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  1. I was going thru my old ticket stubs and came upon this from the Ritz..in NYC..A METAL MARATHON...ALL DAY MADNESS show Feb 17, 1986...I have no memory of what bands played that day, it started at 2 in the afternoon. Can't find anything on internet about it. Was anyone else there ? or have any info on this mystery show ?
  2. hey LV KIX, where the Killer Dwarfs show at ?
  3. Picked up a mint " Y KANT TORI READ " cd at the local flea market for a buck. The hard to find first Tori Amos cd, flipped it on EBAY for a quick 368.00
  4. Solid Ground is getting pretty good airplay on the only rock station left in Philly WMMR. I only listen to the station once and awhile and I heard it about 4 or 5 times over the last couple weeks.
  5. I enjoyed the Dee Snider book, it was pretty cool reading about the band's club days and knowing I was at some of those shows back in the club dayz.
  6. Great stuff, always look forward to your writings..
  7. Funny story about Banshee, a couple weeks ago on my drive to work, I pass a bar which I have driven by for the last 10 years or so. On a Budwieser coming event sign it say this Sat. Banshee playing live. Thinking it was just a cover band, not the "Cry in The Night/ Race Against Time" group. I kinda just forgot about until I passed the sign again the following Monday. So, I checked their Facebook, sure enough they played Freddie's Bar in Bristol, Pa. that Sat. night. It's a small place maybe could hold 150 people at most. But, it would have been being cool to check the show out.
  8. ROADIE.....great movie about longtime roadie for Blue Oyster Cult, who is fired after 20 years with BOC and goes back to his old neigborhood. Sorta a comedy/drama
  9. Alice Cooper this Friday night at House of Blues in AC, not a huge fan, but Alice was my wife's first concert about 35 years ago...
  10. I read your great review of "Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park" movie over breakfast this morning. On the way to work I stopped at a local flea market, what's sitting in the middle of a pile of vhs tapes "Kiss meets The Phanton of the Park". So, I picked it up for a buck to watch over the weekend. I always enjoy your reviews, great job...
  11. I believe the drummer is Jimmy Drnec, who is now a lawyer.
  12. I love the opening line : the cook is never tired
  13. here's a early version of Cinderella doing a local cable ad in the early 80's
  14. I saw a pretty good movie last night called "High Life", it's a indie black comedy and one of the subplots of the movie involves a April Wine cassette, pretty decent flick to watch if you get a chance, it's on Netflix.
  15. Finished it and want to read it again. Great book. Has anyone else read it?? It's on my list, I just havn't got around to getting it yet..
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