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Retrospect Records - Dec. 17, 2008


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Happy Holidays everyone from Retrospect Records. We are pleased to announce our final releases of 2008...





ATOMIC CLOCK (2008) -- Easily one of America's premier Melodic Progressive Metal bands - this brand new release from this Spokane, WA-based band features virtuoso guitarist Kicho Forrest with the powerful stellar pipes of vocalist Philip Gregory. A must have for fans of Symphorce, Eldritch, Vanden Plas, Shadow Gallery, Beyond Twilight, Lanfear, Pain Of Salvation, Symphony X, Category 5, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Fates Warning, etc...



LIGHTYEARS - Lightyears -- Fantastic Seattle-based female-fronted Melodic Pomp Rock / AOR recorded in the mid 80’s and never before released in ANY format!! Produced by the late Seattle legend JOE SHIKANY (Bighorn, Kidskin, Shyanne, Paul Rodgers)



7TH HEAVEN - Planet Under Siege (1992) -- Hailing from Oregon , this trio packed a heavy punch of very melodic hard rock back in the early 90s. Featuring soaring vocals , tight 3-part harmonies and ripping guitar work , 7th Heaven walked the line between AOR , Melodic Hard Rock and Hair Metal. Now digitally remastered – a great addition to your collection!!



THE MEADIA - The Meadia (1997) -- Stunning Melodic Hard Rock / AOR featuring Enuff Z’nuff guitarist Gene Strentz (a.k.a. Gino Martino) -- compared to The Cauze , Flyweil , Surrender , Dreamstreet , Airkraft , Strutt , London Drive, Hit The Ground Runnin', Falcon, No Credit and Swiss rockers, Face face (Childhood Dreams). A CD that would have been huge in 1989, this elusive disc is now available at retrospectrecords.com!! This is the original issued disc not a re-issue!



DAVID – Presence (1998), Journey To Poexula (1995) -– These original issue CD’s are now available exclusively thru Retrospect Records. GREAT MELODIC ROCK / AOR. DAVID IS THE BRAINCHILD OF DAVID MIKEAL (formerly of legendary AOR-sters MPG). SOUNDS LIKE IT CAME RIGHT OUT OF 1984 - SOARING VOCALS , BIG HARMONIES , KEYBOARDS GALORE AND TASTY GUITAR SOLOS. EVERY AOR / 80s HARD ROCK FAN NEEDS TO OWN THIS GEM. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO FANS OF: Mastedon , Airkraft , Autograph , Refugee , Aviator , 707 , The Storm , Franke & The Knockouts , Journey , Chilliwack ETC....



T.Y.R. (TONIGHT YOU ROCK) - All Comes Down To You (1988) -- Santa Cruz Hair Metal / Glam legends TYR (fronted by Joel Valentine) has hooked up with Retrospect to release this amazing collection of superb anthemic Melodic Hard Rock songs – the first time ever on CD and NOW AVAILABLE!! If you ever saw their powerful dynamic shows back then, you know what a monster band this is. Certainly one of our best and most anticipated releases this year -- watch out for some TYR reunion shows in the near future….



PYRAMID - Cryptic Treasures (1992) -- If you picked up PYRAMID's 1st kickass release "Hieroglyphics" from Retrospect within the last few months then you know just how killer this Philly Melodic Hard Rock / Hair Metal band is. This is their 2nd release (on CD for the first time) with a fantastic new singer and the blazing chops of guitarist Victor Chiarella continue to wow all over this disc. Just as good if not better than the first release and absolutely essential!



CINEMA - Break The Silence (1986) -- Mega obscure AOR treasure from this Long Island, NY~based band is NOW AVAILABLE with a whopping 6 incredible bonus tracks never before released in any format!! Amazing vocals, tons of rich keyboards, classy guitar playing and hooks galore -- you'll be all over this one!!



