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  1. yeah sorry about that guys, we really need to make changes to the Quicktime sound samples. Firefox is fine but other browsers are problematic with the samples all playing at once over the top of each other. I hope to fix that soon. Thanks for hanging in there! Aaron
  2. JUST RELEASED on CD available on Amazon and also our website Retrospectrecords.com is Fortress/Eliot (80's melodic hard rock from Wisconsin and later, L.A.) and the recent recording of J.J.T. featuring Jimmy Crespo (Aerosmith), Jamie Borden (Jillson) and Tommy Paris (Britny Fox, Jillson) which is fantastic melodic hard rock power trio stuff with plenty of 70's and 80's classic rock influences. Also back in stock is the MATA HARI double CD set - awesome melodic metal from the late 80's / early 90's with power prog metal vibe. Check out all the sound samples on the site! http://retrospectrecords.com/products/fortresseliot.html http://retrospectrecords.com/products/jjt.html http://retrospectrecords.com/products/mata_hari.html
  3. hey , is anyone having any issues with playing the samples on our product pages? Please let me know. I heard from a few people that all the songs are playing together all at once and is quite a horrendous noise! Thanks for your input! Aaron , Retrospect Records
  4. Just a heads up that Retrospect Records recording artists FRONTLINE are doing a rare reunion show TONIGHT April 18th @ 8:30pm in Napa, California at the Uptown Theater, opening for SQUEEZE. If you live close by, please go and support this excellent band!! thanks! Aaron
  5. speaking of Autotune -- have you heard Five Finger Death Punch?
  6. we'll make sure that email issue gets handled!
  7. thats correct, if there is no poll, then we are already planning on a CD release in the very near future.
  8. just a heads up reminder that FRONTLINE are playing today at the Sausalito Arts Festival before Kenny Loggins, TODAY @ 1:30pm -- please support this great band if you are in the area!!
  9. ok , be sure to check out www.retrospectrecords.com in the morning - you will find some surprises!! With new titles that will continue to be added all week long...... This is it folks!!!!
  10. just a heads up warning to ebay sellers - do NOT sell to this clown. He will do the whole paypal claim thing and get his cd's AND his money back -- you have been warned!! his ebay ID is -- rockpirat1973
  11. still working on MERE MORTALS. GROUNDSTAR will be released later Monday (tomorrow) morning. ESSENCE is just about done, just finishing up artwork and a few more audio tracks. SWITCH should be out in a few weeks. thanks alot!!
  12. sorry peeps, hit a few snags AGAIN, but looks like this weekend now. Sorry for the waiting on this but its going to be SO worth it!
  13. yep, i am hoping everything gets uploaded today without a hitch....
  14. Is that THE GENTS from Maryland that did the song "I Got No Answers"...? Cool stuff... yep that would be the same one, from Baltimore!
  15. yeah Sam has a slew of great new stuff coming out too!!
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