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  1. I've seen the future and the future is now.
  2. Matt Starr played drums on Bang Tango's Readt to Go CD. Not sure if he's done anything else.
  3. By now we all know the Torch is back. Shocker is Spider-Man is actually Doc Ock. No one dies forever in the Marvel Univese.
  4. I heard we are getting a sequel to Sharknado in the future.
  5. I thought the 'how it all happened' explanation was a bit shit as well. All in all it was a great run though
  6. No idea what you're talking about. 'Everyone' is 'welcome'.
  7. I was glad Yorick escaped the institution, but wasn't digging the whole clone thing. Not sure how they could rebuild society without all the clones but it left me feeling a little cold. Of course it was sad to see Ampersand die but I guess that was inevitable.
  8. JustJason


    I'm as real as the Loch Ness Monster. Thanks for the welcome. Hi Metal Jay, Just Jason, Jason The Fuckin Metal J! My name is Hey Bitch! or that's what they call me around here, it's good to meet you, have we met? oh dude, how many stories could we tell these guys of our long and tumultuous history? happy you have decided to make us nobody's feel like somebody's again, it's the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal, man named Just Jason. All so true
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