LOVE AFFAIR - selftitled (1980) + DoyaWanna (1981) + Cleveland (1983) -- During the early 80s a handful of bands dominated the Ohio Rock scene - Michael Stanley Band , Easy Street Band , The Godz , Rosie and Love Affair. This trio of Love Affair releases , on cd for the first time ever , feature strong songwriting , big harmonies , soaring vocals and is exactly what you'd expect from one of the top Ohio acts of the early 80s. Cleveland features producer Barry Mraz (Styx , Benny Mardones) and sees the band going in a more keyboard-dominated direction as opposed to the Melodic Guitar Rock of the first two. A nice find for the late 70s / early 80s Melodic Rock fan / collector and recommended to fans of the bands mentioned above and acts like Starz , Chilliwack or even The Producers.



SPINA-SULLIVAN - 12x8x2 (1988) -- Following the demise of Love Affair , Rich Spina teamed up with Billy Sullivan and recorded this classy slice of AOR that features lots of layered harmonies , memorable hooks , keyboards galore and tasty guitar work. Great stuff - similar to the band ADRENALIN.



GRAVEN IMAGE - self-titled (1992) -- Graven Image was formed in Los Angeles in 1992,at the tail end of when Metal reigned in the city of Angels. The band came together when singer Jimmy Williams met guitarist Brian Gartland in 1991. Williams was from the popular Akron, Ohio band US Metal - as well as vocal mentor for Ripper Owens (Judas Priest , Malmsteen , Winters Bane).

Gartland was from the popular Cleveland band Wretch, and the two moved to LA to pursue success with a new band. The union of Gartland and Williams led to another inception of Wretch in LA, which underwent several personnel changes until a chance meeting at a local watering hole led to the final inception of Graven Image, when bassist Rich Hansen, drummer Doug Clelland (both from LA band TAKARA), and MIRROR guitarist John Bigwood, joined together in 1992.

The band spent the next four years songwriting, recording demos, and building a following from it's many live performances in the LA area. A recording contract was offered to the band by Republic Records in 1993, which was later turned down. Graven Image was a popular draw in the LA club scene, receiving rave reviews from local magazines, and radio play on the famous KNAC. As shifts in musical trends saw the demise of both KNAC and the entire Metal scene, the band also saw a switch in drummers from Doug Clelland to Jerry Beller in 1994. The band continued on until changes in musical and professional directions finally led to the demise of Graven Image in 1996. QUEENSRYCHE meets WINTER'S BANE meets TAKARA.



SILENT MAJORITY - Power (1994) -- Fantastic ultra-rare westcoast AOR / Melodic Pop-Rock. Only a few of these original discs left in existence. Think TOTO meets CHICAGO with some RICHARD MARX and MICHAEL W SMITH thrown in!!



PROBLEM CHILD - Stories of the Ape (1995) -- Following the awesome 'Smashin Time' release , Milwaukee-based Problem Child recorded their 3rd and final album and the 80s Hard Rock influences are still here. Powerful vocals , ripping guitars and a big production.



WORLD WAR III - self-titled (1985) -- World War III was formed in 1982 in Philadelphia and comprised of brothers Gary and Dan Hammer plus enigmatic vocalist Tipa Sparrs (who later joined WHITEFOXX). Over the next 3 years World War III would also feature two drummers who would go on to international success - Dean Davidson (BRITNY FOX , BLACKEYED SUSAN) and Johnny Dee (BRITNY FOX , DORO , MARIAH). Originally released in 1985 World War III was a huge success in Europe and this CD re-issue also contains the extremely rare 1982 7" single which has seen prices of over $500 on eBay. This is the complete World War III collection and is very highly recommended to all fans and collectors of 80s Melodic Metal!!



ERIC VANLANDINGHAM - Meet My Demons (2008) -- Multi-talented singer/songwriter/musician Eric Vanlandingham unleashes a killer slice of Melodic Metal as one of our final releases of 2008. For fans of King Diamond , Metal Church , Megadeth and OLD Metallica.






ORPHANN - Don't Say No (1980) -- Classic Midwest Melodic Rock / AOR Collector’s Gem finally gets an official CD release.



DAVID - III (2004) -– Yes we will also carry David Mikael’s last CD too, re-issued on the Retrospect label.



