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    Frontiers, Escape, Eonian, Kivel, MTM, Never Say Die, FNA, Now & Then, Perris, Regeneration, Demon Doll, Rock Candy, and others.

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    • Here you go Cody, have one on me....wait that doesn't sound right.  Her hotness aside, these three tracks are played very regularly on commercial radio down here and I have to say that they've aged extremely well. They really are great tracks. I would even go so far as to classify them as Female Fronted AOR rather than Pop. I doesn't matter what genre, as I've stated before, I'm a huge fan of the Female Front.          
    • The title of this video is spot on. Don't be put off by the messenger, just listen to the message. I was lucky enough to know my WW2 veteran Great Grandfather. He passed away when I was 15. As someone who risked his life to save our freedoms, I wonder what he would think about all this?    
    • I just dropped 3 loads scrolling past Belinda, dude, I would love her rear end in so many creative ways, I wonder if I asked her really polite, and said please, if she'd let me make sexy time to her Vag and butthole, I would promise I wouldnt even need any other areas of her body, just those 2, small areas.
    • Bit of irony here considering Maher is the Left's darling and it is his fans who form the cancel culture base.
    • well i didnt think you were being serious, if so you need some ludes,
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