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  1. I only have gotten to listen to this once so far (when I get home from work, it's all about the fantasy hockey playoffs right now), but it's definitely a musical departure from what you associate with Myles. Aside from the different musicality, I'm guessing the lyrics are much deeper than I was able to pick up on a drive where I was talking to someone/worried about making it to a destination on time. This album will warrant a much closer listen when the time is available. (After the fantasy hockey playoffs, if not the NHL playoffs.) But definitely listen before buying if you're going in thinking Myles is the lead singer of Alter Bridge and of Slash & the Conspirators. (Although, from the traffic in this thread, not sure that's a worry anyway. haha)
  2. hsf

    Shinedown - Devil

    Love, love, love Shinedown, but as of the first listen, this song doesn't do anything for me. Though, I'll try it again and hope other songs on the album aren't in a similar vein. Brent Smith has an amazingly powerful, melodic voice. Some of my favorite songs are Shinedown songs. Hoping there are much better cuts on the new album.
  3. I know, generally, he doesn't belong here, but this album is a bit of a departure from what we're used to hearing from Mr. Kennedy(... KENNEDY!), so I figured I'd throw it here. (It's definitely not the the AB or Slash/Conspirators vein.) I can't wait until this album drops because, as much as I love his AB and Slash work, and absolutely ADORE Mayfield Four, this is different and all him. And it's personal. (Plus, I'd listen to the guy sing the phone book if he recorded it.) Hope I'm not the ONLY one looking forward to it, though I know another HH alum who'll be buying it as well.
  4. hsf

    Def Leppard 2015

    I'm interested in hearing any reviews of this. They're playing 20 minutes away, but I still don't have tickets. The last few times I saw DL, Joe's voice was so shot, it wasn't even worth it. Can't imagine it's gotten much better. I haven't even looked to see how far along in the tour my local show is, but if I hear decent reviews, I may call and see if there are any (cheap) tickets left. (I'm not really all about paying a ton of money for good shows, let alone for this.)
  5. hsf

    Trixter - New Album "Human Era"

    I'm wondering, when I walk in to Best Buy, if I'll be able to find this. Seriously, though, I think I'll have to get this. Not much music purchased the last few years, and most of it digitally, but I'm thinking I want this CD in my collection.
  6. hsf

    The Best of Mitch Malloy

    You guys are ! Much appreciated on the help! Looks like I'm making my first eBay purchase in a while.
  7. I just recently became aware of this and the fact that there's an acoustic cut of Nobody Wins In This War on there. Now, I obviously didn't get it when it came out, and I'm guessing too many others didn't either as it says the label name is Mitch Malloy. Was this officially released or did he just sell CDs (copies?) I seriously need to get this, or at least that acoustic version of Nobody Wins. Any info/help is GREATLY appreciated!
  8. Howdy strangers. Apologies if this is a repeat, but I searched and didn't see a thread. Former White Sister and Tattoo Rodeo lead vocalist Dennis Churchill-Dries, apparently just going by Dennis Dries now, has a Soundcloud with some new songs recorded on his own. I can only imagine what could really be done with his voice in a real studio. Still haven't had the chance to listen to ALL of the tracks, but liking what I have listened to so far. (I wish I could just put them on a disk and then have them to listen to/digest in the car, which is where I get to do my most concentrated/serious listening.) Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/tall-tail-music
  9. Well, if you heard of them, that's all fine and dandy, but anyone have any CDs or a line on them? A friend is looking for them as a Christmas gift and I don't think I'll be making it to Pittsburgh to CD shop before then. I googled and found some leads, but nowhere that sells them. (Could be because the band is no longer around.) Anyway, MAYBE they were a local band (OH, PA area?), but not sure. Can't even find any info. Anyway, hoping someone from the area (or the greater board, in general), could help out with at least some info, or a link or even some copies. Thanks for reading!
  10. hsf

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Rick Springfield - Songs For The End Of The World
  11. Did anyone else end up getting Butch's bio? It's' been awhile now since I read it, but I thought it was good. I felt there were some periods he glossed over in favor of spending a lot of time on others, but all in all, it was definitely worth the few bucks I shelled out for it. (That said, much as I love "hard copy" books, I wouldn't have minded doing the digital for the Jani essay. I'd say for the songs too, but with what I have heard lately, if there wasn't anything different in there, I don't know that It would have been worth it.)
  12. hsf


    Anyone see Slash w/ Myles yet? I'm very seriously contemplating a purchase in the next week or so, just to make sure I don't miss out.
  13. hsf

    Knock Out Kaine "House Of Sins"

    Not a bad listen; it sounds very encouraging.
  14. hsf

    "Rock of Ages" - Movie Trailer

    In all seriousness, though, if this movie floats your boat, more power to you. I have no room to criticize; I absolutely adored the stage version of Rock of Ages and it has been bagged on by many people. But between the casting and the fact that the soundtrack (from what I've heard on the commercial) sounds like an abomination of the cast recording, I will undoubtedly abstain. I'm not sure I'll even bother to rent it when it becomes available.

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