BRIAN JACK - Promise Of Love (1992) -– Child’s Play vocalist’s killer melodic collaboration with Bootcamp’s Tim Camp will soon be available exclusively thru Retrospect – we will have the remaining original issued CD’s for sale in limited quantity! Awesome melodic rock / AOR that won’t be so hard to track down anymore!!



DOUBLETAKE – So Many Roads (1993) -– One of the rarest and sought after CD’s on the planet is getting a much-deserved re-issue by Retrospect and will be available in a few weeks! This Texas-based Melodic Hard Rock / AOR band were criminally overlooked by the majors due to the musical climate – but no doubt would have been huge in 1990. Keep your eyes out on the website when this comes available – you MUST own this Gem!!



FOXX - self-titled (1990) + Stick It Out (1991) -- Two releases from this super early 90s Melodic Metal / Hard Rock act that featured none other than Bassist Allen McKenzie before he joined FIREHOUSE.



KRANK - Hideous (1986) -- Another cult Metal classic gets the official re-issue treatment it finally deserves. Philadelphia-based KRANK have been around for over 20 years and this album will appeal to fans of in-your-face Metal like WASP.



EZ THRILL - Rock n Roll Forever (1992) -- Hard-Hitting and yet Melodic Hard Rock / Hair Metal hailing from Columbus , Ohio. This band had 2 members of the band ONEY in its ranks at one time. These guys recorded a dozen tracks back in the heyday of REAL rock n roll and now they finally get the official cd treatment. ASS-KICKING stuff.



SILENT RAGE - Shattered Hearts (1987) + Don't Touch Me There (1989) -- YES! Retrospect has landed two classic Hair Metal / AOR releases from L.A. stalwarts SILENT RAGE. Produced by Gene Simmons , Silent Rage garnered quite a bit of success with the MTV hit 'Rebel With A Cause'. We are extremely honored to welcome S.R. to the Retrospect family and these two releases will include previously unreleased bonus tracks. 'Shattered Hearts' will be released within 2 weeks and contains the Paul Sabu-produced bonus track 'Soul Survivor'.



SPLIT IMAGE - Sign of Aggression (1994) -- Florida-based Hair Metal / Melodic Hard Rock



THE JACKS - In Danger (1986) -- Great Mid-west AOR sees daylight on cd for the first time...



THICK RICHARD - Back On Track (1985-1988) -- Another diamond in the rough - facetiously named Thick Richard hails from California and joins our ranks as a high quality Melodic Hard Rock act worth yof your attention.



ANGELLIC RAGE - Generation Enraged (1988-1992) -- 14 Tracks of hi-powered Melodic Metal - A.R. is one of Colorado's best kept secrets and certainly one of the premier acts to emerge from Denver. With soaring vocals and top-notch musicianship this is 'thinking-man's metal' of the highest caliber. Queensryche , Fates Warning , Hittman , Heir Apparent fans take note!



CRISS SEXX - Bastard Barbie (2003) -- Our first South American artist - Brazilian-born Criss Sexx unleashes his glam / sleaze opus for the first time on cd and it's quite a corker! Definitely one for the merchants of sleaze!







MERE MORTALS – “Immortalized” (1987) & “Omni In Numerus Sita Sunt” (1986) -– One of our most exciting signings -- These classic collector’s albums from this awesome Utica, NY melodic rock / AOR band featuring Bob Acquaviva will FINALLY be issued on CD for the first time ever!! Both albums will be remastered and feature additional bonus tracks! Look for Bob’s other bands LUFTWAFFE and TOURIS to most likely see a CD release / re-issue also!



MATA HARI / HYPNOTIC SYMPHONY / UNIVERSEXIT -- This killer melodic progressive metal band from Indiana has gone under these 3 names over the years since the late 80's. Featuring the powerhouse Geoff Tate-esque pipes of Darren Rhyne and virtuoso guitar wiz Greg Millikan. We will be releasing all their superb material including a near-flawless live album (no overdubs) that will certainly wow you.



