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Best Rox(x) band

Best band with Rox or Roxx in their title  

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I feel so patriotic!!! I went with Roxus. For me, that CD is just mind-blowing and an all-time fave of mine. Only the title track is a filler, the rest is amazing. What ever happened to the 2nd album which was supposed to be released soon? Of all the proposed releases for unreleased albums, this is BY FAR my most wanted.


Roxxi would come in second, but there are some awesome bands in this list...

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There is just something about the Roxanne~ S/T album that I just love! Plus it is the album of all the choices that I have listened/owned the longest. I have the most history with it I guess. Man, my cassette copy is trashed!!! Glad I updated to a cd copy.

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ROXXI!!!!!!!!!  :bananamac:

I'll second that! :bananamac::bananamac:

Damn Rick. You really need to hear the Roxanne album :lol:

Ready, willing and waiting. :tumbsup:

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I only know a couple of the bands listed here, Roxx Gang and Roxy Blue... and my vote would have to go to Roxx Gang, cuz quite frankly I always felt that Roxy Blue...well, sucked roxx. <_<

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Extremely tough poll for many of us I suspect....While I've heard of most of these bands and am actively trying to get my hands on cds by most of them , it is extremely difficult to do so. Which is why I suspect Roxy Blue is ahead in this poll...they along with Roxx Gang are the most well known.....

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