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  1. Tim was one of the good guys. I fondly remember our talks about music over the phone. He turned me on to many great AOR/melodic bands and was one of the nicest collectors out there. He was also an active member on this site. So it was with both shock and sadness I learned of his recent passing from COVID-19. R.I.P. Tim. https://www.floralhaven.com/obituaries/Timothy-Dever/
  2. Bought a number of CDs from me, had an issue with one CD and then filed a chargeback for the entire order (almost $100!). eBay melodic/AOR sellers: do NOT deal with this buyer- BLOCK HIM IMMEDIATELY- because he WILL take your money. He has NO CONSCIENCE and stops replying after a while because he is a coward and a con artist who abuses the Paypal buyer protection program. ebay ID: georgik2
  3. At his peak, I believe James owned over 10,000 CDs. He was always particular about the authenticity and the quality of the music he collected.
  4. One of the nicest guys in the HH community has left us too early. A world class CD collector and a friendly voice over the phone who I never had the chance to meet in person. I will miss you, James. A Quality/Quantity silver-pressed salute to a man who had a heart of gold. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/tucson/obituary.aspx?pid=174377896
  5. Christopher Martinez aka sasha_forever threatens negative feedback over common sense. Will win CDs and then claim non-receipt, do a chargeback, harass rinse and repeat. BLOCK THIS SCUMBAG or you will lose your money.
  6. The Chinese and Russian bidders who pay right away then do a charge back by the time the Aussies pay... those are the people I have problems with!!
  7. Had an awesome chat with him on the phone tonight. Just like old times. Still loves to talk music and CDs, even though he assured me his collecting days are over. Remains a Hall of Fame CD collector, as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Lost contact with the quality/quantity CD king of America. Is he still collecting? Has anyone heard from him lately?
  9. Got this CD from NEH, but the jewel case was different looking. Any one else get a weird case with theirs?
  10. Hi! Interested in the TNT All The Way To the Sun CD. I can get you the new Cars "Move Like This" in trade. Let me know-thanks

  11. anaccapela10.... gave him a chance, but what a ridiculous piece of shit. Claims he never got the CDs and wants me to refund him and then he'll pay me back when the package is delivered and/or is returned to me and I re-send. Yeah, right. He tried to do a Paypal chargeback and the only reason it didn't go through was because he filed it outside of the time frame. Also bitched about how I didn't send the package registered. Well, you don't pay for registered, you don't get registered. And registered shipping here in Canada costs out the ass!!!!!!! Any sellers out there... trust me. DON'T give him the benefit of the doubt. Block its irritating ass. You don't want/need the aggrevation. As Dave let us all know, he's also super-anal and demanding as hell. I thought I'd give him one chance, NOT worth it. Block!
  12. The feedback system is a joke, so unless you take it seriously (which most people don't because it's meaningless until it returns to the two-way street model of the early/mid 2000s), a negative doesn't mean much at the end of the day. Your reputation is sterling, Dave. One little Russian retard will never change that!
  13. Wow, Andy from Australia just told me the news. I'm devastated. Kelly and I had our ups and downs, but lately, we had been chatting as friends do. Shocked and sad to hear about this. He will definitely be missed. R.I.P. Kelly
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