ELECTRIC EELS -- Yes!! Retrospect has inked a deal with Electric Eels founder Jerry Leal and not only are we releasing this Cult Classic Melodic Hard Rock / Metal album from 1984 but we are also releasing the 2nd unreleased Electric Eels album from 1985!! One of the most anticipated releases we have ever had!!



THE HERITAGE -- After Electric Eels, guitarist Jerry Leal formed the blues-fueled melodic hard rock band The Heritage with Groundstar female vocalist/keyboardist Sharon Jordan. Not only are we re-issuing and remastering their 1991 album "Living...Standing...Burning" but 2 more albums worth of unreleased material!!



GROUNDSTAR – “Forced Landing” (1979) and a second unreleased album (1980) – Classic melodic pomp rock / AOR gem, high on collectors want lists, now gets an official CD issue – remastered from the original master tapes. We are also issuing their great second unreleased album where Sharon Jordan takes most of the lead vocals. It will also include some super rare live recordings!!



ONTRAY “C’mon Taste It” (1988) – With new ‘tasty’ artwork and digitally remastered audio, this great overlooked Melodic Hard Rock / AOR cd is getting re-issued!! No need to shell out the big bucks for this CD anymore – it will be readily available at Retrospect at an affordable price!



SCRAM - Scram (1980) -- Very obscure Classic AOR / Melodic Rock Gem (also on many collectors want lists) from this Ohio band finally gets an official CD release!! Wait til you hear this one!! Digitally Remastered.



WARMINISTER - Out Of The Ashes (1986) -- Extremely Rare and fantastic 80's Power Metal / Speed Metal e.p. from this midwest band. Now it gets digitally remastered and officially re-issued.



SPIKE OPERA -- Another exciting addition to our RETROTHRASH label - Spike Opera were a fantastic Late 80's / Early 90's Thrash Metal band from Ohio. Both their albums will be getting their first CD release. Digitally Remastered.



THRESHOLD - Midnight Dreamer (1993) -- Awesome Washington-based Melodic Progressive Metal band featuring virtuoso guitarist/vocalist Kicho Forrest before forming the more recent Atomic Clock. Digitally Remastered.



BUXX - Knickers Down (1982) -- Not only is Retrospect releasing this highly sought-after Melodic Rock / AOR Gem from 1982 but Buxx have dug up over 50 unreleased tracks to finally see light of day on CD!!! You will not believe your ears!!



THUNDERBOX - As Is -- Thunderbox was another side project of DAVID MIKEAL's (ex-MPG) and is yet another superb slice of Pomp Rock / AOR featuring some fantastic guitar / keyboard interplay. An absolute must-have!!



ESSENCE -- For fans of CINEMA, and top notch classy AOR, this is Cinema frontman Bruce Papa's (aka "Dartanyan") other 80's band. Fantastic material that has never seen the light of day!! This CD will certainly be put on wantlists worldwide....



TOPAZ - A World Of Secrets (1990) -- And what a secret this super rare CD has been for 18 years!! AOR / Melodic Rock fans will be falling all over themselves to pick this gem up. This killer Chicago-based AOR band are also digging up more AOR treasures from their 80's catalog that have never been released. We can't wait to see what they have for us to get out there!!



MASQUERADE -- Early 90's very impressive Melodic Progressive Metal band from Toledo, OH whose powerful music has never been released until now. With killer vocals and virtuoso musicianship, this band will no doubt appeal to fans of their obvious influences Queensryche, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, etc....



ARDENT – Guilty As Charged:The Metalogy (1985~1987) – Retrospect has signed 4 bands that virtuoso guitarist Roy Coston was in. Retrospect is releasing this great female fronted NY-based band’s entire catalog all on one disc! 21 tracks of pure 80’s melodic hard rock / metal, including 4 songs produced by RAVEN’s John Gallagher and a whopping 12 songs previously unreleased in ANY format!!



D.C. STRUT – Self titled (1989) – In 1989, ARDENT became DC Strut and we are also releasing their entire catalog on one disc! Includes 17 powerful melodic hard rock / metal songs, of which six are previously unreleased!!



