coasting live. ADKOT was really good, though.
  13. Shawn Of Fire

    Maxx Explosion

    'Dirty Angels' absolutely ROCKS!!!! Great stuff!
  14. Shawn Of Fire

    Grinder Blues – S/T

    Love it! dUg can do no wrong...
  15. Shawn Of Fire

    Tango Down ( New Singer)

    You guys are in for a treat w/ the new Tango Down....Chas is going to kick ass! Wait and see...

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