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  1. 10 cents an article ?!?! Wow ! That seems like a rip-off to me .. ! I've written some CD reviews myself (Target Records & MusicBuyMail), so I know you really have to spend some time and work on them to write something decent. But Geoff to review AOR and Westcoast CD's ?? Interesting proposal ...... ! Ha, backed......can you imagine Geoff reviewing and rating AOR and West Coast discs. lol I doubt there would be a score above 15%......... If I was getting the CDs for free and they needed to be positive, trust me, there'd be plenty. I can dwell on the positives if I need too. ha, i trust you matey. the whole music business was built exactly on what your wrote.on lies.
  2. That is awesome. C'mon Justin, you just drew that then, in Microsoft Paint, didn't you? As bad as that cover is, it's 1000 times better than I could draw sorry but i don't agree. ok, it's not good, but it needed some determination and discipline in order to be done. not something that anybody sitting in front of a pc could do. and jaysus! we're talking 'bout a demotape from a small band 20+ years ago.(edit: the selling price was $2)
  3. That is awesome. C'mon Justin, you just drew that then, in Microsoft Paint, didn't you? is this a trick question? i have ythe original demotape and has exactly the same cover. also that logo was used on their first t-shirts(grey and white colours) and i prefer it than the one they used later. don't know if paint was invented then, though...
  4. they all went the way of dodo...
  5. got stuff from kiribati and new caledonia(hail pascal!). the worst experiences are from the US post.
  6. my latest youtube upload...godly christian metal behind the iron curtain...
  7. peace brotha. do ya have any picture of the sleeve of that single? i know of a demo from a wyzdom band. but i don't have it neither i know band members.
  8. i've read that ATL was made after they were informed 'bout the loss of the last thylacine and haast's eagle...
  9. i bought griffin's 2nd edition of "australian metal guide". mostly for my collection, because i don't find it very much of my interest because there are no pictures of covers etc and too much crappy and uninteresting post 90's bands. but i have to confess that his sentence in the beginning of taramis' presentation brought tears to my eyes:" the godfathers of australian power and progressive metal..." now if only i had that prowler demo... which criminally isn't mentioned in the book...
  10. what my buddy aristeides wrote!
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