F.L.M. & LOVEBONE – After DC STRUT , guitarist Roy Coston went on to record with 2 other great hard rock bands with male singers: F.L.M. and Lovebone – we will be releasing all their material too.



FORTNOX – Fortnox (1982) – Retrospect will soon be remastering and re-issuing this melodic rock gem from 1982 featuring Rick Fowler (of Bombay).



MPG – Mpg (1981) – Finally, after years and years of waiting, this melodic pomp rock / AOR treasure gets an official re-issue, digitally remastered and will also include bonus unreleased tracks that MPG recorded for a second album that never materialized!! We can’t wait to get this one out there!!



D.Z. STANZ – Retrospect has inked a deal with this awesome melodic hard rock band too re-issue all their fantastic releases in the 90’s including “Brimstone and Fire” (1994) and “Whiskey, Coffee, Nuts and other assorted melodies” (1996).



PERENNIAL “In My Dreams” (1986) and “You’re The Ones” e.p. (1983) – I am thrilled to announce Retrospect’s freshly signed contract with this KILLER AOR band from Seattle, WA. We will be remastering and re-issuing both coveted releases on one CD, for the first time ever. These guys were almost signed to Capitol before tragedy struck their guitarist after being in an accident and he was in casts for 6 months. If you have not yet heard this band then I can promise you -- lovers of 80’s melodic hard rock / AOR will be all over this!!



BOYSTOWN “Angels with Dirty Faces” (2005) – Originally recorded in the late 80’s / early 90’s this fantastic slice of melodic hard rock / AOR wasn’t released til 2005. Now we have signed a deal with Boystown to re-issue this elusive 80’s gem with previously unreleased bonus tracks!!



THE PRESS & GASTINEAU – The Press was an astounding 80’s band led by Jeff Gastineau, that had previously issued only a mega rare EP. Retrospect will not only be releasing a slew of material by this amazing pure 80’s AOR band but will also release material by Jeff’s own band “GASTINEAU” whose songs were arguably even better than the Press!! This is one of our most exciting finds of the year!!



KAOS “Concrete Jungle” (1992) – This great CD from Massachussetts quartet KAOS gets a long awaited CD re-issue. Undoubtedly one of the most obscure discs to find, this great band, featuring blazing guitar solo’s by Kevin Michaels, played a mix of melodic hard rock, AOR and 70’s pomp rock. Digitally remastered.



ZIGGURAT – SELF TITLED (1979) AND MELODIC SCANDAL (1982) – That’s right folks, this excellent Atlanta-based pomp-ish melodic rock / AOR band’s albums finally get a long awaited release on CD format – both albums on 1 disc!! Melodic Scandal was produced by Eddie Offord!! Brace yourselves!



CHINA WATCH “THAT WAS THEN” - Melodic Pop/Rock/AOR band from Portland, Oregon have recently recorded many of their 80’s original songs. Featuring Portland mainstay guitarist / songwriter Rick Galarneau aka Ricky G.



FASCINATION - Fascination (1995) – Killer Florida-based melodic metal band’s only CD, and impossible to find, gets re-issued by Retrospect.



INNER STRENGTH - “Shallow Reflections” (1993) and “Within The Dream (1991) / Beyond Tomorrow (1992)” – Superb melodic prog metal band from NY featuring former ARIOCH guitar wizard Joe Marselle and the monster pipes of Scott Oliva. All their recordings will be released and/or re-issued by Retrospect including their first demos!!



ARIOCH “Test Of Strength” (1989) / “Between Light And Shadow” (1990) -- Before INNER STRENGTH, Joe Marselle was in another killer prog-ish melodic power metal band called Arioch. All their recordings will finally see a remastered CD issue on Retrospect for the first time ever!



PANDEMONIUM -- Retrospect has inked a THREE album deal with this L.A.-based Metal act to re-issue their classic underground Melodic Metal releases "Hole in the Sky" , "Heavy Metal Soldiers" and "The Kill". Originally released between 1983 and 1987 , metal collectors around the world have long lamented that this triple Metal assault has never been available on cd. That changes now! We'll also be releasing a slew of unreleased tracks.



