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  1. zrock63

    Dead Serious-Simplintersting

    Cool. Out west I have seen only the one I found, Kind of wild that this one off disc would make its way to Renton, Washington. It is amazing how cd's travel, I recently found a sealed Catz Ass cd in a South Philly Goodwill store. They were from the Mid West area somewhere and only a few hundred were released and one ends up in a thrift store in Philly ?
  2. zrock63

    Dead Serious-Simplintersting

    I work in the area where the band was from so I have found the cd a couple times, sells for 45.00 to 50.00 the last few times. The guy who is selling it even copy and pasted my description. Basically a more funky version of the TAKEN cd.
  3. EAT THE RICH...KROKUS-MOTORHEAD-AEROSMITH....I kinda like Krokus the best out of them
  4. I didn't go to the show, the stub was in bunch of tickets I picked up at a flea market. It's yours if you want it ? thanks again..
  5. Amazing job, I found just about every other concert in NYC that night. I wasn't even thinking it could be a show. thanks a million. Mystery solved
  6. I have a ticket stub from the Beacon Theater in NYC from 12/31/1974, it's torn in half and the group name is gone. I tried everything and can't find any concert listing from the Beacon Theater on this date. Can anyone help out ? thanks in advance...
  7. Here's one of my fav's......GRAVEN IMAGE...."PEOPLE IN HELL WANT WATER ICE"...which is pretty rare, just went for over 700..00 on ebay
  8. zrock63

    Bonnie's Roxx reunion show

    Hey cdjunky41, did you go to the show ? How was the turnout ?
  9. zrock63

    TT Quick-Mark Tornilo cover Sabath

    I was there also, it was great see TT Quick again after so many years..
  10. zrock63

    Aria - s/t

    wow, I have come across the cassette a few times, but I have never seen the cd
  11. Must have look at that cover thousands of time over the years and never seen it that way. Your right, once you focus on it. It's pretty clear.
  12. zrock63


    hey LV KIX, where the Killer Dwarfs show at ?
  13. zrock63

    Peppi Marchello dies

    RIP PEPPI.........Huge club band in in the 1970's and 80's in the NY/NJ area, the Good Rats would pack the clubs
  14. zrock63

    Looking for a song...

    John Eddie's..."Jungle Boy"....it's from 1986....
  15. zrock63

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Picked up a mint " Y KANT TORI READ " cd at the local flea market for a buck. The hard to find first Tori Amos cd, flipped it on EBAY for a quick 368.00

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