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  1. Made another trip to the used CD store today and got a couple more; Aldo Nova - "Aldo Nova" (1982) Firehouse - "3" (1995)
  2. Just recieved a few in the mail today... a couple more are still on the way: Danger Danger - "Revolve" (2009) Winger - "Karma" (2009) Lynch Mob - "Smoke & Mirrors" (2009)
  3. It is with great honor that I bring to you another exclusive Hair Metal Mansion interview! Guitarist & songwriter, Carlos Cavazo rose to fame in the 80's with Quiet Riot..filling arenas and selling albums worldwide. These days he is with Ratt and still rockin'! I had the honor of doing an interview with him. In the interview, he talks about everything from the days of Quiet Riot, to what it was like to work with the late Kevin DuBrow, to Ratt's new upcoming album "Infestation" and more! Click on the link below to check out the interview: http://hairbangersradio.ning.com/profiles/...on-interview-29
  4. Made another run to Recordings & More (used CD store) and picked up: Saxon - "Solid Ball of Rock" (it also came with the "Requiem" EP) (1990) Accept - "Rock Collection" Twisted Sister - "Come Out and Play" (1985) Scorpions - "Blackout" (1982)
  5. Lynzee - "Lost in America" Lynzee - "Victim of Nirvana" Lynzee - "Man of the People"
  6. Got some more in the mail today; Rough Cutt - "The Anthology" Keel - "The Right to Rock" Dynazty - "Bring the Thunder" Tunnel - "Tunnel"
  7. Got a couple more today... Autograph - "Sign In Please" (1984) & Black 'N Blue - "Black 'N Blue" (1984)
  8. Got some CD's for Christmas! Doro - "Fear No Evil" (2009) Sister Sin - "Switchblade Serenades" (2008) Ace Frehley - "Anomaly" (2009) Accept - "Balls to the Wall" (1984) Great White - "Rising" (2009) Foreigner - "Can't Slow Down" (2009)
  9. Hit the used CD store again today... - Mr. Big - "Mr. Big" (1989) - Richie Sambora - "Stranger In This Town" (1991) - Tesla - "Psychotic Supper" (1991)
  10. Got some more in the mail today... A signed copy of the new D'Molls "Double Platinum Live" CD and a D'Molls t-shirt as well!!
  11. I just recieved a CD in the mail today.... - Nova Rex - "Greatest Hits: Then & Now" My name is also included in the booklet under the "Thanks" section!! I want to thank Kenny for including me in there, it's really cool and I am honored. Check 'em out on Myspace; www.myspace.com/novarexxxx
  12. Kidd Havok formed in West Palm Beach, Florida... circa 1989. Due to a powerful live show, the band managed to develop a loyal following. Their 10 song demo gained them radio airplay on both costs as well as several TV appearances as well. Fast forward to 2007, Kidd Havok signed with Suncity Records and finally got to release an official album entitled, "Roll the Dice". Since then, Kidd Havok have reformed and have been playing shows once again! Sharing the stage with a number of big name acts such as; Poison, Ratt, Vains of Jenna, Dokken, Extreme, Yngwie Malmsteen, Sebastian Bach and others. On that note, it's time for another exclusive Hair Metal Mansion interview! I had the honor of talking with Kidd Havok guitarist and founder, Scot Marcs. In the interview he talks about the band's history, what the scene was like back then, sharing the stage with several big name acts, a new Kidd Havok album in the works and a lot more! Check out the interview by clicking the link below; http://hairbangersradio.ning.com/profiles/...on-interview-26
  13. The latest 2 releases from Eonian Records came in the mail today; Sgt. Roxx - "Weapon of Miss Distraction" & Dr. Grind - "Speechless" It also came with another CD that has songs from upcoming Eonian Records releases!
  14. Picked up another one from the used CD store today... Kingdom Come - "Kingdom Come" (1988)
  15. It's time for another EXCLUSIVE interview, courtesy of the Hair Metal Mansion! I am honored and excited to bring this to you.... it's with Trixter bassist, P.J. Farley! In the interview, he talks about everything from joining Trixter when he was just 15, to having major success with their debut album, to reuniting with Trixter after 13 years and a lot more! Not only is he in Trixter, but he is also currently touring with Lita Ford as well. So without further delay, here's the EXCLUSIVE Hair Metal Mansion interview with P.J. Farley; http://hairbangersradio.ning.com/profiles/...on-interview-24
  16. Got some more CD's in the mail today; Yngwie Malmsteen - "Perpetual Flame" (2009) Rawk Kandy - "Rawk Kandy" (2009) Joetown - "Pills and Ammo" (2008) Scarlet Sins - "Scarlet Sins" (2008) Seven Thorns - "Forest Majesty" (2009,single)
  17. BONHAM, the band led by drummer Jason Bonham (LED ZEPPELIN, UFO, FOREIGNER) — son of the late LED ZEPPELIN drummer John Bonham — has scheduled the following dates: Oct. 14 - Revolution Live - Ft. Lauderdale, FL Oct. 15 - House of Blues - Orlando, FL Oct. 16 - State Theatre - St. Petersburg, FL Oct. 29 - Coach House - San Juan Capistrano, CA Oct. 30 - The Canyon - Agoura Hills, CA BONHAM will perform selections from LED ZEPPELIN, UFO, FOREIGNER "and a whole lot more." According to Classic Rock magazine, Bonham is doing these gigs by way of tribute to Daniel MacMaster, the Canadian fronmtman who sang on the two albums from BONHAM (1989's "The Disregard Of Timekeeping" and 1992's "Mad Hatter"). MacMaster died on March 16, 2008, from a Group A streptococcal infection. He was 39 years old. Jason explains: "Tragically, Daniel passed away and I always regretted the fact that I didn't do more for him during his lifetime. Just like myself, Daniel struggled with his addictions so that's something I know all about. "2009 is the 20th anniversary of 'The Disregard Of Timekeeping', so I called up Ian [Hatton, guitarist] and John [smithson, bass] and suggested we bring in Kelly Keeling [bATON ROUGE, MICHAEL SCHENKER] on vocals to pay tribute to what was a great period in all our lives. Whether anything new will come out of it, I don't know. It's all about having fun." Courtesy of www.blabbermouth.net
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