ROSIE -- The trios keep rolling into the Retrospect station and here we have yet another TRIO of releases that have never seen a cd release before. Rosie was a top Columbus, OH based band during the 80s and Retrospect will be releasing the following Melodic Hard Rock treasures..ROSIE (1981) , Precious Metal (1982) , and LIVE (1988). Many collectors have waited 20 years for these releases!



C.B.S. - Three Guesses (1987) -- During his tenure as lead vocalist of ROSIE , Carl Shelor recorded this solo album that has never previously been released. Definitely high quality Melodic Hard Rock.



SWITCH - 'Contact Point' (1987) -- Our first Kansas-based act. Switch recorded a 6-song EP back in the day before falling into obscurity. We found them and they are thrilled to bits that after 20 years these 6 songs will see a worldwide release. Melodic Hard Rock / AOR.



ALIAS - self-titled (1987) -- Not to be confused with the Freddy Curci led AOR band , this Alias hailed from Florida. Many collectors already have the follow-up 'Metal to Infinity' and now the self-titled debut will be available for die-hard Melodic Metalheads on cd for the first time.



DRIVIN RAIN -- Kick Ass Rock N Roll outta St. Louis!!



LYNZEE - tba (1988-1996) -- We are definitely proud to add one of the top 80s Sunset Strip acts to the roster and we'll be releasing no less than THREE full albums of material from this Hi-Octane Melodic Hard Rock quartet!!



SPLIT IMAGE - Sign of Aggression (1994) -- Florida-based Hair Metal / Melodic Hard Rock



TYGER - TYGER II (1995) -- Tony Wise & Co. are back with a heavy slice of Florida metal.



MICHAEL FURLONG - Use it or Lose It (1985) and Breakaway (1987) -- Excellent Melodic Rock / AOR.



VENDETTA - self-titled (1982) -- Detroit-based Melodic Hard Rock finally on cd!



DC STAR (1977-1985) -- This extremely popular Baltimore-based band released 2 full-length albums, a 45 , and an EP between '77 and '85 and we will be releasing the entire collection of DC Star tracks plus a massive wealth of unreleased bonus tracks. Very aniticipated release.



HUNTER - self-titled (1988-1991) - Holy Smokes!! Have we got a classic in the making for you! L.A.-based Hunter recorded a slew of tracks for a major label in the early 90s that never saw the light of day in ANY format and wow - wait til you hear these songs! Produced by Bobby Kimball of Toto and featuring a guest appearance on 2 tracks by the late Clyde Holly (pre-Biloxi) , this release will have everyone buzzing. Fans of Arrival's 'Point of Origin' , Survivor , Signal , and the first Harem Scarem album are going to love this!!



PROBLEM CHILD - 'Primitive Attitude' (1991) - The debut release from the Milwaukee-based Hair Metal band who brought you 'Smashin Time' and 'Stories of the Ape' - this could be their best release of the three! Massive vocal harmonies and hooks for days. Another winner!



SOLUS REX - self-titled (1994) -- I am actually playing keyboards on quite a few of these tracks (including a solo or two) and we're almost finished mixing it. We also drafted in Chip Z'Nuff , Donnie Vie and Dennis Lind of Mariah to do backing vox on it... I believe many will consider this album one of Retrospect's top releases to date.



AFTERMATH - 'Don't Cheer Me Up (1988) + Straight From Hell (1985)' -- First two releases on one cd to bolster our Retrothrash label - this Arizona-based Speed / Thrash Metal act finally gets the cd treatment many have waited 20 years for!!



AFTERMATH - 'Building Up To Meltdown' (1990) + 'Derek Blood Sessions' (1991) -- The final unreleased album by this Arizona metal act features over 14 tracks!! Thrash fans rejoice! This is old school thrash just the way you like it - VERY highly recommended.



DEATHMASK - 'Split the Atom' +6 BonusTracks (1986) -- Classic underground Power / Speed Metal release sees its first official cd issue and features six previously unheard bonus tracks.



