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  1. I Still Think About You - Danger Danger
  2. Girls With Guns - Tommy Shaw
  3. Late to the party (and didn't need to be here anyway as the Pens got demolished this year), but congrats to the Blues. If the Pens don't win, (or Jackets if they make it past the Pens), I always root to see new blood (or a Canadian team) win the Cup. I was rooting for a Carolina/didn't care from the West final. But the Blues took the Cup; happy for St. Louis fans.
  4. Down n' Dirty - Steelheart
  5. If someone offered me a sample or a sip, I'd try it. But I'll be damned if I'm buying it. Especially after looking at the average ratings. Not exceptional, though I guess not downright horrible. Technically a bit above average. Vagina Beer Ratings That's kind of sad that it's real, although there are beers brewed with beard yeast as well, so I guess it doesn't much matter. I was really wishing that helium beer would have been a real thing, though. That would have been AWESOME!!!! (Go to the just past 4:15-4:20 to watch the actual hilarity.)
  6. We're All Going Down - Butch Walker and the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites
  7. All Night Long - Sammy Hagar
  8. That's some legitimately crazy shit there! Sadly, there's a reason we have to have so many laws on the books; this is one of them (even if it was in a time when we didn't know as much/do as much). And to think Griffith went on to a pretty darned good career AFTER this experience. I'd always heard of Tippi Hedren, known just cursory stuff about her, but never this. I wonder how many times she sat there after it all and said "if only I hadn't married that dumbass!"
  9. LONG Way to Love - Britny Fox
  10. Game Over, Man - I haven't had much luck with Netflix-produced stuff, particularly movies, in the past, but this one broke the mold for me. I never got in to Workaholics, but the Workaholics dudes pulled this one off. Ridiculously hilarious movie. Had me in stitches (and the folks with whom I watched it; my brother watched a few minutes and said it didn't do it for him, but I think he just didn't give it a chance-he LOVES immature and stupid stuff!) 3 buds who work together and chill get involved in a situation at work where they can't be chill anymore. Game Night - Watched it on a recommendation, but I wasn't expecting much. I was very pleasantly surprised. Good cast, really good story, and very funny. Glad I followed through on that recommendation. A group of friends (couples) who get together regularly for game night have a wrinkle or two thrown in to game night (and other life plans) when a sibling shows up and wants to join in.
  11. Time To Let YOU Go - Paul Gilbert
  12. I only have gotten to listen to this once so far (when I get home from work, it's all about the fantasy hockey playoffs right now), but it's definitely a musical departure from what you associate with Myles. Aside from the different musicality, I'm guessing the lyrics are much deeper than I was able to pick up on a drive where I was talking to someone/worried about making it to a destination on time. This album will warrant a much closer listen when the time is available. (After the fantasy hockey playoffs, if not the NHL playoffs.) But definitely listen before buying if you're going in thinking Myles is the lead singer of Alter Bridge and of Slash & the Conspirators. (Although, from the traffic in this thread, not sure that's a worry anyway. haha)
  13. Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone that's using the day as the perfect excuse to cut loose!
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