MEGATON BLONDE - tba (1988-1993) -- At least 2 albums of killer hair metal from this Milwaukee-based hard rock act.



FOXY FOXY - tba (1986-1993) -- Retrospect is excited to release 2 albums of kick-ass hair metal from one of Kansas City's top Hard Rock acts!!



THE ROMEO SLAM - tba (1990) -- Our assault on Kansas City's underrated 80s Hard Rock scene continues with the signing of this sleaz'n and teaz'n Glam act.



LEATHER TOYZ - tba (1988-1991) -- Featuring former members of Kansas City legends VYPER , this is a MUST for 80s Hair Metal fanatics. WOW!!



HARLOT - 'Keep the Dream Alive' (1985-1988) -- The Hair Metal train just keeps rolling with the signing of another L.A.-based Sunset Strip staple 'HARLOT'. How many more can we possibly find??



LICKITY SPLIT - tba (early 90s) -- AHA!! How many more can we find? Well here's your answer! FANTASTIC Hair Metal from Los Angeles once again!! It's really difficult to contain your excitement when you find a band like this that has never released a cd before now. WOOOOW!!!



CUTTLASS - tba -- We have just been informed that Cuttlass has found another 10 unreleased tracks ready for release in 2009!! Stay tuned!







On the Retrospect website, you can now find MYSPACE links on some of our bands’ individual release page to access their respective myspace pages and check out more information, live dates, hear entire songs and become a fan!!


FINALLY , Ladies and Gentlemen it is now OFFICIAL!! Retrospect Records is now operating BOTH sidestages at the Rocklahoma festival in 2009. Any bands interested in playing a 45 minute set on one of the stages should contact us at streetsofmetal@aol.com as soon as possible to ensure a better time slot for your band.


2008 was a great year for Retrospect Records and we can't thank the bands and the fans enough for the support and faith in the label. As you can see by our release schedule , we will be extremely busy in 2009 and we hope to have over FIVE HUNDRED releases by 2011. YOU have made us the largest re-issue label on the planet and we will continue to unearth the best obscure rock acts around the world!


Thank you all and happy holidays!!


Sam McCaslin

CEO - President

Retrospect Records, Inc.





Aaron McCaslin

Vice President / A & R

Retrospect Records , Inc.

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these are great newz! i have the single from world war III and it's great! i can't wait for the cd. and inner strength, and arioch and angelic rage..... :headbanger: if ya looking for more obscure and great stuff from florida try blackkout(with another great and better 7" single than ww III), arsenal, apostle, prodigy and the mighty thatcher(i'd give an arm and a leg to listen to their 2nd unreleased album)......all hailz! US metal/hard rock for ever!

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Hey guys , I'll try to explain the Friction situation.


Bob Michel and I spoke in early November and he informed me of the reunion show that was taking place.

I had already sent contracts over for him to sign and the band seemed pretty intent on signing with me. Unfortunately I haven't seen a signed contract back and was a little shocked to see they had released the cd's on their own.

I believe they probably are trying it on their own for a little while to maximize profits (?) and when the sales start drying up , will use Retrospect as more of a distribution outlet. I don't necessarily mind that as I love their album and will do my part to help them. In fact , I'd like for them to come play Rocklahoma this year.


So that's the situation.


Happy Holidays guys!



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Thanks for the Rocklahoma update. I just passed the info along to a friend. If the Tulsa band I told you about at Rocklahoma this year was serious they will be in contact soon. I'm really hoping they were serious about wanting to play. I know I've wanted to see them for years.

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so the blondes from warminister only 4 tracks recorded???


Well, i am looking into getting more tracks for this release - will let you know what i find out!





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I am all over that Problem Child: "Primitive Attitude" like white on rice, like stink on shit, like Geoff on a horny armadillo, like Rosie O'Donnell on an all-you-can eat buffet, like...well, you get the picture!! Seriously, "Smashin' Time" is one of my favorite indies, so I'm ecstatic to hear what the band did prior to that release. And by ecstastic, I mean really ecstatic...I have to go find either a cold shower or a box of tissues and some lotion, both of which are going to be difficult seeing as how I'm sitting in a unit with 117 inmates. :P

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PERENNIAL “In My Dreams” (1986) and “You’re The Ones” e.p. (1983) – I am thrilled to announce Retrospect’s freshly signed contract with this KILLER AOR band from Seattle, WA. We will be remastering and re-issuing both coveted releases on one CD, for the first time ever. These guys were almost signed to Capitol before tragedy struck their guitarist after being in an accident and he was in casts for 6 months. If you have not yet heard this band then I can promise you -- lovers of 80’s melodic hard rock / AOR will be all over this!!




Oh fucking shit my christ.......... :bowdown:


What amazing releases these are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If just for the best hard rock song ever "You're The One's"


I have the vinyl and cassette's and Sam is spot on, NO CD ISSUE! I've transfered, just ask Jim he loves it. Self released on Jet City Records. AMAZING!!!!!



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so the blondes from warminister only 4 tracks recorded???


Well, i am looking into getting more tracks for this release - will let you know what i find out!







thanx for the info,my friend. hopefully you'll come with more trax. out of the ashes is a great track! now find ameruoso bros and release(with bonus hopefully) the nitefire ep. it has 2 brilliant trax! congrats on all these releases(i've already got plenty, i have the feeling that i bought 3-4 from ya already) and hope the santa bless you well!

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Wow, it looks like one could go bankrupt just trying to keep up with Retrospect's ever-growing catalog. I guess I've got alot of sound samples to weed through to find the best of the bunch. I'm definitely interested in hearing Florida-based Split Image's impossible to find second release though.

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Thanks for the kudos guys. It's a lot of work but definitely rewarding to have such great product for the public to hear.

I picked up a ton of new releases from the manufacturer on the 23rd so look for a new press release shortly (including Split Image which has 14 or 16 tracks BTW).


The Problem Child debut "Primitive Attitude'(1990) is an absolute winner too , I can't wait to get that one out there - it may even top 'Smashin Time' - the backing vocals are f++king HUUUGE!!


Here's one of the songs off that release (of course we have remastered it and it sounds tons better now)... but check it out...



Problem Child are well on their way for a Rocklahoma appearance in 2009...


As far as SIIN and KING'S CHAMBER goes , I have no set release dates for them yet. I hope to get some answers soon.





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The Problem Child debut "Primitive Attitude'(1990) is an absolute winner too, I can't wait to get that one out there - it may even top 'Smashin Time' - the backing vocals are f++king HUUUGE!!


Here's one of the songs off that release (of course we have remastered it and it sounds tons better now)... but check it out...


Top "Smashin' Time" you say? A bold statement, my friend. If it actually does, I'll probably wet myself with glee the first time I hear it. And Problem Child is definitely one of those bands that subscribed to the "bigger is better" theory when it came to backing vox, which is one of the many things I like about them. Can't hear the new/old song 'cause it's blocked here at work (otherwise I'd crank it up for all the inmates to hear), but I'm definitely gonna give it a listen when I get home.

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Oh and also, congrats on signing Silent Rage to re-release their first 2 albums!! That's HUGE!

I actually did an interview with Jesse a little while back...really cool guy. So I'm looking forward to getting these two when they are released!

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Anybody catch the New Years Eve coverage of Robbie Knievel in Las Vegas last night. As he's walking through one of the casinos, there's a guy following him with a Retrospect Records t-shirt on. Nice bit of advertising.

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Anybody catch the New Years Eve coverage of Robbie Knievel in Las Vegas last night. As he's walking through one of the casinos, there's a guy following him with a Retrospect Records t-shirt on. Nice bit of advertising.


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LOL - yeh guys I was right there and watched the whole thing.


One of the guys who works for Robbie Knievel is none other than Pete Mainzer (Guitarist for Retrospect artist HAMMERHEAD) and he told me he was gonna wear a Retrospect shirt for the TV shoot - and he did!! LOL - nice bit of advertising there!


I wonder if its online somewhere...

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